Scam alert!

At the moment fake emails abusing my domain name are being sent around as spam containing virus-infected files and trojan horses in the attachments originating from various third-world countries but also from industrial nations. Why are they all giving orders to kill my business? Scam alerts are listed chronologically here, so the first occurences in Africa were the first instances where this email hijacking occured. If an entry is further down in the list it means that problem occured at a later stage. Also see the time stamp in the email header. Despite of all the good, sensible and logical, fair and realistic first business contacts that I was trying to make, I get refused and rejected and, in the following cases, blacklisted or blocked from their mail servers. Despite of trying to do it right (not preaching or patronizing them), asking them to show me the work first, so I can tell them how difficult a project is and also to help these agencies to negotiate better, more realistic fees with their end clients, most agencies just kill the communication. A few of them are not in existance anymore but have been sold on to bigger agency chains or ownership has changed. The basic fundamental problem persists: they try to collect you with a ficticious price for a project not yet in existance, for a ficticious project. How can I quote on something which is not there, not in existance? This goes against all common sense, against all good business practices, against logic, just against the way every person would do it right instead. Why am I punished, blacklisted and barred if I try to explain to them of how to do it right? Doing it right can never be wrong, and even more so when the intermediaries get a real benefit in their business as well. All these helpful hints and tips, all explanations, all good business procedures also for the benefit and to help these agencies to negotiate REALISTIC deals based ON REAL PROJECTS are only punished by exclusion of me in their supply chain.

Must have struck the right nerve, I am tempted to call these imposters who have no real projects but are more casino players hoping to win the jackpot.

Basic and very very old sensible, logical and real business procedures will still remain as long as projects are commissioned: In order to be able to put forward a quotation I need to see the project first. All those below rather want to know a price upfront without showing a project. I could as well go to the casino and gamble, tick a box to win the lottery or do something much better with my time because wasting my time for them is so absurd.

I am shocked, amazed in awe and very confused how this "tell us your price first" attitude has spread like pestilence. As if the translation industry and these players are trying to create a new sort of "new age religion" or "new world order" by trying to eradicate and contradict sensible, ancient and common sense practices of how people work together. It has a bit of Scientology traits, too.

What was wrong straight from the beginning can never be right. What is pushed forcefully upon you without logic and is always to your disadvantage can never be a good thing in the long run.

There are forces out there who are trying to build up artificial trade based on ficticious projects and by trading with something that is not reflected in real working time invested. Virus and trojan horse attacks originated in Africa, where a lot of aid money, rescue funds were sent by Western states, humanitarian organisations etc. to help them build up an economy, end dictatorships etc. Money given both from states and from the industry. It did not yield the anticipated results and illegal immigration from Africa is at a peak nowadays. All efforts to help them resulted in luring them ever more so to Europe. The money most likely was only given to bureaucrats, militant groups and dictators. But also in Europe you see that they reacted to my good, sensible attempts of building business by shutting me out of their supply chain. There is lobbyism at work, they protect their Brussels politican or a lobbyist group which helps them get cheap credit and loans from Brussels banks to fuel their system. There cannot be another explanation. I took part in the official European Union translation project tenders and was rejected twice and told that translations are given to lawyers even if they have no background in translation but they know the legal terminology.

Brussel bureaucrats are actively destroying my translator's life and income by doing it all wrong, benefitting only a profession that has no clue whatsoever about languages, let alone translations. I will not work for a lawyer paid by Brussels on a per-word price to deliver most difficult European Union legislation and help build that Europe that THEY want, those rich professions, rich people, who are all slaves to their politicans to pay them and keep silent at the expense of me going under and them cheating the whole system. What a disgrace. I will never trust a lawyer again who was awarded translation projects from the European Union tender process. It is all a fixed game at the highest political and judicial levels. I am so lost for words. Or is it the old curse of the barbaric cruelty of former Belgian king Leopold II. and his mass murder, mutilation, slave trade in Congo? The old monarchies and kings have screwed up so bad in the last centuries that it's no wonder they try to cover up their history. I think all this restrictions of being able to write words, make a living with earning from translations, is proof to the fact that Brussels is still in an on-going cover up of their own historic barbarian acts. We ought to marry Belgian girls, mix with those evil bloodlines that stem from mass murderers of former centuries. Virtually all colonising European states were out of their minds back then. Therefore, alwas ask what the great-great grandparents were doing and if they'd ever have been abroad in a colony. I don't think European Union merging and conglomeration will come up with anything good, it's only meant to conceal former barbaric acts. No one in Europe can point the finger towards another one - everyone at a particular time was evil. And so in other regions, among other ethnic groups.

You cannot escape having to come to terms that the elite, political class and the rich use us all down here (agencies and translators) like pawn in their wars for influence, might, power and control to only benefit them. Being entertained by small pawns they ordered to fight against each other. They are watching from above, from their watchtowers to see us all down here fight against each other and be so amused. I had a local high-ranking politican openly laugh at me and I don't believe he is my friend but seemed to be rather amused.

Smedley D. Butler quotes:
“I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism. (...)"

“WAR is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.”

“To summarize: Three steps must be taken to smash the war racket. 1. We must take the profit out of war. 2. We must permit the youth of the land who would bear arms to decide whether or not there should be war. 3. We must limit our military forces to home defense purposes.”

s with Mimecast, a blacklisting service in Moorgate, London, just ten minutes on foot north of the City, just where the square mile starts. I wouldn't even know why I ought to be blacklisted when there is no exchange of projects, documents, prices or fees to start with, just a hardcore "we will not let him in". I wonder whether UB businesses have also blacklisted others who are sending emails from Germany. If you dig deeper you find British governmental recommendations, advice and tipps for UK businesses and "how to do" instructions of how to "secure" a UK business in the UK during the transition period until Brexit has come into effect and will not be reversed. Obviously, shutting all the doors, closing down and not letting anybody in
IP address
of perpetrator
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abused/hijacked mail address used;

these are not used by me but are fake emails Harare,
email a as above as above ? city of Abidja,
Lagunes region,
the Ivory Coast, Africa
email ? ?
the Ivory Coast, Africa
as above near city of Washim,
email c ? city of Dargah,
Andhra Pradesh region

U. S. A.
email Rubbish from the States. Are theses just a few script kiddies or is it worse?
Is there any connection to the current TTIP negotiations?
Why do they hate me so much?
greater London area,
email Siliguri Internet & Cable TV Pvt.
West Bengal region,
off the West African coast,
Cape Verde Islands
email c

The fact that this fake
email address was used a
second time shows that it was
handed over to another perpetrator
and abused by yet another person. Creolink
City of Douala,
Littoral region,
central Africa
email with a Word attachment
this is most likely a macro
virus in Word, sent from
two perpetrators; Most likely part of the "no white savior" movement from young Africans with enormous courage and self-confidence who want to shake off any white colonialisms formerly brought to Africa from the white man in industrial nations. As Africa is getting stronger, building businesses and an unbelievably high percentage of Africans have a mobile phone they have become so self-confident that they simply do not want any charities giving them money, help or education but want to build their own African businesses. Quite the opposite from 1950s segregation in the U. S. is taking place. Back then, no colored men where allowed in certain areas of public life, be it in restaurants, on buses, etc. Now, in today's Africa a counter-movement and "revenge" is beginning to form that "no white man" will be allowed. Deeply-ingrained experiences from colonialism brought by the white man in the last century has started this "anti white supremacy" movement. Charities from developed countries are not welcome anymore! White man, stay out of Africa and let Africans rule over their country - that's probably the message conveyed here with sending me viruses.

It has been thoroughly researched that the initial first strain of the HIV virus stemmed from Cameroon when someone there got infected with the HIV infected blood from a monkey. Researchers, doctors were able to trace the first strain of the HIV virus back to where it first happened in the 1950, in Cameroon. You can read all about this research that spanned over four decades now on the internet. It is really an undeniable fact: HIV came from Africa, from Cameroon. We take this macro virus attack very seriously, from whoever it came, whether or not it had anything to do with infectious deseases, HIV or anti-white, anti-colonialism movement. Never let a monkey (or another small mammal or rodent) ever come close to you and bite you, you can get HIV! FPT Telecom Company
in the Thanh Pho Ha Noi region,
email trojan horses, viruses etc.
in ZIP attachment
202.183.2212.135 CS LoxInfo
email ZIP attachment with more trojans
Smartcat, founded and run by Russian Ivan Smolnikov from Moscow sends me virus trojans
Moscow, Russia
email with trojan horses in the attached zip folder sent by smartcat employee Alexander Karabash using mail servers in Moscow outside of European jurisdiction From this Russian client, an allegedly genuine
outsourcer and translation agency I get trojans as
freebies with the project files. This company, Smartcat is run by Russian Ivan Smolnikov and has proven business links to Logrus, another fake internet outsourcer with Serge Gladkoff who threatens me when I tell him and his team off for not throwing nuclear waste translation impossible projects towards me. It seems that the Russians, Smartcat and Logrus, Ivan Smolnikov and Serge Gladkoff have both joined force to fight against me, the tiny freelancer. The fact that the virus originally went through a mail server as seen in the IP trace back routing that is phyisically located in Moscow but not in their European Headquarters of Limassol, Cyprus, outside of the European jurisdiction further corroborates that virus attacks from companies outside of Europe seems acceptable in the translation memory outsourcing world. They really want to call themselves to be legit businesses, sending me viruses, threatening me verbally (see below with Serge Gladkoff's very direct and rude "last warning" message. The guy who sent me the virus used Mister Alexander Karabash's email account, most likely by the name, Mister Karabash is not Russian but a a Kasach national sending viruses from anywhere through mail servers located in Russia. The cybercrime unit of any police force within Europe will not look into such matters, no prosecution or European court will act because what comes out of territories that are outside of Europe is so alien that nobody will prosecute it. They will probably tell you that you ought to buy and install an anti-virus software scanner to avoid being hacked or infected. So, let's summarize: I get viruses from allegedly legit businesses that are interwoven and all in Russian hands and ownerships when I tell them that it is impossible what they demand. I get the online kill by explaining them that what they try to stuff me with is impossible. Their European branches in Cyprus are just fake satellite offices paid for with subsidies from Brussels for integrating former Eastern block countries, they get all the money to be able to trade in Europe, yet they kill me with online viruses from mail servers located in Moscow, Russia and know that no jurisdiction, no Brussels court, nobody in Germany, Cyprus or elsewhere will prosecute them. How much more intimidation of Russian online aggression should I accept? We all know that Russians poisoned the whole world and especially us here where a constant rise of leukaemia cases of Tschernobyl outfall is seen. Here, in our region, people get leukaemia. We all know it why sending us more viruses? Will I have to live in fear that I get poisoned by some Russian spy because I show all of this Russian aggression? This is online terrorism financed by Brussels money and subsidies. It is not some accident or a penetration test of whether my PC is prone to viruses - this is an online attack on me, my business from two independent Russian agency owners that are both affliated. Clarly, the Russians financed also by European subsidies and help money from Brussels to be "integrated" into Europea wage an online terror war against me, the tiny translator. Kill all small translators in the name of Russia, eh? So, what ought we now make of those death threats?

Ontario, Canada
translatorscafe blocks access This Eastern-block (Russian?) owner of actively blocks access to the platform.
Although the website is up and can be pinged they won't let me sign in or look at translation jobs. As a translator I am not allow to respond and apply to job postings on a platform supposed to help translators to get jobs and do business. When you try to contact the owner of this domain you get a reply that the registrant cannot be reached as they put me on a blacklist. Any connection to current CETA negotiations?
Who is in the background to give orders to the proprietors of this platform to block my access? Canadian (or other) translation agencies? Why do they hate me so much? Why do they give orders to kill my business?

If you search the internet for "translator cafe" and "scientology" you get independent investigators who claim to have found strong links between the owner of the platform and them. Translatorscafe as a huge scientology platform? Translators beware! Is that the reason they block my access? Is Scientology already controlling my access? Is translatorscafe being controlled and governed by scientology with the owner as one of their titans level eight or whatever? Are we talking serious brainwashing control freaks here from that cult and sect?
You can find translators as signed up members on translatorscafe who boast openly about having been or who are still members of their sect and who try to lure translators into the sect by claiming to offer translations of childrens' books, educational material and the sorts. Scientology members conceiled as translators to hunt lost souls in the translation community? According to the internet sources the owner of translatorscafe is allegedly a Russian scientology titan or master. Translators beware not to be sucked into that beast!

Shenzhen, China
email From this Chinese agency, another allged outsourcer of jobs and
translation agency I get my seat on a blacklist. Even though I tried to make ammends and have tried
to apply to their postings which they put on several platforms, they block me out completely even
over the course of a year or so. No chance of getting any projects from Shenzhen here.

I guess China will not be my next holiday destination. Why are they so hostile? There is nothing apparently they can give me, so I will not even think to visit Huaqiangbei, the biggest electronics market in Shenzhen, to buy, or import their electronics gadgets. China, what is that you can give me if you are shutting me out of your translation projects?

head offices in Preston and London,
web server seems to be located in Cheltenham, UK
but traffic is being relayed via a server based in The Netherlands
email From this British, allegedly high-profile
outsourcer and translation agency I get no work but am seated
on a blacklist on their servers which are based
in or relayed via the Netherlands and I cannot send my work to them.
How should I deliver projects when they do not accept them?
When you try to reach certain people who are allegedly affiliated with them on facebook and other platforms you get a message that their email is not known. User unknown. Ghost employees? Fake identities? Imaginary staff? It looks as though the Brits use Dutch servers based in Holland as an outsourced 'watchtower' to block communication not on British but on mainland Europe soil. Why do they not have this blacklist in the UK but use Dutch servers to do that? To paint a picture that the Brits are so friendly and warm welcomening to everyone and the Dutchies are the guys in control disallowing communication?
Has this anything to do with their recent BREXIT? Why do the British hate me so much? I now can see the imminent effect of the BREXIT on my translation business. It is really true: The Brits want the hard Brexit option, not the soft one as often discussed, and do accordingly. I must re-write my autobiography in future; I should have never trusted them all those years! Is was a mistake. I have now understood, too late though, that they have not changed at all in all those centuries. The Brits are still the same pirates, luring good seafarers with false fanals and fake beacons to their shores on sandy riffs to shipwreck and plunder the sunken boat I am on. They lured me with fake beacons to shipwreck me. They are the same Cornish pirates who once ruled the coasts off Cornwall. Britain you have not learned a thing. I will never trust them ever again! As of 2020 they introduce their points-based immigration system. Look at how it is construced and draw you own conclusions what the UK will offer you besides shoddy, moldy rooms in basements or overpriced hen boxes for ridiculous money. Just reasearch how the UK, Australia and soon other former Commonwealth nation states will introduce this point based system, you think you are good enough in one sector you will learn that you fall behind in another. You should seriously think hard of whether it is still worth going or emmigrating to the UK in such circumstances. I lived there for a long time, years on end, and was not able to secure a living, afford the rent, communiting etc. with the measle pay they stuffed you with they let you work fukltime on projects that ought to be paid much higher but only ripping you off and exploiting you so that management, superiors, control bodies are being paid by the profits they make on YOUR TIME with no sharing fairly or paying fairly for the time you give to them. I think with a substantial amount of time spent over there, having moved to different areas, travelling a bit in the country, seeing quite a bit and trying to live with them, integrating into their society I can tell you, they will never let their daughters marry a German guy or somebody who had immigrated. They will always treat you like an Untermensch, sub-standard. You will always be the black sheep in the cattle. This whole blocking at highest governmental level with ridiculous arguments is so out of order that you KNOW they only harbour their benefits of moving their own people into power and control or money positions. If you begin to argue they sack you. The UK has become a complete waste of time, effort and money. That is what I read in my personal balance sheet. You simply cannot trust them. Rather build something up in your own country, in your own community instead of building it up for the enemy. And believe me: They are and will be your enemies. Home Secretary Priti Patel said mid February 2020 that only people ought to be let in who _quote_ "can contribute to Britain's economy and the country regardless of where they come from"_end quote_. They only want the best, the brightest, only Phd, doctors etc. I am certainly not the brightest but I do offer them something I have been fighting for and building up for the last twenty years with no fucking state or European or British government money. All has been re-calculated through the local IRS and I was under strict and tight control, both by police, IRS and court. Yet, so much control and big-brother-watching you now amounts to finally being locked out of any chance to earn money, build up or offer them to participate on proven projects, real projects not ficticious work but actual results of actual invested man hours. All their propaganda is sheer lying at people who can easily be mislead, to those who believe in the state, in politicans. I get shut out to offer them projects, building up something, offering them from the distance without wanting any govt. money or subsidies, so they could first check me out, assess me, evaluate my intentions but all has died in its inception. they basically all repeat the govt's mantra of "taking back control" and by all cost not let anybody else be able to have control over their trade, market, and-as it comes with various languages in translation and the sharing of projects with other cultures, countries and languages- not allowing a non-Brit to distribute work or share money or work with anybody that has not qualified their "take back control-points based immigration system. They claim to only support and let in the brightest, the richest cutting out low-skilled workers and promise them a better pay. I have been working in other sectors also and never ever got any payrise, quite on the contrary, they put a lid on it and give you more hours to work with NO PAYrise. Under the current system new immigration system I will not a chance to enter the UK again, be it for lack of a PhD, lack of income to reach their 25 thousand threshold level (or lower for what they call "specific shortage occupation" as nursing, care), they let you in to be pushed into a lowly-paid profession where you will not see a payrise until you retire (***do you want to retire in the UK as a non-British native****I know stories where immigrated cooks and chefs washed and rised the potatoes in the toilet when tha tap was broken - next time you have a Christmas festivity, a mass party or a marriage the food on your plate might have been washed in toilet water, I certainly know from who I will never accept a meal again and let them not serve me again!), or they **promise** to train staff, no they won't - they will squeeze out the last penny with no payrise, and if you get a payrise it will be not more than ten pounds, but you will not get mo* money you get more hours to work in a lowly-paid job and be sacked-be it for refusing to work in care or another "sought after profession" If you believed them that they would pay you more than you have a problem. YOU CANNOT TRUST THE BRITS. NOT THEIR PEOPLE IN POWER NOR THEIR TRADERS OR EMPLOYERS. I can only warn everyone going to the UK to 1) save up enough money to return to where you came from without indebting yourself in the British banking system or with private individuals 2) make sure you know where to return to, you have a place to go back to and you know people that will take you up otherwise you end up in a dorm for homeless people and will go further down the drain 3) ask questions BEFORE your arrival and let them show you the work contract 4) ask detailled and specifically about how you are covered (pension, health insurance, unemployment), holiday, nightshift and overtime pay as all employers are protected by their governments and their courts to squeeze out and abuse staff who are not protecting themselves 5) prepare yourself to lose everything materialistic, you will have to leave stuff behind you bought and also that you will lose contact to people, most of them you can do without anyway but also people you liked, be prepared to lose ties and probably seek counselling after re-migrating as it will shake you like being in a rollercoaster ride after having eaten too much English breakfast. They will lure you into a trap and you are left with the choice of leaving the evil bad devil company employer henchwomen firm or you make yourself an idiot, a retard and moron. You will work overtime and be paid less than you thought. Be prepared for constant disappointment, frustration, depression, anxiety, sleeping problems, constant fear of losing - this is no exaggeration. You will feel like being locked up in a system that exploits you because that is what it is. So, you like playing the fool? Maybe they give you a job in the entertainment of TV show industry. Your call whether you want to give in and make yourself a complete moron idiot to act "socially" or follow their orders. Your call and your decision whether you deem it the dream of your life to life in the UK and get sucked into their system. When you are looking down deep into the abyssmal UK system, be it employment, health care, state etc. you see how rotten, corrupt, evil they are. If you rebel and critisize they will surely extradite you to Australia or to some other commonwealth country, to a former colony, maybe Kenya? to suppress any anti-monarch, anti-state critisism. They have been doing that kind of extraditing and chasing away people, thinning out and "clearing" their system ever since. Their former colonies are not just a source of immense wealth throught income by oil, tea and ressources but also a way of getting rid of people who don't pay the BBC TV licencing fees and are being imprisoned. They make huge profits in former colonies, even still in Hongkong which they had to return but the colonies are also part of their prision and jail system where unwanted persons are being sent to. Ah, and you are still grinning? And you still want to immigrate to the UK? And you still think they want you, treat you fairly, pay you fairly? They will sent you off to the Moluk islands in Asia where you can re-enact the battles over nutmeg that were fought between Dutch traders and settlers and the British navy who got wind that nutmeg is something you can make huge profits on and started a trade war over controlling the nutmeg trade. You see, the British will kill for being dominant and having a trade monopoly, it has always been like that through centuries. They will not let you participate or have a portion they rather kill you to protect their trade with the colonies and Commonwealth countries. And you are still laughing? Even anonymous Brits told me, when I was there, "well, if you believe in all that we might as well jump from a bridge soon when we tell you to do so". They tell you to pay more money? No employer will do that as all business is only focused on getting cheap labor, paying low. No employer and certainly not the state will pay you an "employer sponsorship" filling up the gap to the 25,000 entry wage barrier (you must be earning over 25,000 to be allowed in), and if you have a rich employer or some state official, office or ministry paying you that then surely they will make you do things, send you off to China or on another research cruise or lock you up in a room in a ministry where you are being paid to keep stumm and write a book. They don't give you that money, neither any company, be it private, in nursing or care, nor the state and certainly not anybody in the legal, lawyers', political or governmental system. You will be scratching your fingernails at the wall chipping the paint off thinking hard where you get money from. They will make you run around to apply for a loan with a bank and pester officials and employers to pay you a sponsorship. That notion of "employer sponsorhip" is just a bag of lies, another twisted story to make you believe it is most favorable to come to the UK that is soooo liberal. NOT SO! Even if you need to find a British mentor, a business partner to make that work you won't find one. Nobody is going that route to help somebody into their system, into their country. Would you, in France, Holland, Norway take on an immigrant from elsewhere to help them if you cannot make a living by what you have been working for and been trained in and you see you cannot pay your kids' school meals? And the govt says, we pay your kids' meals as long as you help an immigrant so our govt can play the social state? Think about that. Nobody will sacrifice their lives for another one if you cannot make a living in your own country. Regardless of what them at top are trying to brainwash us with and force us into ssacrificing our lives for others. It is a stark contrast to the "we won't let any low skilled workers in" policy. It is a full bag of lies what they tell openly in the media outlets. I have proof that they do not want anybody they cannot bring under control. And that control is the next big word, after Brexit. Take back control. They will not let you build, only let you wiggle your dog's tail to their tunes, you are under control before you know it. I will cut off all ties to the UK. Although I laid it all before for them to check I am disallowed entry to their THEIR trade system. See, they do not want Germans or other countries in their trade or Commonwealth system, they are falling back into protectionism and isolatism they have always been on their island of splendid isolation. They never wanted to be in the EEC, only reluctantly, you cannot change a whole people's mindset if they have been brainwashed with this "taking back control" from their heads of state. And they certainly do not want a German in their country on their island to ramble on about this and critizising them. They will never accept you, regardless whether you are Dutch, Swedish, French etc. I have made all this bad experience with them, spent time over there, lost all my money, so you don't have to go through that experience. As all this debate and fighting over arguments makes you sick because they will let you lose anyway it's far better to do something with the time given instead of getting worked up. Going for a hike, doing more sports, long walks in nature, playing a guitar. I bet you have also better things to do when your parents are getting older and you have to manage that they are being taken care of. I don't let them stress me out as my daily routine is dictated my the instant and imminent things and tasks I have to do to care for myself and then my people in my inner circle. Oh, and I will and would certainly not move to the UK to be working in care. you should really think twice before doing that even if most govts are luring people into that sector claiming there is work in abundance and the pay is sooooo gooooood....
Tokyo, Japan
but with servers also in Texas,
California and
near Munich, Germany
as in above scam report As can be seen from the last alert report my email is now listed on
a blacklist controlled by the Tokyo based trendmicro corporation, allegedly a security
company meant to protect other companies from spam or malicious content when paid to do that.
Why my email is blacklisted and which companies have ordered to have my contact
email address marked as malicious I do not know. I get this trendmicro blacklist block quite a few times although I am not a spammer and do not send viruses around. The Japanese Trendmicro is being paid
by companies toblacklists whoever is reported without carrying out any background checks or
validating justification to block someone. Trendmicro does not check back with the
informers or with the people blocked why they block them. They do because the companies pay them
to do so. They block complete IP ranges and if you are in that address range then ...tough luck.

Has this anything to do with the current wheeling and dealing of
Australia and New Zealand in the Asian Pacific economic
area with states like Japan, China and peripheral countries where
everyone tries to strike the best deal for their countries and to
strengthen their own hegemony?

Is it the former Commonwealth satellite states who blacklist me or is it the Brits themselves? Or the Asians? Who told the samurai kingdom, the oldest kingdom in the world, to forbid me to write?
Who ordered the king to isolate and incarcerate my communication? Telelingua, Brussels
Belgium with branch offices in all major capitals
from finance, industry: London, Zurich, Munich,
Stuttgart etc.
My contact email is blackisted by them. Why? They put me on a global blacklist even when I
have not ever before worked for them.
This is my first contact and I am not yet on their books and applied for a project they advertised online for freelancers to apply to. I do not get any response. When I called them and chased up the fact they blacklisted me and for what reason, I get rather brutal responses for example from their Switzerland office near Zurich where a manager told me openly "we do not want anything from you" (telephone call to Zurich office dated Tuesday, January 10th, 2017). I also called their Brussels HQ where a manager gave me his email address where I should write and report to but that is also blocked. This really feels to me like a big wind-up, like giving me false access codes. I am making all the efforts, but get lies from them and blocked contacts. Even trying to rectify the situation and talking to them personally they would still play with me and let me work for free, amounting to nothing but being blocked and refused access.
Calling their HQ in Brussels another manager claims they blacklist me for reasons of security and that their clients stress confidentiality. Hang on, I am a translator, I work for them, I am a supplier helping THEIR business to stay afloat and they blacklist ME? This sounds like the Golden Shield Project, the great firewall of China. Complete blocking outsiders and Westeners and developing freelancers' businesses from allegedly "bad influences" from them? Is this translation agency an agent for Chinese censorship? Or for Belgium and Brussels-superimposed censorship? Who finances this agency? Brussels or China? Why are they blocking me and put up their censorship shield?

This doesn't make sense. You cannot blame it on the increased and hightened terror alert as they are crushing my freelance business and do not let me earn money by what I have been trained in for so many years. So all the state education and all the years I have been honing my skills in writing and creating translations and now THEY who I shall work for and who are my bread and butter business reject me at the very first contact?

This repressive behaviour and censorship from them undermines my freedom to let me earn money with what I have been trained in for now almost two decades. This is a anti-freedom, anti-state, anti-business blocking of allowing business to grow. Why do they not let me work and want that I cannot earn money when working for them?

This does not make any sense whatsoever, no matter from which side you look at it.

They are, as I am, in a free market economy, they cannot assume dictatorship-like behaviour in killing me and blocking me from their projects for no apparent reason.

I feel like unjustly convicted and strapped down in a jail with no ruling. Has this anything to do with the current policy from Brussels? If you look at their website and where they have branch offices you see they are based in the capitals like London, Munich, Stuttgart which is the hub of the German machinery industry. London as a financial center. Do they only want freelance translators on their books who are also from that capitals hoping they get big projects from the industry or from politcial parties or other branches, lobbyists of the market who give them credits, money, power or influence?

Only THEY know who finances them, who pays their salaries every months. And only THEY know why they kill my business.

When these email scams first originated in and where sent from Africa and from servers based in Asian countries I thought this to be an anti-Western online movement against me, the freelance translator, who helps and works for all these agencies but now that also Western industrialized companies are battling against me I can more of a feeling that these branch offices in developing countries were used as pawns and shields so that it looks like it is the other colours who are against me. Now, on closer inspection it looks as if Western industries want to kill me. Companies who are mainly based in or near capitals with big influences in the financial, industrial or military complex. No, I cannot give you projects from that industries, the deal was - and that is what they told me when I embarked to become a translator- that I work for you. Now you are not only actively battling against me, blocking me, you are actively killing my business.

Why do you want to kill me?

Croydon, south of London, UK
fake ghost office This agency claims to have a branch in Belgium but when you call them they actually tell you that they are not affiliated with them. Why does Testronic want to appear much bigger and states fake branch offices on their website? It is a different company, trading under a different name. Why are the British in their Croydon HQ lying and bloating up their businees with fake branch offices where there is none in real life? Try it yourself and call them in Belgium. They will confirm that they are not related or affiliated to Testronic. Why are they lying giving false statements?

Athens, Greece
email Agency based in Athens, Greece, never had to do anything with them before. However, the best I get from them is a place on their blacklist. When closely watching and following the development of who and where clients and agencies blacklist me and reject me as a supplier it appears as though this spreads like a wildfire in the southern regions. Has this anything to do with the generous subsidies and financial rescues the German government has given to ailing southern states and they are not wanting to give something back to me, the translator in Germany? They do not let me work for them, they only want all of the money for themselves without even giving me any chance of earnig money. This loop doesn't work, the circle won't close. They get huge financial aids from the top brass above, yet I am not allowed to work for them. They suck us out without giving anything back. Somebody must tell them at the top about this! This is a rip-off. Why is the German government helping others when at the same time those who get the money blow it all and are not co-operating with me, the German translator who would just add to their profits and help them survive even longer? This doesn't make any sense. Things don't come full circle and never will. I cannot be Herakles for them. Someone else must kill the nine headed monster.

After having applied to another project even after a good thirteen months' time they are still blacklisting me. The Greeks are still hating me and do not allow me to work for them, quote on their projects. The last time I applied was in January 2017! Think about that. They have constantly been receiving grants, subsidies and money for over a whole year now to grow THEIR business and yet this block notification is proof that I am still not allowed to work for them. Over a year blocked.

They claim to offer projects for the judiciary yet what they do is far out of any legality. I would not think that the courts, judges or branches of the judiciary have given orders to have me blocked. Someone must tell the courts of this Greek misdemeanor. The courts are obviously looking for good translators yet the Greeks feeding off from German rescue and help money disallow translators to work. This whole Europe-thing is so wrong. They are still transferring power to the wrong people. How can this be? How can the state, Brussels, Germany back such actions and let these Greeks act like ancient dictator kings just doing as they like?

The Greeks do not help building up the judiciary, nor do they help me to build up or safe my own existence, they are acting more like paid rogue warriors, mercenaries paid for by Germany and now they disallow good translators to earn money? They are certainly not paid to kill my business, are they? Since they are outside of European jurisdiction Brussels or Germany will not stop the payments. They can actually behave like rulers and king. This has gone so wrong. We are being ruled and supressed by the Greeks who have received help. And in return, this is what we get from them? Strict and hard dictatorship with no chance of working for them or for the original posters, the judiciary? Brussels is not paying rescue money to help them build up their economy, they are paying little dictators who rule over us.

So wrong, so anti-state, anti-democratic. Just so fake and being stabbed from behind. I cannot believe why they take revenge on us. All holidays to Greece and visits to Greek restaurants are cancelled. I will not help them again. What a farce!

TSD, Köln
the Germans are against me as well, against their own people This agency in Cologne, Northrhine-Westphalia puts me also on a blacklist despite all efforts from my side to become a supplier. I have never worked on any of their projects. I do not get any work from them. This is an agency based in Catholic Cologne. Who is against me? The city and economic circles of Cologne, the Catholics and bishops, the Catholic church maybe? As Cologne is one of the biggest Catholic diocese, there is a lot of money in Cathalic circles as has always been over centuries. You can safely assume that Catholic investors or parts of the Catholic church subsidise and finance this agency. Why do they not want to share? Why am I not allowed to work for them? Has it anything to do with the fact that this block is being ordered from Cologne or from another German federal state or from the Catholics? Who is behind this? Does the Catholic investor want to burn me at the stakes like so many others in ancient times for not paying to have my sins washed away like in ancient times with the selling of indulgences to peasants? Or am I thinking too far and the answer is much more simpler? Maybe this agency has no jobs or only supports local translators or such based in Northrhine-Westphalia or Cologne-based translators? Only supports their own city and region? Or that they post fake projects, project which don't actually exist but to only collect more data in their database which they then sell on to another agency with "thousands of only the best translators"? Is this in fact a data-collection agency who sell on data? I don't know the answer. I only know that they do not allow me become a supplier.
host []
'' and ''

Schleswig, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
E-Mail Here, we have something different. When I applied with a German distributor of fitness equipment I found to my astonishment that they had me blocked on their servers for apparent 'policy violations' and marked me as a source of spam mails. This sports equipment company has previously advertised translation jobs for other languages with the official labor offices and I asked them whether they also have a need for English-German translators which, at the time, was denied. Now, they are actively looking for one probably because they try to market their stuff globally and I am refused even to knock at their front door, let alone being let in or being allowed to work for them. I have never before worked on a project for them and I don't know why they put me on a "spam list". You might find it interesting that their hosting service "1und1! is a service from 'united internet AG', a company owned and governed by Ralph Dommermuth. At the beginning of the 90s when the internet bubble was built everywhere, Mister Ralph Dommermuth was one of the first hosting providers and he helped Mister Jochen Hummel to market his company by the name of Trados AG, Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg. Mister Jochen Hummel was the owner of Trados GmbH in June 1994. With the help of this internet hosting giant who was one of the first on the market in Germany, Trados has extensively and aggressively introduced, marketed and sold their products, Trados, the CAT tool which made them a monopoly in the CAT tool market. Back at uni when I was working besides my studies I bought Trados from my last saved-up money to use it and train with it so I can be fluent when entering the workforce. The German ministry of education has actually stipulated the training and use of this CAT tool in the curriculum of the uni where I went but you were not forced to buy it at that time. But you wouldn't escape it. Trados has become a monopoly. Everyone uses it. Firstly, it was heavily employed in the industry but official bodies, ministries and also state-level governments like the European Union use it nowadays and make it a stipulation to use when they offer they EU translation tenders. So, I bought it, the original software and started from version 2 (a very early one), and have always invested over the years in the newer versions, constantly also paying the development and giving them my cash. Why am I now rejected from the servers which host this very company which once started the huge marketing campaign for Mister Hummel, the founder and owner, CEO of Trados, Stuttgart in Germany? Trados Germany was hosted on united internet AG and 1und1 servers. It could be just coincidence that this distributor who blocked me is hosted on the same servers as Trados but the effect is the same once you'r listed as a source of spam: Companies in the West of Germany, along the Rhine and media centers like Cologne, who have their domains and email accounts registered with them will block my emails. I am not able to work for such companies who are registered with 1und1 in Montabaur, in the West. I am refused to introduce myself to whole regions or to media companies, to the industry and their suppliers like auto, machinery and other companies there if they subscribe to 1und1 hosting servers. This profession as a translator lets me see a divided Germany. And we have come over the cold war but the separation is again being introduced. This time in the former West of Germany. Can anybody explain this development? Have other businesses also found to be isolated and separated from tying the knot with other westerly businesses? Is this protectionism inside Germany already? Specific business areas, municipalities or whole federal states and governments shutting themselves off from others and building a great wall around themselves? Exchange between labour, projects is being restricted and these centers of big projects only want their own people from that region find a job but not others like me who has to make a living in the free market? This sounds like pre-arragned supply chains, biased nepotism where only a certain group gets projects but it is not fair anymore to people like me applying for tenders. Has it come that far, that even in the free market eveything is arranged already? The Turks and some Arab and Asian cultures have pre-arranged marriages where the old folks decide who their children will marry, but has this idea already incorporated in the business world and in the free market economy? Is the economy not free at all?

One of the most recent schemes I found is the 'British call forwarding scam' which hit me when several English agencies ripped me off. Although they state their contact details on their websites giving fixed landline telephone numbers in fact when you try to call them you are being charged the forwarding fees for the call which is forwarded to their cell phones. You don't call a landline number (which is, of course, much cheaper) but in fact you are being transferred to a cell phone. It hits you when you get your phone bill the next month. There is nothing you can do because you are not informed when making the call that your call is forwarded to a cell phone. I call this the "forwarding scam". There are no real people in a physical office, they just use any landline number together with a letterbox address and have calls forwarded to their cell phones. Data miners scamming applicants. You stand no change of having the fees reimbursed by your telephone company. You fall prey to these scammers and there is nothing you can do about it. Even if you do your research before and you definitely call a landline number you cannot escape the fees when the call is forwarded to their mobile. There is a company by the name of Lingotek with a branch office in Maidenhead, Berkshire which is one of them scammers. You call a local landline number in Berkshire (local area code 01628), but you are actually being transferred to a callcentre in Leeds. You don't call an office in Berkshire. They only make you believe that. The callcentre is an outsourced receptionist service and they claim to have a call-back rearranged which doesn't amount to anything. They give you all kind of trash talk and have no real work, nothing to let you earn any money. Data miners with letterbox company address. All fake. Don't trust them. Headquarterd in Lehi, Utah in the States where this scam is originating. And don't tell me this is 'business development'; it is not, it is bullshitting people and ripping them off. Investors trying to fake an agency to attract applicants where they have nothing to offer. Not translation jobs is what they give to you it is data they suck out of you, data about your background, family, about your parents' ties to government, business, industry or to the state. They are sucking data to see where they can get projects from or where they can use YOU to get more influence themselves. Do not be fooled! You won't get anything from them, it is THEM who suck everything ouf of YOU, only for their own benefit, profit and to satisfy their investors and banks who want to see revenue on their invested money. They then sell on this data to insurance firms, banks, realtors who in turn destroy your life, take away your home or encumber your house again and push you into a foreclosure, losing your home to the banks and making it easy for property sharks to buy when you are not able to pay off the debt. They do make you an addict to their system, they will drive you crazy until they have control over you. Basic methods of systematic undermining your life, taking control over your life, destroying you. Welcome to the world of Scientology. This is exactly what it is. I strongly believe the whole industry is permanently permeated by Scientologists nailing us to the cross. Accept their word prices and bleed out financially slowly so when you are worn out they take all away from you. They will not sheer away from taking it all away from you and putting your house for sale, driving you into debt and into a foreclosure. The sharks. These agencies,especially American ones but the system spreads like cancer, help these sharks to kill you and take everything they can get their hands on. Modern piracy with the help of data miners to see where one is vulnerable and where mortgages can't be paid. They will destroy your marriage, relationship. Watch out: Whoever is on a buying frency. During the last decade I have seen they buy smaller agencies all across the industry, a lot in the UK, Germany and throughout Europe and incorporate them in their chain system.

I have actually come across this very same 'information acquisition method' about seven years ago when I filled in a form with a British law firm (I will name them soon when I looked in my archives) who claimed to give out translation projects and where you were asked all sorts of questions in their alleged "application form" about your opinion on rich and poor, on how and why the world turns like it is, about corporates and brand names, makes of a certain car model and why you think this is a good car. All kind of nonsense which had absolutely nothing to do with getting a translation job. This was way way before the Brexit and even before the idea of a Brexit got in their heads (about 2005). I have seen this sort of information gathering with that particular law firm in such a manner for the first time. Needless to say that I never ever got a translation from this lawyer/law firm. They are part of the opinion pollsters and want to see in what corner you are, what political spectrum you favour etc., what kind of slave you are. From your answers they can deduct what background you have, what upbringing, what and who your parents are and where in the system you stand. I would have never expected lawyers who should stand behind the law to make use of such sniffing and spying methods but I guess since we all know that the NSA knows everything about us everyone is now collecting data about people which they then sell to political parties, to the state, to the judges, to insurers, to property sharks, to investors. We now live in a world of data being sold like the data on your bonus cards when you go shopping. They are all only in for the game of selling your live. So, all this information this law firm has collected, who did they sell it to? To the auto industry so that I can be bombarded with ads of cars? Realtors? Everything and all behaviour happens for a reason and serves a grander purpose. What was the purpose of this law firm's questionaire? Maybe exactly the fact that they were paid by the British state for undercover pollsters and preparing this Brexit ten years later. Now that we see the outcome this is not so far-fetched as you would have said two years ago.

Do not give away any information whatsoever about your parents, what your parents do for a living. Do not tell them who you socialise with, who your friends are, what your housemates do for a living, in what industry, service sector, in what state body etc. your parents or relatives work. That they will use it against you. I call this modern espionage and undermining existing structures, businesses, the state.

They cannot be trusted! Do not sell your life. You can always state in these application forms that this is strictly confidential and private information. You are better off being rejected by them than being fooled and played around by and to sell your life to them because it WILL BACKFIRE ON YOU later in your life.

There is only one way to protect your life against all this: You must know your enemy before he hits you first. You must collect, gather information to see their moves before they stand before you. Because then it is too late.

Only when you know them better than they know you, only then can you decide of how much trust you want to give. My best advice: Do not trust them. No matter what.

So, don't talk to them data miners. Don't give them what they want. Don't make it easy for the sharks. Saves you a lot of money, time and nerves. Unfortunately, this method is now being copied by many new agencies, players and newbies alike entering the industry and the market. I wonder how long it takes until someone files a lawsuit to stop this madness and to shut down these boogeymen schemers, maybe it needs someone to just pull the plug of those suckers who suck us out without giving anything back but to take everything away from us only to enrich themselves. You cannot even trust certain lawyers anymore as seen in above case. These schemers have nothing to offer, all they are in for is wanting more. I guess the only way to survive this is by starting to collect data yourself. Know who you can trust. Test them. Double check what they say and compare with their actions in real life. Most importantly: Increase security on all levels. Listen to what your mum told you when you were a kid: Do not trust strangers and aliens!
an anonymously operated website

hosted in California
telephone blacklist Someone put me on a telephone blacklist in April 2016 which I got wind of only recently. This website has a valid reason to exist, as you can report schemers and scammers. But I found to my astonishment that somebody put me and my translation business on that list. The website is probably being paid by the Anonymous group as no contact address is in the imprint, you cannot contact them. It is easy to point the finger towards someone and conceiling your identity when I am trying to make a living and make the effort to pay for my lunch and my bills. It is rather cowardly and base that somebody makes me bad anonymously not stating their own name. Underhanded I say that is. I am a business and, of course, have to do marketing to attract jobs and projects. I have a feeling this was done my a competitor, by somebody who just hates me personally or somebody who wants to cause trouble. Or somebody who hasn't got a clue what earning your own money entails and means. A kid maybe? A bunch of disgruntled netizens?

I do work as a small business and I do in fact have to do marketing and contact companies with all methods available, by letter, by email, by going there personally, by visiting fairs, and yes, also by calling them, that is part of my daily routine. Only by doing marketing can I attract jobs, only by doing jobs I get paid and pay my lunch and bills.

It is ludicrious that somebody puts me anonymously on a "blacklist of telephone spammers" when, as a small business, you depend on doing marketing, also by calling companies in order to get work.

So, not only is it unjustified but somebody actively tries to block my business by trying to destroy and undermine my right to make calls and dig for projects. Who is behind this vilifying me and my efforts? A group of angry netizens? Every single one of this blacklist here may be suspects as they all have a reason for taking revenge.

Abu Dhai, United Arab Emirates
Only the best words is what they can give. One ought to decide of whether it is really sensible or useful to go to places and work for employers who are clearly not favouring you. Despite the free market economy and free movement of labourers and professionals alike you shan't go to places were you are not welcome. Even if the Saudi kings and sheiks have gazillions of dollars in oil and buy themselves into all countries. It is that sharia they want to establish in Europe during the next two hundred years. Maybe that agency staff wants to free themselves from all that internal politics but as we know now they basically hired a kill squad and sent them to Turkey to have defector killed in the Saudi embassy. I am scared to hell when I think about Islam, Islamic terror, how it is financed with oil dollars and our Western World being at great danger. I will never go to an Arab country ever. I am so scared for my life only by the reaction of this agency. May the Arabs have all the super sports cars, gold, billions dollars, harems. Let them have it all but let them stay in their world. Built more Lamborghinis and sell all gold and jewelrey to them so they can stay in their world and be happy. The threat of Islamic fundamentalism and establishing Sharia law and an Islamic state has often been proven as a long-term goal of rich Islamic countries. Can the Pope in Rome not tell them to stick with what they got and leave the rest of the world?
We all know this platform.
With orders being given from Syracuse, Upstate New York, orderd being relegated to a Turkish-Arabic proz moderator based in Berlin, Germany and a woman in the Ukraine (where proz has a branch office).

This has become viral and a gobal cancerous tumor already. Even public administrations, courts, the police and other public services waste their time on and use this platform. It has become the new plague endangering our good forefathers' heritage, terrorising the good establishment, undermining our good system. It makes all good things worse. It is now up to us, the next generation, to protect and save the good things of all evil and bad. I explain why this is, why the US national, Mister Henry Dotterer, the founder, creator and owner of proz, let us bear the cross.
killed by Eastern Block women and Turkish-Arabic translator who are on the moderators boards and whose native tongue is not German. They were ordered to kill my profile by their Upstate New York HQ. For how long do I have to put up with this shit from the States? I have constantly informed, explained to and warned moderators that they actively help shady people who post ficticious jobs on their platform. A lot, most of them in fact, are just faking it, they state telephone numbers which are not connected when you call them. The moderators do not check their outsourcers. All posters are solely collecting data without giving any real work or projects. Most of this is just fake, subsidized out of tax money and probably also from unemployment benefits paid to these posters and outsourcers. I have made extensive efforts and have constantly reported this problem to site moderators but was always told off for behaving badly, showing disrespect to employers and outsourcers. Hey, wait a minute, I am being disrespectful towards imposters who are faking it only for the proz moderators to makes their profit out of? I am being impolite to scammers and data miners who wind you up and who have not any work but who only steal and waste your time? And all the moderators do is telling ME off for bad behaviour?

It is notable that proz wants a dollar from you, the respondent and translator, when you quote on the projects posted there. So, proz wants to cash in on ficticious and fake postings by anonymous imposters who have nothing to offer. I get the feeling that the majority of outsourcers on proz even when claiming they are legit businesses have nothing to offer and just want to collect data in order to sell databases later on ("with thousands of translators worldwide" - that is their selling point. Sounds familiar? We had this above already with an agency. You now see through their lies and that they sell your life and they sell something what they don't own. They decide over your life and want to cash in on your private lifetime!). That is basically their business model. The proz moderators make you pay and they force you to give them your money whereas neither proz nor their outsourcers give anything of equal value back to you. You are not guaranteed to get a job or project, not guaranteed an answer at all to your applications. They sell promises like the evil evangelists promising you salvation, absolution or a cure to an ailing. Spiritual healing in return for giving them your cash. Similar to a bad American live television charlatan priest. We've seen it all. I call this a rip off by proz moderators. They try to cash in from the new generation of young and aspiring translators who think proz is the sought-after cure to they nagging question: Where the hell do I get translation jobs from? Well, as you can see this is what you get and who you support and where your money goes. I must add that ten years ago the proz outsourcers board was much much smaller so I guess you can also blame every participant and gold digger who got registered to make a quick buck by posting projects there and buy cheap translators for this having gone out of hand. It is like an analogy that when you are driving your car on a motorway and you are stuck in a traffic jam you curse about the jam but you forget that you are also a part of the whole traffic jam. Or to paint a different picture: Don't feed small monsters that you cannot tame as when they become big they will set their eyes on you. I think proz saw big waves of agencies and corporates get registered and saw their database expand and they then thought this collected data was a good way to make money.

In this instance, actually a German guy killed me on He claims to be a specialized translator since 1969. When I called him and discussed a project (Aircraft Maintenance Procedures - 7,500 words ), I noticed in less than five minutes on the phone that this guy was far off with his project. I explained to him why he demands impossible to meet stipulations in an industry equally strongly regulated and triple-checked like in medical or pharmaceutical industries and why his end client will have to kill this contract with him, he wouldn't listen. He actually threatened me in an email to act against me, and - voilà- that punishment on proz was the outcome. Upon checking his identity and his business, he claims to operate at two different locations in Germany as a sole individual without staff. How can you be at two places at the same time? Has he the key to a time travelling machine? He informed the proz moderators and now it is really taking off to get ridiculous. According to their site rules, the moderator for English-German on proz is actually a Turkish-Arabic translator, sworn for that language combination, and he claims to be a proofreader for Arabic-German. You find this information in the moderator section of So, just let me get my head around this: A moderator who judges over English-German matters and disputes on this site decides that this woman from the Ukraine shuts my profile down and none of them have German as their mother language. The informer, that German guy, informs the moderators and the moderators do not have the linuistic capacity to check the charges that the German guy has brought forward against me because both moderators do not speak German; it is not their native language. They do not translate from English into German or vice versa. This is the only site moderator for English-German.

How can you judge over a case when you do not know the facts you are judging on? The Turkish-Arabic moderator decided to have my profile deleted by the Ukrainian women although they are not able to judge because German is not their mother tongue. They are solely acting on orders of the German guy who wanted to take revenge told them to do so. And by deleting my profile they also erased all proof of my previous communication and the fact that I was reporting and informing them about their mischievous deeds, that is that they are not entitled to enforce such action without knowing and without understanding the langauge and without having checked all the facts (as would be the case in any Western democracy court proceeding). I repeatedly told, explained to them how wrong they are and I gave them suggestions of how to protect themselves from their revenge-driven policy which clearly shows. I cannot proof that I helped them not to be tempted to be mislead and to act on somebody's order as it would end up in them getting involved in a conflict of words (as now). They want to frame me as a rebel, a punk. That is the best word: they frame me. You can clearly see that proz leaves out the context and quotes only part of my original email I sent to this German guy. Out-of-context communication is even worse when proz encumbers me in this matter. The same idea and the same nonsense as out-of-context translation. You get the idea? You can frame and libel anybody of any offence when you put information out of context there. The small snippet which proz justifies their killing me sounds very rude but in fact when you read my complete original message in the context you see that I brought forward many arguments as to why I distrust this guy.

You get the idea?

They do not check the outsourcers and they are not in a position to check the charges that others are bringing forward against others. They are solely abiding others' orders. Like the military. But which miliary? and their Arabic moderators as a helper of the Sharia and Islamic state terror rule trying to overturn established domocracies by undermining fair trials, without checking facts, ruling without being able to understand the defendant's native language? Their little effort and part to introduce Islamic Sharia in all levels of society - THEIR effort to wreak havoc in the translation world? Think hard about it. Analyze for yourself. Sounds like a dictatorship rule here on And the Arabic-Turkish moderator (moderating the German-English postings and translators here, that is the REALLY ridiculous thing!) can always blame the German guy who points the finger towards me for obeying a German's order. This is the same stuff that the former leaders in the Nazi regime told in their defence, we've all seen it before. And the German guy can always refer the ruling power to the site moderator as the moderator is in power over this site. Blame it on the leader back again. You see how difficult it gets? Each one can decide that a certain action takes place (a profile deleted) and they both can defer responsibility to the other party for having ordered it or for being the person in charge.

So, I was actually ridiculed by a German guy, by an older guy who instructed the Turkish-Arabic moderator for English-German on proz to judge and this Turk instructed the Ukranian women to delete my profile. And I assume the owner of proz, Henry Dotterer condoned this action carried out by his proz henchmen. This is like a shadow judiciary, a parallel legal system outside of our real justice system but a serious form of digital dictatorship rule with no legal backing from real courts in the world. Yet, you cannot deny the power Henry Dotterer has with this platform, blindly following orders by Germans to kill Germans on te platform without a trial. Mister Dotterer you have gone too far with your proz beast! This is what Nazis did in the past, show trials. I seriously ask you, Henry Dotterer, are you a neo Nazi copying their show trials? When doing a google search a lot of references are coming up mainly promoting proz all over the place. Someone with such a high google rating and visibility with pictures of himself all over the place seriously wants to market a system where translators get killed by foreigners in Germany whose native tongue is not German? You must be kidding me! And you want to promote that proz system of unjustified profile killings with no investigating, checking and looking into the matter? You , Mister Dotterer, you just hand the gun to someone and let them pull the trigger just because someone told you to do so? We have to inform the courts to look into that matter and the way you do business in proz world, this is internet dictatorship. Do you want to overthrow the system or the state? What are you up to, Mister Henry Dotterer? Tell us!

If an older translator kills a younger one what happens then? I guess I have stopped being German and this guy has lost his credentials of any seniority. If an older and more senior translator does not protect but kills a younger one who explains to him what he is doing wrong and why stuff won't work then he's become the person commissioning a kill. The German guy commissioned the Turk moderator to kill and the Turk let the Ukranian women do the job.

For reason of illegitimate and judgemental behaviour, for an unjust and unfair trail against me the Turkish-Arabic proz moderator also gets a red flag on my map in Berlin and Istanbul where he is from. The old killed the young. The contract of generations is broken (intergenerational equity was a lie by the elderly). I have stopped trusting older or senior Germans. Old men start to kill. Beware of the elderly! In this case, this German translator worked with an Islamic Turkish-Arabic moderator against me and they use the Ukranian women. Shall I call this a blow from..well, from where? I guess nobody want to be put into a certain camp, be it religous, political or so. Has it to do with religion? Probably not, they just try to make money and have a life. But you just don't know whether this is part of their Sharia, the profits they make on is tax free and is a sharia-compatible 'halal' financial instrument (i.e. activities permitted under the Sharia). Or are they just collecting money for their daughters getting married? To pay for the big party? Still, you cannot accept someone ruling over you and encumbering you when they are not in the right as seen above. You just cannot do this, not in a democracy, not in a country or state and not in an internet domocracy. It is a loophole and a lawless grey area where people are given too much power over others and their wrong decisions have an effect on that peoples' real lifes and incomes or future pathways. Not good how this has been dealt with, not good. You clearly see how a bad chain of events with no intermediary control and checks and balances lead to false judgement, false decisions, injustice. A complaint that was triggered on a small level way down at the bottom and which was not scrutinized, checked by an independent third person with knowledge of the language (or subject matter) but which was only escalated ultimately culminted in a bad decision being handed over and made bigger. Now, the German guy might feel he was right to reprimand me and act against me but he is now in a bad situation of having to justify his orders which, as we can see, went to wrong. Think about your actions and do not act when you are angry, this never leads to good results. Maybe this is a bit of a touchy personality who might get easily provocated so he overreacted. We all have been bullied at school to some greater or lesser extent. Come over it. But by this chain of events you see what kind of personality a person has. If all this has one single good yield then now somebody had to drop his mask and you see better with what kind of person you deal with.

It is most notable that whenever I try to register a month or so after they deleted my profile on proz they just remove my profile again and again and again. I do register with my email address and don't change that so I am sure they have already now put an automated blacklist in place that whenever I register their blacklist removes my profile. Death by the proz machine. You see: they automated the killing. Or is there a hidden conspiracy behind it? Is "" just a hint of them or the intention of those moderators to turn us all into a "prozac nation", a nation of translators who are just being brought to the edge and being prescribed Prozac? Proz(ac). Is that what they want? Do dope us with all means possible to make us meek, obidient and servants? Doped up on Prozac? Is that what is about? All decisions are made by the Headquarters, P.O. Box 903, Syracuse, NY 13201, USA, An anonymous letterbox address as a contact. With branches in Argentina, Calle 14 nro. 622 1/2 entre 44 y 45, La Plata (B1900AND), Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Ukraine, 6 Karazina St., Kharkiv, 61002 Ukraine. I guess especially the American HQ in Syracuse deserves a read flag for their illicit business practices for dominating and oppressing me, eliminating my chances to apply with agencies who post projects on their platform. Proz headquartered in Update New York is actively destroying my business with their henchmen in their network killing me (like this Ukranian woman and the Turkish translator, a sworn translator, sworn with a Berlin court of law WHO OUGHT TO KNOW BETTER. For both this Turkish sworn translator and the Ukranian women German is not their native tongue and yet they decide against me with not being in a position to judge!

This ought to be proof how illicit Proz goes about their business. But you, the reader and the jury, having now being laid all evidence before, are the judge in this Proz case.

How do you judge?

Update on proz: As of second week of November 2017 proz has now re-launched their website and, miraculously - sim sa la bim, they've now added a disclaimer in all outsourcers' profiles. This is basically the same as saying and admitting that you have to check for yourself who you are applying with and work for. Why on God's wonderful internet should I, the translator, pay the proz team money when sending messages through their system to these unchecked database entries when all I get back is their confession that the information they give out has not been checked, no background checks on their outsourcers have been carried out? Do I throw my money at proz just to let them publish this disclaimer? Do they honestly think that they are now safe and act within legally righteous perimeters, that they are now abiding laws and regulations? Certainly not! This disclaimer is just the same as confessing to us, the users, translators, applicants and paying members of the proz site that they collect data and it is up to us to sort out what is useful and what is not. Who is genuine and who is just a player. who is phoney and fake and who is real. The times of the once "first in translation business" proz monopoly is over. They killed it themselves. Just collecting data of wannabes and "we are company", "we give you work" flakes whereas these black sheep collect data of translators themselves kills it. It is like a Texan rattle snake biting itself in the rattle. Proz is basically eating itself, the proz system implodes because they created a vacuum which now collapses in itself. A vacuum of paid translation jobs. Everyone collects data, contacts, addresses, résumés. Everyone wants to sell information and databases but nobody actually hands out jobs. It is a snowball system and proz thinks they act as a snow canon plastering the ski slopes so we, the skiing translators can use these slopes. But the water they use to plaster the slopes with artificial snow and iced snow is taken from the reservoir. After a day skiing we end up not getting a drip of water as it is all used up on the slopes. Do you get the analogy?

I stand by what I say: this is the ultimate confession which I have been waiting for by proz. The disclaimer from proz is proof enough and is nothing short of a confession before a Catholic priest that they make us pay for the rubbish they collect. For all the rubbish accumulating on this proz wasteland. Proz has become a skip and we translators are being advised when sifting through their site we are nothing else than poor kids in the slums. Proz has let their site become a dumpster. This is what their disclaimer says basically. Caution kids: Don't touch everything, waste can be hazardous!
GLobal lt,
Troy, Michigan, USA
Agentur-Blacklist Despite of me applying to most recent projects they put my IP address on a blacklist. Why? So, does that mean they do not have any work at all and they are just another company fishing for contacts but not giving out any projects? Highly dubious, being punished and being forbidden to work for them even before they sent me any test translations. Why would an agency kill their supplier translators like me when I make the effort and apply to them? This does not make any sense whatsoever.
Strato, Germany, my very own hosting provider?!??
Berlin, Germany
Strato kill Now, this goes way too far! Even my own provider where emails are being sent through and where my website is hosted thinks I am a spammer and has blocked my emails I send to clients, agencies and companies py policy. I certainly do not agree with that policy in Berlin! I am a business and I am forced by law and by my efforts that in order to make a living I need to market my business which also entails sending emails to agencies and companies who in fact and most certainly can give me work to earn money. I am not cold-calling companies but as seen in the comminication I did apply with an agency who have advertised projects. I am applying to their projects but Strato in Gerlin inhibits my efforts to earn money. They are actively destroying my business and entrepreneurial efforts! This is going too far!
just another agency up north in Cheshire, UK
somewhere in Cheshire
they automatically blacklisted and blocked me as a spammer They do not want me. What else can I say? I get a feeling that nobody is really sure about what to do with this Brexit going on. Just don't let anyone in. Keep it all for yourselves. Have they got enough translators in their database? Then why would they advertise to look for new ones? Just to make it appear as if there were projects? Or are their existing suppliers fleeing in troves the sinking ship? Is this just another fake posting? It is notable that they are looking for certified translators, for the learned and for people with higher degrees. Are they changing their suppliers and want translation folks from higher in the education system? Shedding existing ones to exchange them with university folks? Do they believe this is the solution? To lure the learned into their database?

Only they'd know. Which path would you choose? Keeping an existing supplier who is firm and knowledgeable as having spent all the time on the projects or trying to find people with a higher degree who have not a long standing in the industry because it is certificates they are after, not people who have spent their lifetime on their project? Do they think by hiring folks from academia they get access to subsidies, channels in the state or government or to research funds which are so generously granted to all these nerds in academia? Is that what this is about? Trying to hire academia folks to get a foot into the education system where research money is floating around? Do they really believe it is academia who will bring them projects, funds and money from this academic sector? Is that the motive behind their fishing in the internet boards? How long will it take until they learn that it just doesn't work like that.

Only they would know. Even if this was the real reason and motive behind it, they'd surely deny it's true.

Well, they resort to their old and comfy isolationism, their splendid isolation where you are not invited and not part of the party.
D.A. Languages an agency with language school
Altrincham, south of Manchester
Brits don't like me. Another Brit blacklisting me. I am a spammer in their view. Is there anything the Brits now can offer or is blacklisting translators now all they do? They are still in self-denial and won't accept that they cannot go on like this. It doesn't work like that.

England, what is it that you can offer apart from sanctioning me and punishing me hard?
translation agency Concorde Netherlands
Amstelveen, near Amsterdam.
The Dutch don't like me either. Seems that the Dutch are on the same side as the Brits when it comes to marking me as a spammer. I will not buy any more Gouda cheesefor my pizza now anymore. I start to boycott Dutch cheese. Are they still high on their tulip-mania. It went wrong in the past with highly speculating on tulip bulbs ending in the first big stock exchange crash. And we all know how ridiculously rich the VOC became selling nutmeg in Europe. I cannot allow the Dutch to build up a trade with my words. I am no commodity to be traded with. This is getting closer to selling whole lifes and people, not unlike the slave trade. Why do the Dutch blacklist me? Can they not accept that their superiority with the VOC, Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie, is over? What have they done with all the wealth generated from trade? Building ever bigger warships to send to colonies and get more nutmeg?

I have never ever sent them a virus in an email. What a lie!

translation agency sensu-scriptu
Brussels, Belgium
The Belgians take it personally. This is something VERY strange. This agency is new on the market and the very first email I am sending to them applying for a very difficult 13-page patent translation is being blocked straight away. Now, it becomes apparent, agencies do exchange my email address and have me blacklisted. All agencies want to kill me. Both male and female bosses of agencies kill me constantly. Do all these agencies take revenge on me, the German translator? Do they think I am a Nazi? What the is their point?

You see how right the Brits were when rejecting Brussels dictatorship and exiting Europe? this is the case now, Brussels does not provide anything anymore they increase control, blacklist and cutting translators out. Europe is crumbling. The bond between former European Union countries will not hold. It was all an artificially-fueled union, paid by taxpayers' money which Brussels now is not giving back to the next generation like me who want to make a living. super rule from Brussels agencies - they kill me. control and being in power in Belgium - they mean blacklisting me. handing out very difficult projects - impossible to deliver quality, they rather kill me.

translation agency Jonckers
Brussels, Belgium
Ghost staff at Jonckers. When I apply to their most recent (i.e. November '17) media projects as subtitling and captioning I get strange responses that the staff who are allgedly active members of staff with Jonckers in fact cannot be reached. Seems like ghost email address. These are real poeple who are working at Jonckers right now. They are all vendor and project managers who are actively advertising their roles online with these email addresses.

Have they all left Jonckers already?

Were these contacts deleted or changed to other addresses to protect them from being contacted directly?

Have they made them redundant or are they working freelance?

Only Jonckers would know answers. To me, they are 'ghost staffs'. Not trustworthy. Similar to a lot of 'virtual translation agencies' who rent 'virtual offices', in other words a letterbox they can print a phantasy company name on and never be reached. If you fall prey to bad and evil bosses who don't want to pay your invoices you stand no chance of getting your money as there is no physical address and no boss you could sue! This letterbox scam is now mushrooming in the translation industry. You find fake addresses on shiney websites of translation agencies but when you enquire and ask back in a lot of cases you'll find that they work at home and just want to appear as being big.

Addendum November 2021: As news it out that months' before the new elections in Hungary a new law will be made effective that fake domiciles will be allowed you might see the problem and a parallel with fake addresses, fake letterboxes, address scams as in London Isington and just fake empty offices. As it appears that method of giving out fake addresses, fake offices, non-existing addresses, non-existing businesses is somtehing I saw very early here as long as I am trying to research those scams is now being made an official law by the ruling party in Hungary before election time. It will then be no breach of any law to register non-existing addresses. So, as seen in the case of Hungary law-makers is that a method practised for years already? To register a business with a fake address (and probably get funds for it) with no real humans, jobs and offices behind? Only to lure applicants, investors and translators to move to there? Think about it. It is a striking parallel.

If you ever have the money and time to travel to such an address let me know whether or not there is a real human person to accept your invoice or your documents. You cannot beat their letterbox scams. So how can you trust them and decide whether they are real and genuine or not? You can't. There is nothing you can do. You will never know beforehand whether they are good or evil, only when you have allowed them to be dragged and sucked into their projects. But then it's too late. Once they got you into THEIR MACHINE you won't be able to escape. It you quit a project halfway through because it is just not do-able, regardless of how many hours and nightshifts you put into it, they will simply not pay you at all for refusing to work. Or they will reduce your invoice to such a small amount based on what you have delivered that your nightshifts will be unaccounted for.

No matter how hard you try and how well you think you have prepared yourself for the battle with the agencies - it will be YOU WHO takes the bullets from them. Courts, judiciary will always protect an outsourcer, employer as they, the state and people in control, benefit financially from this system. If you allow yourself to be sucked into their machine no judge will get your money back or reprimand or punish an outsourcer or agency boss. This is a fact. The state and the judiciary will not stand in for you, the victim, as they argued that you have either not taken enough care to protect yourself of that you are a beneficiary of the system or that that is the way it is.
Our family has lost a substantial amount of money in court rulings where we were helping others, smaller businesses, also financially, and money lost will not be recovered by any judge.

So, you cannot trust the court as they will not save you or rescue you when you are in a dilemma. Victims of scams or crime will never be helped. Therefore, take twenty minutes to sit down and know exactly what you allow a boss or agency owner to do to you. What you accept from them and on what terms. Is the pay ok for you personally, does it cover the nightshifts and hours you invest? Try to calculate and don't let them rule over you. You will not get any more money afterwards as they stick to the price you first gave them.

See also my notes on "The geeks that killed translation" with impossible upfront and stipulated entering prices in databases that won't be negotiated over later on.

Yes, you are officially entitled to call me a smart a$$ who knows everything better and who constantly critizises but I don't see any way anymore of how you can earn money in translation AND be paid on time AND be paid fairly AND not be burdened with nightshifts they don'T pay. I simply have run out of ideas of how you can legally make money with good and honest work. The American dream is over, I've woken up. Neither with working many long hours, nor with working hard, nor with working two jobs on the side to keep your work as a translator up and floating do I see a chance to survive.

It is just not possible to earn money anymore. As is the case in a lot of other creative professions, be it music, writing, painting, performing arts, whatever.

They just take all security away from you and let you die. They grab all the money you have wasted your best years for and they are being acquitted in court from any wrongdoing.

I can just give one advice: Don't go into translation, it will destroy your days and leaves you bitter for the rest of your life. You will leave this profession as a bitter and broken person.

Apostroph AG, Switzerland
in all Swiss capitals Luzern, Lausanne, Bern, Zürich
Swiss agency will block all my emails I tried every and all efforts to reach out to them and yet the reward is to be blacklisted across their whole agency. They think they can draft medical and pharmaceutical translators based on word prices. I tried to explain to them that first, doctors and pharma researchers are paid way too well to even consider wrecking their nerves in nightshifts for their measly pay per word prices and second, that doctors have much more responsibility with taking care of people to treat and that eats up all their time. I don't know any doctor or pharma person, any researcher or scientist who would be willing to waste their time for an agency and not be allowed to see the projects they are supposed to work on first. In what world is this Swiss agency living? They claim to be the leading Swiss agency in the business for over twenty years yet they demand things from applicants nobody would ever do when they've been in the business already for two decades. Or do they think there are droves of unemployed doctors, researchers and scientists and they can just throw their fishing net out to get them? So many things are contradictory and just don't fit together in the grander scheme. When I went freelance fulltime in 2004 I ploughed through all resources, networks and the internet and I have not come across them. Yet, with their long-standing visibility of twenty years in the business and four branch offices I doubt I'd have missed out on coming across them. For me, this doesn't make any sense. They method of drafting translators is the same that a new player on the market would go about it. I don't trust them.
translation agency Calitema Lisbon,
both contacts from agency block my email server What is especially striking in this case is that they block very specifically my server's IP address. So they target me very sharply. Needless to say, I never worked for them before, never handed off a project, so they cannot be dissatisfied. Another fact that makes me firmly believe that the agencies are swapping my email address or IP address and have them blacklisted. I called them and the lady on the phone told me she wouldn't know of any block against me. This is the first time a freelancer told her that this happened. So, logically, if the woman is free of guilt there must be the evil boss or a system admin who blackisted me. Who is the perpetrator? Needless to say that I did not send any viruses to them. As seen from above, I am the one who gets this shit but I don't send shit around, I just delete the viruses sent to me. Why is this agency in Portugal not so much sunny friendly towards me anymore?
A dubious intermediary drafting medical personnel
according to their telephone number Ohio, but no physical business address is given on their website
my email is blocked for no reason when I try to apply This is strange. This Nichol as named in the posting actually does exist when you call that number. I only get the answering machine to talk to, though. I called up the airbase directly and they explained to me that they have several staffing and recruitment departments on site each responsible for a certain squadron, unit or department etc. but do not know about this Sterling Medical Corp in Ohio. They (Spangdahlem recruiters) assume that this Sterling Corp in Ohio has been rewared a contract to draft external contractors to work for the US air base or is trying to do that in someone's name. How can I check whether or not this Sterling Medical Corp is genuine or whether this is just another database trap with no real employment? What makes matters worse is the fact that only in a last ressort they would outsource such jobs to civilians like me. The air base recruiter explained to me that first they try to fill that vacancy internally with their own personnel who is already employed there. If drafted from outside they will do a complete background check on you, checking your criminal records, whether you are indebted, your affiliations to political parties and whether you, as a non US national, are pro or anti American.

Since you would be working directly for a key branch of the US state they will have no chance of scrutinizing you and your background as the selection process is so tough and stringent. The HR recruiter also mentioned that there are NATO recruitment procedures which have to be met and followed. This is all the reality which you do not get from this dubious posting by the Sterling Medical Corp. I have a bad feeling already that they don't know what the application process entails and have no idea of what the job demands there on the air base. To me it is just another trap set up by them in Ohio to lure linguists. Since they would not let me talk to them personally but only give me their answering machine to talk to I cannot have them clarify the situation. Translators, beware of this Sterling Corp, allegedly in Ohio with unidentified business address. Look at their website and you know what I mean. It all looks like a database agency collecting data and they have no clue what this is all about. This is not how you would go about to draft staff for such highly sensitive workplaces as in medical departments for a US military installation!!! By law, they would not be able to do that in such a fashion. Just one more bad feeling in my stomach that there must be something wrong in Ohio.
Another agency in Portugal using the same blocklist as Portuguese agency above in the list

same block list as other agency in Portugal above This is obviously a pattern. Both agencies in Portugal use a sort of "" anti spam service where I am blacklisted and denounced as being a sender of viruses and/or spam. What can I say.

They blocked me nationwide in Portugal it seems. Once a certain agency puts me on a blacklist it seems that this list is being used or shared by all other agencies in Portugal. On their website they claim to be subscribing to Business Veritas, EUATC and national good business practices organizations yet listing me on a blacklist is anything but good business behaviour. Should I paint my face black with soot to qualify as a negro slave from the old days so them Portuguese can enslave me and sell me to a cotton farmer in Georgia again?

What is going on in Portugal? Why do they label me the bad German who gets blacklisted? (I am not of colour by the way...)
The Translation Partnership is a trading name of Keytext Translation Services Ltd.
with scam letterbox addess in Islington, London
also there is an Indian-owned agency named "KL Translation LTD" at Kemp House, same scam
Kemp House 160 in Islington is a well-known letterbox address to the council Never have I worked for Mister David Howard, neither for his formerly registered "DAVID JAMES HOWARD LIMITED" which he had registered from Jan 2014 to Aug 2015, nor for his The Translation Partnership is a trading name of Keytext Translation Services Ltd. Never ever heard of this person. Yet, when I respond to his most recent posting I get another blacklist response. When I call companieshouse to enquire whether this is a registered genuine business they tell me the company is indeed registered as a private limited company (which you pay one pound for to get registerd) but that it is at the moment a "dormant business". Why is Mister David James Howard looking for translators and throws a bait out in the open market when he most likely resides in Winchester, down south Hampshire? With a 'virtual office' registered at an address well known for dodgy scam businesses? So, he has already three 1 pound businesses registered. What is he up to? According to the manaagement company you can actually rent virtual office spaces, meeting rooms on an hourly basis but no office cubicles. why would somebody do that? To conceal their privacy? Or are they bad guys, throwing out a bait for someone to be lured into a trap? Virtual offices and mailbox services, we had that above before in Houston, TX. It is the same business modell. If you were a young woman being chatted up by a stranger in a bar, you would not trust him to follow into his apartment, would you? How can I trust a stranger who has a mailbox address rented in a prestigious London area where a hospital is nearby? it all looks clean and trustworthy but would you travel to a business meeting to Kemp House, when you KNOW that this is just a letterbox address? The big stink is beginning to come up again in the big smoke! This all stinks!

As this is a well-known and prominent address others use it as well like KL translations LTd., a privately owned British limited, founded in London with one pound capital, so basically a cheap cheapo company, trying to be big online. They get first-rate rankings if you look for this name online so it makes me think who makes such a small business, run by a Indian guy born in 1988 so big? They marketing online in the search findings is so outstanding, number 1, the greatest, the finest, the best bla bla. They keep advertising postings on proz under a allegedly females British name Juliet Kibs. Whenever I call them Miss Juliet Kibs is never available, not in the office, just in a meeting, out with a client, bla bla bla. I always and solely get to talk to an Indian guy. I strongly believe that this Miss Juliet Kibs is a ghost that they advertise projects online by using fake identities just to make it appear that this company is employing white British females whereas in fact I never get the chance to talk to Miss Kibs. This strategy of using allegedly white British female names for postings online is being used by other foreign agencies when they try to lure translators into their database trap. This is not the only foreign-owned agency, I've had this same scam with other Indian businesses. I specifically request to talk to this female, white British sounding employee and I never get to talk to her. I think this is a sting, a scam, schemers. Indian prince acting big in London. Kemp House is noting and in the official trade registry there is a different business address for correspondence given. When I ask the Indian guy at Kemp House, he would deny the registered address and only validates Kemp House (so, the bad address) as the sole business. This is a fucking scam. Now, what I've learnt recently is that Islington, that London borough is a massive Labour stronghold, a place in London or Britain where the political party Labour (what was formerly the "workers' party) is dominant. There you go Britain, leftist Labour pays or subsidizes such scams, this is also what you get, no projects, no work but only a smoke and mirror scam and fraud by most likely Labour or left paid sources, left political figures or influencing groups. Of course they have no jobs, they just set this scam up to lure well-educated translators from what they deem is the "upper class" into their scam. Research it yourself Islington, Labour and who they get money from in this London borough. They are paying anti-social punks setting up scams. The address is actually listed on the City's blacklist of fraudulent businesses, so London authorities know of the problem and still don't shut this off. So, is London, the authorities, are they protecting such fraudsters when they know that there are fraudsters at this address, constantly changing business names and differnt people there? Is London authority furthering the fraud and scam? Never go to London there won't be any good things awaiting for you! This is so out of order, so ridiculous the more you think about it. Who does profit and benefit from protecting those scammers at this address? An influencing group, a political party, London tax authorities and the inland revenue, realtors who rent this address out? I gotta stop thinking it makes me throw up... Don't go to England , don't go to London!!!!! Kemp House is well-known by Islington municipality and administration to act as an address for letterbox companies and fake identities. So the London local municipality knows about this problem but is helpless to provide protection as they are not allowed to get involved in all things business. It is in their interest that offices in Kemp House are being rented and it seems that it attracts business. Making London the business hub after the Brexit. O come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before these new kings in this new centre of Western business metropolis London. Because when Brexit happens there will be nothing left there than a letterbox with no business. But at least they succeeded to lure investores, translators, companies and students into London making us believe there is your fortune to be found. What a scam!
sometimes HQ in Hong Kong, then Malaysia, now Taiwan...
Taipei, Taiwan
E-Mail If you look on proz and on t'cafe and compare with their registration details,
and on their official website, you get various business address. Is it a sort of a caravan business, like travelling traders? You find new names like co-owner Stefan Hahn but after having checked in the Hong Kong and Taiwan business registers you can neither find a business by that name or their name registered. By asking them to provide official registration certificates which the local tax office wants for anti-money laundering, tax evasion reasons I am blacklisted by Hans Breuer. But why? Even I, a small translator who is not a trader, must fully proof to the tax office my income to show them what I do is legit and a clean business. o these guys think the world is theirs as solely for being in Taiwan they do not have to fulfill and comply with basic business partnership data exchange? What are they up do? Is Stefan Hahn going to write his Ph.D. after re-migrating or are they selling their business, a highly illegitimate business to someone? What are they doing by stating all these varying business addresses? Are they travelling around? Who do they get the money from? From their universities, do they pay them their travels? Am I paying for it if I work for them? Why do they blacklist me when I ask basic questions which I must to prove to the local tax clerks that I am not doing illegal stuff? This is so highly dubious. How can you trust these guys who are acting like kings outside of mainland Europe or German jurisdiction? Do they think they stand above the law and can do as they wish? Maybe is it all soooo easy in Taiwan and Hong Kong?
Vilnius, Lithuania
up there in the North, just next to Russia

If you browse the web, look in t'cafe and proz listings they claim to be HQed in Vilnius, Lithuania
but when visiting their website the domain endung .eu changes to .se a Swedish domain. And then on their website there is no mentioning about Lithuania, all of a sudden they are HQed in Stockholm. I tried to ring them several times at various times during the day but there is never someone answering the phone. The email contact is also invalid.Who is behind this scam? Do they get subsidies from Brussels in order to open offices in Vilnius and Stockholm and to post fake project postings on proz just to let me believe there is work to be had whereas in fact there is none? Another database collection company? ow that Cambridge Analytica is bankrupt who are they selling or giving my data to? I seriously raise grave concerns about the legality of what they do, same trick as above, they act outside of Lithuanian jurisdiction and cannot be prosecuted or asked about their way of doing shady business. Never ever have I got an answer from them, let alone a test project or any paid jobs. A scam skimming data off from applicants trying to get information from their résumés of where there are real projects out there in order for them to save on doing marketing themselves. Poaching clients by undercutting rates, information from the CVs of applicants. I've seen that a lot in the past ten years.
Rome, Italy

No physical business address, not on their website, nor when asked them to provide me with theirs. When you call actually the Solaika company, they give you a mobile number which is not answered and all efforts to talk to the Via Durate 63 contact fails. They just hang up. Just an online data collector. For legal and tax reasons my local IRS would not accept invoices without the business partner's business address. Just pushing a bit of paypal money around and me getting into trouble with the tax office? Not worth it - they don't want to co-operate. Just not trustworthy. Causing trouble from day one. Yeah, just go and strike your luck in the online world, you are allowed to do everything with the rescue money from Brussels. How much else do they want without playing by the rules? This is so bad. I do not trust them in Rome.
New York Listen and Learn
with HQ also in Canada

Very likely a letterbox scam. Nobody is taking calls. When I forwareded questions about the courses, what topics to cover, what is being expected from me to achive client satisfaction, I get blacklisted. I ask what background and linguistic expertise I can expect or whether I can assess the pupils in a short test to know how the group is. When I enquire what exactly should be achieved, what the actual achievements should be (communicating, grammer, business courses etc.) I am being denied any answers even before entering into any fee negotations. They expect you to swallor or die, they give orders what they want and pay about twenty dollars with no time paid for preparing the courses. A highly efficient rip off. I told them. They blacklisted me.

Their professional website with ISO 9001 and whatever business credentials adds fuel to the fire that straight from step one this is nothing else than a rip off. Or maybe to give playground to rich kids who can entertain a class and not get paid. If you think about paying a freelance trainer /trainer 20 dollars for a lesson you see why they react to sensitively when I told them how ridicilous this is and that they cannot take the lion's share of the profit and only pay me peanuts for investing all my time.

I stick to my words: A rip off.
UK UK job centres, as governed by the British department for work and pension

This feeling of actively being taken control off you by the state and making your efforts worthless. This time they marred my efforts to offer them real projects, real work, offering them projects here from me to show them kids what will hit them, to offer them to participate in a tender and effort to attract more projects and explaining to them at the same time that I am not a staffing agency. I put this out there and both of my postings in the UK-wide online jobcentre database were deleted just a few days after I sent them in. Activation of my account as they claim on the website to be their procedure has not been done in a month's time, they just delete the posting.

You cannot escape the fact that upcoming Brexit in March 2019 (update: Brexit turmoil and hung parliament points towards them not letting non-UK businesses trade and establish business within the UK system) has something to do with it. If you have the nerve still to listen to discussions you find that youngsters as professionals are still divided and do not agree at all. The big divide will hit them. So, my efforts to help expats currently working as translators in the UK to be able to continue to work on translation projects (real projects, not collecting prices for nonexistant work just as everbody else does) is being undermined by the UK state job centre administration. Now, I find some answers to my question as to why I was not able to find a job when I was on the dole in 2004 in the UK and went to the job centre for six months, browsing for translators' jobs, positions, inhouse jobs etc. as there was none.

I have now found an answer as to why I was not allowed to work as a translator through the state job centre in 2004 until I bleed to death financially. I could not get a job. It now strikes me as a deep and painful insult to see my postings, offering real projects, real translation work, is killed by the UK job centre. 14 years after I've been looking for jobs myself in the UK, while still having lived there, and have not found any, I now have proof and evidence that the UK state job centre administration is actively killing postings or REAL translation projects and work to avoid working migrants (expats having come to the UK to work in translation) find work, a source of income or any other way to get into the UK system again once they have been made redundant or left a company at their own will.
I call this intentional damaging my business by the UK state system, not only actively inhibiting my efforts to build teams and attract jobs and projects based on REAL projects I have been working on already (so I checked that there is a real source of real paid work there) but more like governmentally ordered and imposed sanction on the whole profession of translation.
The British state has declared war on my existance as a translator and actively inhibits and destroys my efforts to build a business BASED ON REAL PROJECTS that I am offering. They actively kill my business and source of income now that I've made such efforts for two full decades to have come to the point of offering real projects from real clients from the real work, real requests and real translation work I have been working on before.

How much more insulting could it get from these British?

It is a xenophobic thing, they still hate us Germans (listen to the current Brexit discussions, listen to old folks), they still blame the next generations for that war, they still fear of being taken control taken away by immigration and they do include working migrants like me who works in a more professional job. I am working in a line of business which no Brit can do (translation), I am not trading with word prices (not interfering with Britain's trade) and yet, still, I am put in the same drawer as every other immigrant, illegal immigrant coming to the UK.
I would have never believed someone telling me how deeply rooted this hatred, rejection of us Germans is still prevalent in British society today. Even if I now offer them real value, real work, real projects, a real prospect of how it can go on, they are still rejecting us.
So much for Anglo-British - German business partnerships, relations and diplomacy. So much for how our neigbours treat you.

My biggest mistake was to trust them Brits. And every step I make trying to make something better, give solutions, explain, offer real prospects and work, the more good things they get from me here in Germany, the more hostile, repellent and nay-saying they get.

They acively kill foreign businesses like mine, trying to offer them something good, for reason of ever growing isolationism, shutting borders off, also controlling and restricting online borders as in not allowing business to grow online (as seen in my case).
It can all be traced back to their current government's decision to close borders, take back control over immigration, expelling foreigners. they won't give a shit whether or not you are good in what you do or not as they will only trade with your manhours and your word prices. Brits do not work, they want still to rule over their Britannia and their old Empire and trade trade trade trade trade with word prices.
It is their idea of clinging to old and vanished times of Britannia ruling the waves and being in control over their biggest Empire with all colonies that kills the new generation. It is the old folks killing the young. For the sake of British trade, for British interests, for 'Britain First', for Britain.
So disappointing, so saddening, so disgraceful, just so out of order.
At least, I got an answer now why it did not work out back in 2004 when I did not find any job again. What is happening now, them in the job centres deleting real translation work, most likely was also being done back then. I can't shake off that feeling that behind the scenes on top levels it has already been decided that they wouldn't allow anyone new into their country, system, business structures that has been in the making looooong before Brexit was made a topic for people to decide on. My experiences hark back to 2004, well over a decade before Brexit, leaving the EU etc. was even voiced among people in private. As if the Brexit has already been decided long before it has been put on a ballot box and the govn't's actions have already been "Exit out of Europe" just as the outcome of the vote on Brexit was much later on. The people voted to leave and all mechanisms have been put in place long before. Remember: That goes back to a decade ago, it has all been well prepared at highest levels of the govt. Now that the people only by a tiny minority have decided to leave the British govt sees their mechanisms to have been legit, right and useful to push further isolation on. It's all been in the making, don't be fooled that it was the peoples' voice or choice! And the outcome as we have seen was absolutely NOT clear-cut. It was more undecided, only a small number technically won. But not the peoples' decisions won. In my view the 50/50 result shows that most want to stay in and the British govt is forcing them together with the EU plutocrats in Brussels to go on cutting all ties from the old world and venture on to conquer new colonies. Damn, there are no new colonies to conquer, they've had it all back in Victorian times. Nothing to conquer anymore. What does the British govt then attempt to achieve?

They do lure you into their country,
they will rip you off and exploit you,
they will make your parents transfer huge money for their abhorent rents and costs of living,
they will drain you until you have no money left,
they will make you a punk,
they will then chase you off and make you leave the UK and return where you came from,
broken, poor, with the insight that you have trusted the wrong people.

They will take revenge on you being a German and on your parents for the war. They will take revenge on Germany.

Do not trust the Brits.
This behaviour and rejection, although I can prove I can give work to UK-based expats or British professionals alike, although there is something I can give to them they shut me out, won't let my business in, won't let me the German in again. You can clearly see where the Brexit will lead to: to more isolating their country and business and trade from others, to more control over who they want to trade with, over more control over who to lure onto their island and suck out (as they did). It is the old and ingrained imperialistic, better. 'Empireialistic' mindset of the British, that once wealthy and mighty power at sea, that splendid isolation. Even now, more than a decade ago, they are still hating me, the German from Germany, the white translator. Remember how their royalty can be traced back to Saxon Coburg and to the House of Hanover. There are so many ties with Germany and their Germanic ancestry and still UK politics and officials at top levels in the department of work and pension decide that ties with their German neighbours are cut off. Brexit will only raise tensions, will only lead to them digging themselves in the trenches deeper, will have an effect on trade. As if they actively want to shut themselves off from influences, ideas, proposals, suggestions (all that comes through trade, exchange and interaction with others) in order to control their island to the maximum possible extent. Post-Brexit discussion will be about how to establish control in trade and how to make "Britain great again" as this seems to be the catchphrase since it's been voiced in the U.S. Don't go to the UK and don't submit yourself to the British system, to British society if you have a plan B ready and money for your return ticket saved and stashed away. I cannot stress enough how much you will need that return ticket. If you decide to be together with an English gal, probably even marry her, be warned that you submit yourself to another system. You will always be the German, they will always rule over you regardless how hard you try. If you criticize they will soon let you feel how unwanted and unwelcomed you are despite having said yes to one of their girls. When you or your parents are well off be warned as the British system will suck money to their island. It is engrained in their system, the way they lure people and their money into their system and on their pirate island. I had to pay in one thousand pound sterling when I was opening a bank account from scratch with Barclays; as a deposit, as collaterals. That was almost two decades ago. I assume with Brexit that situation has only gotten worse. When I call German businesses in the UK, branch offices of medium-sized businesses and corporates, I get to hear it is 'company's policy to not let you get through to employees'. Even when explaining why I'm calling, that I'm calling from Germany trying to reach out to German businesses in the UK with with German leadership they won't let me speak or submit my applications (both for freelance translating AND for applying to inhouse positions).

Apart from all other topics that do affect translating in such crazy times in which we live, state-controlled decisions of who you ought to work for, proven state intervention in translation with strict orders from ministries and higher administrative levels that forbid you to translate for certain areas, people or businesses (only digitization should be supported, they want you to push toward that direction, to become an online digital nerd), immigration and translators' unintentional involvement with sometimes saddening insights you get through that work, there are forces at work in state and government that drive you out of your own country as them in power understand that when you start to look through their lies you become a nuisance and a pest. In Germany, October 2019, government is advocating going global that you ought to globalize your way of thinking, go across borders, establish ties with others, seek opportunities abroad. I've done that basically for the better part of the last two decades and see what it all brought about. I now know that them in power want to drive you away, they want to drive you out of your country as they cannot do anything for you, their sole interest is in further strengthening their own power, influence, getting more tax money, moving up in their own career. I pretty much had a culture shock and distrust a lot of elderly people, older CEOs, politicans when I was starting to go freelance full-time, paying all my bills, health cover, pension etc. When I really had to look into how I survive without blaring yes to all what THEY said. I found, after two decades, to be only very little true of promises past governments made, that the situation for me personally got extremely worse over two decades, that pension is nonexistant and I will end up as a poor pensioner, that local politicans are corrupt, that bribes are being paid and money is given to people to silence them or pay them off to act as muppets for certain political aims that are being dictated from above. In politics, to my understanding, you have extreme peer pressure and politicans together with business people, trade, and employers have huge influence and impact on how your personal life will get: there are employers who are close to conservative or even the right, or to the far right and as a translator, somebody who works occasionally for foreigners, for foreign businesses, you are anti-German, anti-local business. I have gotten some insights of how decisions inside of companies do affect the labour market, of who they employ and who they reject. I say it bluntly: If you are a foreigner coming to Europe, not only Germany, even if you are married to a German woman, don't expect to be employed by a German employer. Marriage does not automatically give you an advantage over not being married to a German. And this is where see so much similarity to my stay in and leaving the UK again: I should be damned if I was not right in assuming that even if I had gotten together with a British girl I would still not have stood the chance of getting employed in the UK. I would have become an unemployed German in the UK getting benefits. The black sheep German lazybone, unemployed, living on benefits, that marrs our good English family's name. What a shame to have such a German in our family! Marriage does not help you in an authoritarian Empireialistic society where the rich only get richer through trade by sucking others out, where the mighty and powerful are those with money, where money is far more the access all areas pass that enables you to do things, where class difference, class war and unequality is much deeper and more visible. It is getting worse in Germany, too, but is has always been worse in England before and won't get better. Brexit will see the middle class in England die out and the rich will pay for more police and military, more surveillance because the rich know their riches have been amassed by destroying the middle class and exploiting the workers. You cannot change a country's ingrained mindset and state teachings that were formed and dictated by colonization, by overpowering other nations, by strictly controlling trade and sucking others out. You cannot reverse history and the teachings. There are a lot of people who are bound to lose it all with Brexit and it won't the rich.

And even if you offer real work throgh the state job centres, even if you are reaching out to them, even if you bring something positive to them, they shut the door with their well-known stiff upper lip 'we don't need anyone' attitude. Whatever you wanted from the Brits, goods, a holiday, visiting places, buying stuff, doing business etc. do it now as it won't be easy after Brexit.

I have personally written off the UK on my balance sheets are there is nothing coming from them and they cut off all ties and trade with me here. I would most certainly only heavily indebt myself, financially, emotionally, and over-investing time with no payout or dividend. I see investing in the UK as one of my bigger losses I have done. German families that have kids over there working do not help either. Be warned: this isolating behaviour has spread, Germans are starting to isolate themselves also, not only from Brits but from other Germans doing business with the UK. A kind of national identity crisis, Germans want to be German with no foreign ties, Brits want to stay Brits (thank god!) with to ties to or having Germans in their families or in their businesses. Remember that before you apply for a job in London! Before you found a business or have one registered with their commercial trade register. Before you embark on trading with them.

Just remember that the often quoted British politeness is something only written in books by appeasing writers, it very often does not reflect reality. And just accept it: They will never trust a German because, you know, because of that war. A faint shroud of doubt will let them slam doors in your face. It has to do with that war. Regardless of how hard you Germans try, they will never trust you Germans. The old warmongers have screwed it all up and now, eighty years later, we, the young, the next generation have still got that cross to bear and there is nothing we youngsters can do. The elderly have screwed up just too much. And they do not allow us to talk. Money, power, might, it is all concentrated with the elderly, they control you and your life. Ultimately, there are still Nazi Germans somewhere at work and there are still British Churchills in bunkers somewhere chanting and rant in unison that old speech by Churchill "we will defend our island whatever the cost may be.....". They have never trusted Germans, they will never and Brexit will wreak havoc for future ties. It will boil down to money matters only, that only money will open doors in the UK after Brexit. The rich will get richer. The middle class will vanish. Tensions will rise. Already now the UK is close to civil war and class war. Mark my words.

I have tried, of course, several times to bring this matter to the attention of some other official body as maybe the job centres are responsible to other regulatory bodies but, look, also with other official governmental bodies I am blocked and blacklisted by Mimecast. Mimecast as you know specializes on Microsoft office suites and has just not so long ago opened a new HQ in London. So, the UK government has blacklisted me, me personally and my email address that I use for business purposes and for nothing else, especially not for any political stuff as I am far far away from anything political is being blocked now. I cannot raise complaints or ask them to look into the matter.

Therefore, as two official instances, the job centres and the UK gov treasury, blacklist and block me and do not let me write to them, do not let me try to build something up. Complete utter and final refusal. For that matter I guess I have now been marked, framed and stamped to be a PERSONA NON GRATA TO THE UK. Bringing this strange blocking to the attention of mimecast results in my email being blocked by mimecast itself. I can't complain about others blocking me and enlisting me on the mimecast blacklist by writing to mimecast as mimecast blocks my email also. Telephoning them yielded nothing; they said I ought to contact those companies or bodies who reported me to mimecast and had me blocked in the first place. Guess what: Nobody responds as to why they blocked and reported me. Stonewalling.

persona non grata to the UK

Although I am in no way affiliated with or working for diplomatic services, politicans or governmental serivces I've been "awarded" that status that stems from the world of diplomatic services. States have long been issuing persona non grata statuses to refuse individuals to come to their countries (as they deem them extreme right-wing, left wing, troublemakers, radicalizers or have other opinions about them to forbid them entry). If I would have ever wanted something from the UK and cannot get anymore now is the time to think about what I am missing out on. No need to enlist me on the UK's credit points system I am not starting from the very bottom again and again after they sucked me out, gave me the sack, put me on social benefits and now want complete control over me again to maybe allow me to spend my 20 quid pension in the UK being a poor pensioner when I am growing old. No thanks, UK, if I think hard about it, there is really nothing I want from you superwealthy superpower commonwealth any longer. Just too many negative personal experiences. You must educate your own people yourselves after your upcoming no-deal is better than a bad deal hard WTO Brexit.
Lakewood, Tacoma area, Washington just south of Lakewood, WA
first response to offered USA jobs - greylisted and blocked. This has become somewhat boring. When I called them neither pm nor md would confirm any blocking. Maybe their system admin did it without their consent?
megalopolis Sao Paulo Sao Paulo
email from managing director making a clear statement. When I try to offer projects myself for them to work on, to translate or to manage, when I am asking them to help me I get that response. They want to steal my time, enslave me for only THEIR benefits and profits but not accepting projects from me, not making any efforts to collaborate on real projects. I must be mad to even respond to their emails ("hi team" - I 've never been on any team with them before, have never worked for them before; they try to befriend me and see whether and how far I jump to get the stick they're trying to make me catch) Any psychiatrist would probably advise me to watch my health better and would warn me not to allow strangers to rule over me to make me a patient for a mental asylum. That managing director's ruling is a threat.
Eastern block boss trying to punish hard from out in Pennsylvania current location: Pennsylvania (but really it is the mentality from behind the Iron Curtain)
last warning from managing director/boss Just another day of translation madness where Russian expats in Pennsylvania want to rule the world, possibly trying to spread Communism and expanding Eastern block hard ruling. If you look at the date when the initial project email was sent, compare it with the due date 15th May as a delivery handoff date and you calculate 300,000 (three hundred thousand) words of MMO texts (basically a Game of Thrones-like script, most likely from some South Korean or Japanese or similar online gaming programming houses that turn kids to gaming addicts and call it "sports") then how much does that amount to as a wordcount to work on?

You can strike all weekends and calculate it as a Chinese slave camp and time would still not suffice. Without weekends (because Mister dsoff does dot pay weekends nor do any other agencies) you get 15 working days with project start on the 25th. Three hundred thousand words in 15 days to be reviewed gives you 20,000 (twenty thousand) words per day. You can split it up among as many reviewers if you find enough people stupid enough to jump at this who take such a suicidal project on where one thing is guaranteed: inconsistencies will lead to the end client rejecting the hacked up texts as it will vary in style. I was in that situation before many times: being part of a "team" where the blame of mistakes made by others, by freelancers, by old material in the translation memories or with clients is laid upon you. With such impossible to meet deadlines, no reviewer is reading any style guide, inconsistencies will occur, the final quality checker with the end client sees that, rejects the bad quality and will not pay the full invoice. logrus will then kick the can down the road and subtract someone's invoice. And why? Because logrus tries to blackmail me first. I did explain the situation to them, detailled why this project will blow up and their boss responded with giving a few last warnings. We all do hope that he is not in charge of the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania pushing the wrong buttoms to let another Chernobyl or Fukushima event happen. They do not like reality being explained to them.

I cannot, shall not, must not abide by wrong orders endangering my own life.

I get a lot of flaming, rejection and hatred but never has anyone threatened me and gave me a last warning multiple times. If you analyzed the project it was, much to the contrary to what the pm Eugenia alleged to be good quality, complete nonsense, not prepared well, with the text to be reviewed overloaded with and hacked up by software placeholders, variables and source code fragments, making it impossible to review it. Twenty thousand words with source code inside it to review - and it is me who is reprimanded and warned. I told all this to logrus, took the time and prepared an outline of how to do it right, told them what I needed from them and from their end clients to do it right and proposed a realistic project timeline. Last warnings is what I get. They were not drunk with vodka, they really mean that- when you call their hq in Pennsylvania, I doubt that it is actually a valid telephone number as you have people scream at the other end of the line at each others, it is more ike you call in a psychiatric ward. We can only pray that this fanatic does not push any wrong buttons, buys rifles for his kids or is engaging in any bloodsports. Speaking out a last warning paired with blackmailing me by some Eastern block fanatic in another jurisdiction gives me the chills!

The fact that someone acting as a middleman, making it less secure, not doing it properly and realistically and then giving me last warnings when I put forward a counter-proposal, detailling what is wrong, why it won't work together with explaining to them what I need to do it right, what they first have to ask their clients to provide top me so I can deliver the quality that they pay me for, responding with last warnings to my explaining to him why he makes it impossible for me to work for him is a direct confimation to all other reprimands and punishments by exclusions, email blockings, barring access, internet traffic blocks and blacklisting as seen it above cases with other brownnosers who are in for laurels, a fast dirty dollar and contacts to clients. I wonder why this evil ultra left with access to ultra right blocking and restriction technologies is punishing me, the experienced translator who has barely survived a lot of such impossible suicidal projects in endless unpaid nightshifts and who warns, is constantly minding and urging not to let a problem grow beyond the point of it not being contollable. They want to let a bubble grow by exploiting me and then see me take the fall as they do not want to do it right. What I am doing is to protect my business and my personal man hours from militaristic-minded control freaks who want to give orders to me that I ought to sacrifice my time for their sole profit, accreditations, medals, honors, benefits or rise to power, brown nosers who want to shine in front of their clients with not having a clue. They just want to push rubbish and ill-prepared projects through the internet to brownnose up their clients middle managers without getting back to clients asking and urging them to provide what I need to do the job. They only want to exert pressure down to me here at the bottom, gagging, blackmailing me and stealing my time and life. If you look closely you notice Mister Gladkoff's nose has been broken, bears the typical boxer's nose shape, broad and flat that typical shape a nose will be formed to after it has been broken by a fist having hit and broken it (the picture was taken from publicly availabe sites where they advertise their business, this is their own marketing footage). He had his nose broken before, most likely in a fistfight or combat. What is his last warning then? Should I be worried about my own life of about a girl since Russia softened their laws on domestic abuse?

Their HQ based in the Czech Republic is registered in the official Czech business registry but there is no office there. That whole building is being converted into a hotel and all offices rented out there have been vacated. If you ask around and contact other companies there no soul knows this guy or a company dealing or trading with computer games, translations or languages. Nobody there, in that building or nearby has ever heard of Mister Gladkoff and his translation/language /games business at this address. The address in the USA registered in the business registry conflicts with yet another address in the US. They might have moved locations several times and fled their offices but nothing fits together.

What's most worrying above all this, after 20 years of working digitally, our own government with its own minister in the "digitalization ministry" seriosly keep the wholw online and digitalization forward although I am clearly showing where all this will lead. Ever dared to critizise them at top for decisions that only little people like me then have to suffer from? They will always see you as hostile towards state, land, country if you tell the truth. So, after two decades with having fought for freedom to speak and write I only ended up as critizising them, based upon facts and evidence having invested all I had worked ridiculous hours nobody paid. All this sacrifice to see it will all go down the drain and that them only use their decisions to control society, shielding and fendinmg all off who question their decisions. If you stay true and refuse to repeat theit lies they try to brainwash youi with you will always come to the same conclusion as me. Just a means to occupy people with tasks that do not nourish or pay your life, let alone your daughter's. It's a fixed game, they always let you lose and incise hatred, problems, conflicts. It is them making you to fight and not let you build a life. See above point about smartcat and their affiliations between logrus and smartcat. This is hardcore Russian online virus terrorism against me, a tiny lonely translator rejecting their bullshit and impossible demands that are nothing but tort and blackmail. The Russians will kill you if you disobey. I will never share anything, food etc. with Russians ever again. I and my family have to live in fear of getting poisoned or attacked in real life now.

"we are proud to be in the EU" Dublin, Ireland Dublin, Ireland
Vistatec, Dublin, Ireland It started out as always, test pieces, forms to fill in. Test translations. As going to Ireland and working there for some time was actually something feasible as there was an inhouse job offer with another company I thought, why not, read a bit about this company, maybe that is a next employer. what I found by looking through US American trade and tax registers let my blood freeze. The bosses and managing directors, the higher brass, buy, rent, sell property in the US with alleged place of business, vacating the property after only 6 months, a year or so. If you take the time and follow Vistatec's trail, who their CEOs and directors are and what they did by going through officially available US trade and tax registers you clearly see a pattern of them moving around in the US. Those registries are accessible free of charge you can check on me and double-check on what I found. Official IRS company registrations with low money, change of addresses etc. Is that how they justify to build up a company, opening branches and alleging to hire linguists on the market, college students, approaching end clients etc.? They get European Union subsidies for being part of the EU, get local tax cuts, help and rescue money from Dublin, from Brussels and try to whitewash and evade taxes by skimming the company's assets and bring them over to the US to buy houses and make them alleged branch offices while blocking my emails? I have repeatedly emailled and called them, asking when to expect more than just test translations, what the status of projects are and if there are any, if they have something. I get excuses, sandbag answers, non-responsiveness by project managers and manageresses but not a single page of an actually paid for translation or other language job until the point my email was blocked completely and blacklisted. I have, to this day, not received a single job, page, not one single man hour, production hour, whatever unit payable from them. They do not let me earn anything yet they claim to have projects from huge end cients. Just read on their website how huge they are.

I virtually used all valid email contacts, proven contacts from their recruitment team, careers team, people like Dolores who I was in contact with before. They block my email and now I cannot even get through to anyone in Vistatec Dublin Ireland to forward my questions to their boss Mister Kelly as to why they block me, don't let me work and earn money and why he is trying to get the company assets out of the European Union into the US and not sharing the money with me, the worker, the translator who translates and localizes his projects? I have no chance to ask him my questions, they are shielding the boss off from my questions. And why is floor space on offer and be rented out? It looks like Vistatec wants to skim off Brussels money, milk my man hours and flee the country. Since they refuse to co-operate and answer my questions I see a certain degree of maliciously gagging me and trying to evade taxes in Ireland with loaned money, with Brussels rescue funds with my hours put towards their company. Vistatec's system administrator will be held accountable for complicity in Vistatec's fraudulent business with the direct aim of letting tranlsator Michael Estel bleed out financially and die of thirst. If you help a bad and evil boss, you will not be let loose but you will share the same prison cell Mister Vistatec system administrator!
South Korean agency Someone somewhere South of Heaven in South Korea
probably copying some videos off youtube and alleging to have projects. Always ask to look at the work, mot stuff on youtube is uploaded for free. Why waste your time and not get paid by South Korea on nonsencial stuff they refuse to show? What kind of mindset have they got down there in Asia? It seems dogs are not valued much. Ah yes, they barbecue dogs, you can buy roasted dog there, can't you? No need to prepare dinner, no need to share food (roasted dogs) with me. Trying to get you in a database with clearly no proper education and lack of command of the English language. Clearly, this is someone under-educated and trados allows them to collect word prices and trade when neither translation nor being able to express oneself in proper English is a skillset they have.

Probably an Asian thing... trying to make a quick buck with stuff you don't understand as long someone does it and you make profit off that person...

We are so proud to be leaving the EU soon UK-based agency
on the island of splendid isolation

monkey island
orders are given to me that I ought to stop all communication, what's next? a curfew? So, let me get my head around this and recap:
I work for them for measly breadcrumbs, take all the risks, finance my own emmigrating and remigrating, pay the landlords, pay all myself for all that time I have been living there, then work on their projects, again, again and again for cheapo prices for fractions of a penny or cent, all only and solely leading to them making me stumm and not allowing to discuss projects, tell them that what they demand is impossible to deliver, to educate and explain, to negotiate prices, so all those years I have been exploited and made a white translation nigger only for their and their owners' and directors' profits, to send their kids to school in Yale or Harward, Cambridge or Oxford, to allow them higher rank and better paid jobs, while I get the sack and be ordered to die in silence. How can they order me to shut up and stop communicating? If I stop writing I die as I earn my money with writing translations! How much more ridiculous can it get? Of course, Karen, a monkey on monkey island is not allowed to talk or communicate. So you reject my good advise, explanations that I am offering? You kill my efforts to act as a business translation consultant? you kill all: the translator trying to work for you as a translator and all other efforts to help you on projects as a consultant. Or does your owner and CEO, managing director already know it all? Who is that mysterious Mister X who gives you orders to command me to stop communicating? I don't even see it as some sort of female against male thing as I know you have to follow orders of your male agency owner. Or is the owner female? Than we have a case of unjustified mistreatment and discrimination of a male translator. By any means, it is discriminating me. How dare you to give orders to me like that? Or do you really see me as your translation nigger, your slave, your soldier who you can give orders to? A No--Deal Brexit is what's on the way, everyone fends for him- or herself. Efforts to get jobs, projects or to make a living are being quenched right in the womb. All efforts from agencies and clients are made to stop negotiating, to share work with newcomers entering the market, and solely to harbour their profits and uphold word price monopolies to further grow, opening branch offices that they can tax deduct and build up a facade of false employment stimuli making believe there is plenty of work to go around. No-Deal Brexit despite all official news coverage. We need not even half of politicians in Brussels who advocate European single market because there is no market to be built up or to develop, it is all a fixed game! We do not need to pay all those bureaucrats in Brussels feeding reporters and the media with their ideas of building up as all construction sites have come to a standstill.
Welocalize, one of the biggest players in the industry this one answering out of their US San Francisco branch
excluded, not wanted The typical reaction to my forwarding a project /interpreting briefing so I can at least basically prepary for the assignment. They ought to know what the standards are and what clients expect from then and what is expected from me. They exclude me based on the request that I put forward to be briefed. Without having seen anything or being informed what topics are to be dealt with. A rejection because I do as I was told at uni and how I was trained - trained by this very industry, they themselves told me always to check myself, ask for a briefing, etc. BEFORE I accept a project as I AM THE ONE RESPONSIBLE for it. I do as they trained me to do right- resulting in excluding me. They undermine the very rules and training they enforced and tortured me with to do. Now that I am trying all to do it right they kill my efforts to making money by working for them! How much more nonsensical can it get? And I am not even considering any race matters by being rejected by this Chinese employee...
agency in the US just becoming the standard now, being blocked and locked out
excluded, not wanted Mister Hoopwood sits comfortably in Florida as I remember, operating his drone-like operation from a place in the sun, administrating employees in some East coast office. Surely, Americans just do not get along with Germans asking for project briefings and refusing to make him rich in Florida by being paid cents per words and fuzzy matches. Come on, Mister America, when will you learn? I will personally render your degree in economics or business administration useless and worthless if you react like this. Your degree did not include to destroy another man's life and income in order to enrich yourself and build your empire! You are barking up the wrong tree Misterr!
LIOX Lionbridge, one the the biggest, listed at the NYSE LIOX; they get money to burn, fast cash from the stock exchange to test-torture me
nonsensical sending around emails globally with no clear direction and no helping me whatsoever, only to keep themselves occupied and make the world believe in full-time employment in big stock-listed corporates This is so over the top that I couldn't believe it. If you read into what they actually do, not translation or "globalization services, but gambling in high stake risky cash-crash-and burn action hero stuff on the NYSE with holdings, company buyouts and all that on the Nasdaq listing you are close to your stomach turning upside down as you see how they destroy your little, tiny microscopic word price translation life by burning your nightshifts and lifetime, your time in a split of a second, with a mouse click when they trade on the stock exchange with your efforts and hours you put in their projects. Read slowly to understand how they play big casino royal "we burn all your money and your time" in big business world while you work for basically next to nothing. You can torture someone physically but you can also let someone know how little a person is by showing what they do with your hours and lifetime, the time you dedicated to their projects and that they burn big Mafia Chicago gangster style. Just read on. Get a bag handy in case you must vomit what you are about to learn when you look behind that whole Lionbridge we kill translators at the stock exchange in a split of a second.

Initially responding to their proz posting you see how nonsensical their actions are. Paulina who I contacted first was probably the one helping me the most and giving good advise. Later as you see, nobody has a fucking clue who is in charge, they are completely kaputt in structure, no project manager in charge, no department, no team, no PM knows what I am talking about and applying for although I applied directly to their proz link which, as I see now, leads nowhere. As seen, they are completely splittered and sending emails around (at least they call me "this guy"; that's probably the most I get from them - "this guy"). At the end of it all I get basically the same description as in the original proz posting without anybody briefing me, sending me some sample files, excerpts etc. Lionbridge, burning money from investores, loans and bank credit that is not theirs, are actively refusing me access and first assessment of the project. Again, as in above cases with welocalize, it is exactly their very own industry standard procedure they trained me to abide by - get infos first, check yourself whether or not you can handle it, confirm your acceptance AFTER YOU HAVE CHECKED THE PROJECT that each client must provide as otherwise I cannot accept. Never tell a price without having checked what a client wants - that is what they were telling me, them: the industry! Everyone plays by that rules and all of a sudden, when you're applying from outside as a self-employed person, the rules they hammered into you are not valid anymore. As a translator it is expected from me, by the standards of the industry and by the standards you stipulate, you in the agencies, you the end clients, you the universities, you with common sense, that I deliver good quality that I can deliver and reject projects that are too risky or that clients refuse to show. That is the rap that you guys were training me with! This is industry standards and common sense procedures. THAT IS WHAT YOU TOLD ME AND TRAINED ME IN. They hold against me, this "guy" wants to build up so much security, so much pre-project protection that letting him work on stuff is made impossible. Now all of a sudden you do not stand by your teachings, all of a sudden there is no project, no briefing, just evading an answer, refusing to share project info, rejection. You did not stand by your words that is what's seen now. And still you do not stand by your words. I do not trust there ever was any project, just infos about something been sent around. Why would you LIOX undermine that same teachings and procedures you agencies and end clients were first training me in beforehand? You all know that I cannot accept a project blindingly because you at LIOX are not allowed to hand down projects to people claiming to be able to do stuff. You test them based on the work I provide; I work towards projects I am laid before me. That is the deal - why do you surrender that deal? You are, by your own standards and hardcore quality procedures not allowed to act like that. And you are certainly not allowed to refuse me a briefing in such a difficult hardcore software voice regocnition project. All that you did was sending emails around to people who were not in charge, wasting time to employ your own people inhouse and keep them busy refusing to help me start working on that project. And then, after all this clogging up the internet and sending mails to Nordic countries, Ireland, to the US back and fro, the only thing I get is a repetition of the initial proz description? YOU ARE WASTING MY TIME WITH THIS behavior!! If I were to rely and trust you, entrust you with my life, lifetime, money or entrust you with my kids I would weep a thousand oceans for having to admit I trusted the wrong guys. We will never give you our money or invest in LIOX or your projects that only destroy my life and refuse me to earn money. Is this the American way of doing business? Is that what yale and harward experts teach you MBA people? I am an uneducated spoilt guy, right yeah? Not able to negotiate, word and voice my opinion, not able to talk to you elderly with respect, clean language and towards a goal? I am the rebel, eh?

Their global expansion has actually reached a level where Lionbridge in Poland is dragged before the Polish labour courts and is being sued for unfair dismissal and discriminiation of former permanent inhouse employees. You find many articles from different sources now on the internet. Strikes in front of their Warsaw offices, reports on court cases before Warsaw labor court etc. I guess superveillance, control and their money power to buy the police and buy the courts in the US scare people off to act similarly in their US HQ in Waltham, Massachusetts. As a stock-listed company they surely have the might, money and power to quench any strikes, disputes with a single phone call just so damn similar to my sending two police officers sent after me and interrogating me when I was trying to find out how to lay a lawsuit before court and the female court clerk reported me to the force claiming she felt threatened for her life over the phone. And all I did was checking out, getting information of how to file a lawsuit, what technicalities I must abide by, which forms I need to fill in and how I go about filing a lawsuit. I am not kidding: the state protects itself from lawsuits against rich companies with sending police around. They claim somebody, anybody who contests those with money, employers is an enemy of the state and an enemy to employers and an enemy to captalism. Let me tell you - I like to earn money, too. Money for delivering projects you let me work on - that very projects you refuse to share. No work, no chance of earning money. You actively prohibit me earn money by working on your projects which was the original deal. I wonder in which world you live - just playing fruit machines and pinball to see all the bang, glitz, flashes when your stock prices soar again?

I have shown how zero chance I get to get employment, projects that employers like LIOX only publish as baits and to lure people in their suppliers database that works toward their stock price, leading to more money pumped in and more investors bullshitted and me being gagged by adhesion contracts and me being exploited by fuzzy match destruction mechanisms that only make me poor and them rich for doing nothing, well, for sending nonsensical emails around. I have never got any paid project in more than 20 years I am in this job now, not at uni where I wrote to agencies, not abroad when I was in the Anglo-American economic system for years, long enough to be receiving projects, not as a permanent employee in end client's companies or agencies, not as a freelancer and self-employed individual. And twenty years ago, I was very dog-like obidient, willing to accept all work they'd offer just to get a foot in the door. But there never was any offer. Never any paid work. Tests you can do, unpaid tests, endlessly, you can spend 10 years doing tests and not be paid for it. That's basically what I did, with a lot of agencies and end clients alike. It is not only the agencies, I see this erratic behaviour also in end clients more and more, probably project managers who got the sack in a gigantig Liox-like agency get a job with an end client, a former client on the LIOX books they've been working for before. They are always feeding you with hopes of getting jobs. Or you get lies like from that Chinese guy at welocalize when I asked to get a briefing and he only lies to me that I did not pass. There was never a test or testing phase, they just refused me to a briefing. There are too many of the wrong people at too many decision making positions at too many clients or agencies for too long making too many mistakes and telling too many lies. It is so too much over the top that you all have earned a place in the next space mission to continue your life as a settler and live on Mars as here on earth you are clearly not needed anymore.

They do not share any projects. They do not let you earn. They lure you, let you fail on projects, refuse briefings and want to brainwash you into fuzzy match trados word price billings. Hardcore projects that take so much time to do right (which is your job and responsibility, deliver quality, only quality is what you are being paid for that is the deal agreed on!), projects that take hours, man hours on end plus nightshifts as they torture and (water/wordprice-)board you with tight deadlines impossible to meet if you do not add the nightshifts, moonlighting for free, unpaid nightshifts, exploitation of my personal life by unpaid moonlighting, and they only pay fuzzy matches and word prices, refuse to co-operate, refuse to project briefing, refuse to show samples, etc., they go exactly 180 degrees against the grain, against their own benchmark standards, the highest quality standards they advertise.

They are actively breaking the rule they once told me to abide by. They are undermining all quality control circles they advertise and sell to their end clients.
And their stock price is rising. And police and control state is protecting them because they make figures at the NYSE bigger but do not let small guys like me even let have a tiny life, covering my basic bills, let me live in peace, let me have a relationship or a girlfriend. I am sure my girl would file for divorce had she got wind of what my life is as nobody in their right mind would willingly buy into that rollercoaster ride ending the cab going off the rails. No girl would ever stay with an idiot or retard who willingly buys into that self-destruction mechanism because eventually someone will tell you how stupid retard you are (which people have done, they did tell me how fucking stupid I am).
I say it again: Liox is actively trying to make people like me a slave, is exploiting me, does not brief, does not comply with basic employers' duties, is undermining the labour market, is getting subsidies and government grants for allegedly putting people into employment, is not paying not even fairly but is not paying at all if you weigh up the projects and time invested and their trados fuzzy match and word prices only and solely to try to trigger any boost in the stock price. Everyone is very active, very involved, very committed, so very pro-active - that must be a good company, give them our money and projects. That is the picture they sell to clients, now you have seen the truth, reality and how it's really being scammed.
LIOX is a belligerent US American company sucking me, the translator out, wordprice-waterboarding me with impossible to meet demands, and letting me fail by sending me to the frontline where my life perishes and my existence is killed, my girl leaving me for being unable to earn, my familiy destroyed while they run away with all the money they have probably stashed in Panama already.

Why have you become so belligerent, hostile, exploitative, unfair, discriminative?

To fuck around with people, let them hang, waste time, send me on minefields and waste my life, so you can have all the profits and a rich life? Is that what it is? I ought to sacrifice mine for yours to be shine? Tell me East Coast Americans! What is the next thing you plan with me and my time and money? What do you want at the NYSE with translations? Trading in wordprices-waterboarding me? Trading with my torture? Tell me and my familiy before you dare to answer or approach us! I want to know what you do with all those man hours, all my time that I sacrifice for only your benefit, for your profit, for your stock price, for your stock traders and bankers in suits in the US giving you more money to continue to wordprice-waterboard me.
Tell me exactly what you have to offer and what I am getting back for my years you've been wasting with your tactics.
Tell me what I am getting back from you at LIOX for those years I gave to you and have made constant and persistent efforts. Tell me what I will get for allowing your brookers and traders in NY to play around at the stock exchange, bullshitting investors, bankers, government and state lenders to hand money to you while I am bleeding out financially and not get any paid projects or no work in more than 20 years.

Tell me LIOX why I ought to sacrifice my lifetime and give it to you and your NYSE traders and brookers, tell me why you want to see me poor, a beggar bum sleeping rough next to stray dogs and cats in the gutter. Tell me why you want to see people, professionals who have been long in the industry get poor for only your profit and benefits? Tell me why all these publicly available publications praise your business and your rise to money power and wealth when I do not see that you want to share any paid work with me so I can pay my bills? All these reports are openly available through many sources, I am not selling this information to get paid, I am not selling company secrets or any of your data. I am not endangering any of your national security by putting business sensitive information, my own experience and the continuum script into CONTEXT. Of what happened to me. All what you find on this website was either anonymized to such an extent that it will not harm anyone who is not cleared to see or was out in the open. I am not selling secrets. I am not Wikileaks. I am not a government or state consultant. I am not a charity test-translator you can shut my mouth with stuffing all that tests into me and let me drain financially.

Tell me why I see the exact opposite of what is being reported and analyzed in those translation industry publications? Tell me: Are you bribing people writing these reports in your favor, doctoring figures to get more money from investors, banks and state?




I've been calling basically all of those companies listed in these reports, wriring to them, applying with them. I get the same rap all the time - get listed, get registered, eventually you'll be tested, small test projects by which we assess you, if you are a good boy we will send you work when we get projects in.
I started contacting companies mainly in the US as early as 2004, long before the credit crunch banking crisis, long before current economic turmoil. I have since then not received any projects, at a time when I was in the Anglo-American economic system and just waited. Nothing happened, no contacts, no work. Then, about four years ago I started to call them again, again all of those listed in the reports, this time trying to talk to decision makers who I asked how it should all work, how I would be making a living by getting paid so low low down low pay per word and fuzzy matches, how I should ever be able to pay my bills, pay a rent, pay for food and convince American girls it will all be fine when they make huge profits and margins and leave me the breadcrumbs. How I am supposed to survive on a x amount per word price and fractions thereof? Their answer: apply with more agencies, the mix in the calculation ought to provide a steady stream of jobs, an income-mix, enough influx of projects, especially for English-German, 'we get a lot of projects in that langauge combination.' If I'd ever trusted you and your system those stray dogs would probably have eaten me alive while stray cats have been pissing on me, sleeping rough in the gutter, singing my own Gutter Ballet, as my landlady would have thrown me out for not paying on time, internet providers and facility companies cutting internet and power for being unable to pay. You make me poor and I will never be able to pay an American girl, neither in friendship, relationship, business. Is that the strategy? To protect your holy American dames of a relationship with non-Americans by overpaying them and let me get poor?

What you are telling me is lies, lies, lies. I am so glad that I have NOT EMMIGRATED to the US.

Tell me why I should get poorer and poorer while you get superrich? Don't tell me and suggest to emmigrate to the US, I have done my maths and calculated all through, I would starve poor in the states and live on food stamps. You cannot have a life or make a living with your system, you impoverish all that come to the states and be drawn into your IBM translation manager word price fuzzy match exploitation scheme. I was calling around many years and asked people (freelancers, agency pms, expat Germans as well as American, lower level and higher level manageres and owners how they survive as rents, food, bills, cost of living is much higher, how they could afford a life with fuzzy matches and word prices when you do not pay man hours and real hours that I invested in a project. Contrary to all that growth promises, shiny facade and stock exchange number playing, all this rap on the net and despite government advocating to build the digital age, I get very sad, depressed, down-to-earth honest answers that they all do not know how to carry on, homes put into foreclosure, families breaking up. Therefore, I conclude that all those who sing hooray and support government yelling about all being shiney good get big bucks for supporting to uphold a facade whereas behind the scene you see real translation porn. Just read what Lionbridge's REAL business is: globalization services is euphemistically concealing that they give a damn shit about translation or translators being locked up in a room, chained to a PC with low pay but they burn big cash with company mergers and aquisitions, property and real estate and commodities. They play the stock market and burn every translator's hours at the stakes.

It does not make any sense, Mister Lionbridge, Captain America. It simply does not work out. It only works for you it seems. The reports above must have been doctored, writers fed with wrong figures or being paid to write in your favor, or both, bloated up, or not the right figures reported, do you report truthfully all to the IRS? You surely do pay people to write in your favor to uphold that ponzi scheme. To uphold a facade, an exploitative system where only you benefit and others perish.

This translation and software localization industry is so fucking over that it is more like a corpse lying there rotting away and Lionbridge maggots feasting from it. And here where I am last year the government created a digital ministry advocating the growth of digital business. They are starting and promoting what has died already. This whole digital internet translation business is fucking over, do you hear me: IT IS FUCKING OVER nobody has shared projects for more than a dedace despite my constantly applying with then, doing unpaid tests, filling in form, getting on databases and registries. They all just fuck around with you. It is completely fucking over at a time the government wants to make me believe we should invest in the new digital age. SO FUCKING OVER. If you do not want to work on these brandnew projects you might as well try your luck with going through the documents 1, 2, 3 on page "scam alert" under the entry "Liox", that lists most of agencies. Many have closed or have merged with others, some are listed but dormant. Some of those listed in the documents can be found in my map of red flags and even in official court interpreters listings some agencies are listed as "reliable sources". The courts do, however, distance themselves. In other words: You cannot trust or rely on anybody. You need to write and apply to all of them and see what their answers are. You might get work if you work for 2 cents per word with 80 off on mid fuzzy matches and 80% to full 100 % fuzzy matches not paid at all (you still need to take time to do it as they will cut your invoice). So, it is up to you how much you let them walk over you. Maybe it is a good learning curve and you make your own experiences, maybe I was wrong and you get rich! Anyhow, all information in those documents 1, 2, 3 are openly available on the net and are not classified at all. I am not paid by anybody to point you in that direction, the state job centres or unemployment offices have no clue and it is a waste of time to go into discussing jobs offered by agencies that advertise through them. There are even agents and middlemen who get commission if they introduce your résumé to an agency and you will surely get told off the first day on your job interview for not having applied directly (happened to me). So, to avoid that you can go through the documents 1, 2, 3. When I started out and, still at school, a 17 year old kid, was asking on whether I might be allowed to join the exclusive meeting of translators we met in a restaurant where all were talking about how nice their holidays were but there was not actually one single word about the job, about how to get jobs, about pricing, about whether to go abroad, about .... anything. To spare you the same disappointment and refusal from the elderly who misleed you, refuse to share, try to keep all that stuff a secret you now get all information you need to contact possible agencies but also with the warning that you might be bullshitted over, having to do countless of unpaid test translations and never get any job, or work for 2 cents per work, or 20 euros for a 6 pages, stuff like that. I publish all that information for several reasons: The next generation and the youngsters will not shoot me for me having misled then, the next generation has a much harder burden to bear (despite of what elderly say it is NOT getting easier, you just get more stuff, mobile and cell phones, PCs but NOT a single paid project, and to avoid you, the next generation, be impoverished or at least have all tools, information and ideas to try to evade poverty when you grow older and cannot translate 14 hours per day with only Sunday off, just work like mad, just to come by and survive and only to understand that you only made traders rich who built up chains and franchises that are being sold off to some corporation or consortium led by banks and law firms (see page "who killed translation"). They will suck you out, they will make you a slave, they will sell your lifetime at the cheapest price. All information published should help you try to better negotiate, find good sources of "good and fair pay" even "fair trade companies". You get all these insights, background information, connection between capital, investments funds, bankers, CEOs, especially with globally active chains as LIOX, or other big players not to be discouraged (I don't mean to make you depressed!) but rather to understand the abyss when you look down deep into the abyss. At the end of the day you must decide for yourself how much money you want to earn, how much time you want to invest in that profession, how much your time is worth, how to sell your time and protect yourself from being exploited only that others get rich. Also think that your girl or wife might lose her job (I assume she is NOT in translation) and then you have to provide for you AND your girl meaning you have to raise your fees (which is difficult if not impossible in this cartel with illegal price-fixing and speculative projects they collect word prices for. Not to mention that even at test translation stage you will be excluded for the slightest mistake. I was killed by an agency in Luxembourg once whose reviewer rejected my translation of "streetcar" and "tram" as a mistake in a text about San Francisco cable cars as the technology differs (electrfication from above vs. cables beneath the ground that drag the carriage; their argument was I missed the point and actually conversed a wrong method of drive, my translation of streetcar and tram suggests electrification whereas cable car misses the point of cars being dragged from cables beneath the ground). I really think to this day that this Luxembourg agency had American natives from San Francisco employed because only after the rejection I was reading into the technological background. It was a text about tourism, not with the focus on the technicalities and how stuff works. Their review and killing me misses the point, misses the fact that you only get to that level of being informed if you invest time, time they do not pay you! And it misses the target audience's level of understanding especially with regards to the fact that cable cars have long perished around the turn of the century; by 1920 all was electrified. Kids today do not know and it is not the purpose to write scientific reports in a tourist guide. There are publishig houses for that, to educate. This agency in Luxembourg totally sniper killed me with too hardcore strict reviewer's opinion. For them it was enough to argue I just write anything and do not properly and thoroughly work. They only pay you 6 cents pers word, you invest and give so much to them and they still have the balls to argue against you and your efforts and have you killed by a sniper reviewer. These old kingdoms and petite small states are given too much control over hard-working people's lifes, killing you for nuances of meanings of a word while rejecting paying you and rejecting your thought process. That whole EU plutocracy in Brussels and Luxembourg just gives everyone in Europe the cross to bear. If you think your local office clerk is a nuisance, try to talk to Brussels and Luxembourg bureaucracy and Brussels plutocracy and officialdom, then you know when the shit hits the fan! Pathetic!

I spent two days into reading into different usage of "streetcar", "tram" and cable car for a test translation of one A4 page. I had to invest so much time, not even in uni homework assignments do you get so much time for research. In translation, very often you have to deal with how to convey messages and how to put sense in texts and contexts without knowing everything, without being a Ph.D. or doctor or an engineer with 40 years' experience. yes, I agree those are in fact cable cars but to me it only showed that these Luxembourg agency used Americans to torture translators for mistakes not grave, not so grave in the context of a tourism text. Then you have the question of whether you write for an audience, the general public, and use words THEY know or stick with technical correct terminology. Cable car is something you do not find an adequate German word for and is a technology from before 1900, completely outdated. Nobody today would know what they were so I went with a translation that everyone understands NOW and TODAY. For more information you would certainly be entertained by the cable car tourist guide who tells you all about the history and technicalities of that stuff. For the general public, target audience: tourists, not a special magazine, not a technical report, not for engineers, for the leasure pleasure industry I did stick with my streetcar and tram solutions that were brushed off by Luxembourg agency reviewers. Yes, I do think about what I write first and can argue for what I have written. All that decision-making process cost time, all research took time, all weighing up pros and cons took time and yet, in a simple sniper shot my test was killed from Luxembourg agency reviewers. The biggest mistake I did was to not bill my two days I had to read into it and argued only by having invested that time I would have known the difference between the terminology and the be able to chose the right one. Always remember: Agencies will always argue you ought to know that and it is part of your job to research to deliver a perfect end product (same line of argumentation as the courts) but they never pay you (as the courts) for the time you had to invest to do it right. Agencies want to cash in, want to make money and retain their commission for pushing files around and doing practically nothing to it. They test and grill you so hard to make you a perfect assembly line worker who they claim they can trust, but in fact they want you to jump by their orders and waste away your time so they can cash in and not look at your work anymore. It is only in their interest to make money fast and easy, easy chash without doing anything and they enslave you into that thinking that you can lose jobs every minute if you do not act like a dog and jump to their orders. It is tort, blackmail - just like courts do! Judges expect you to deliver translations that you spent your time on, something in court is really critical for the judges and jury's assessing a case, however, the courts do not pay you but will also counter-argue and only pay you the minimum fee AS ORDERED OFFICIALLY BY THE MINISTRY OF JUSTICE at top level for cost cutting reasons while spending the money on more border control, more police, more surveillance cameras, more IRS bailiffs, more control but not actually paying the people who do the work, who build something, who help judges and courts and jury, who waste away their time. It does not matter if you are in prison of if you allow a court walk over you and exploit you. In prison you also get paid next to nothing for a whole day dedicating your time on producing stuff like protective gloves, simple t-shirts or other cheap stuff. The payment and reimbursement system is the same regardless of whether you are imprisoned or outside. The system, the state does not pay fairly, not even close. Neither do agencies. Be warned when you embark on that journey that besides transating the most difficult task for you is to make money by charging fees, getting paid and make them pay your working time. Courts will always rule in favor of agencies, employers - they will never give right to the worker. If you want to participate on the projects above that are real end clients I have found in more than a decade of incessant marketing and negotiating then be aware to prepare quotes that realistically reflect the time for the work you do. You only know roughly how much time it will take you if you are experienced. If you try to do a wordcount and calculate with 8 cents per word or try to make your quote attractive by using trados and bullshit yourself over by deducting fuzzy matches in the belief that a cheap quote will win the client over then don't even start. Only if you calculate real hours and you explain why it takes you for which task will I be able to see how you work. Again: Do NOT calculate above projects on a per word price matrix, this will lead nowhere and end clients will reject your quotes as THEY KNOW it is impossible to deliver quality at such low prices. These are sophisitcated clients with million dollar budgets they know how precious time is and what people ought to charge to be able to do a job well.

So be warned: Agencies bombard you with impossible-to-do tasks, they will make you a slave, you sit down and waste away your years and they do not pay you. Agencies almost always use external reviewers and proofreaders who kill you so the agency only acts as a mediator commissioning the killing and cashing in. Like a company sending freelance mercenaries to Iraq and cashing in - same idea, same system, they get rich as well. When you try to discuss the rejection with quality control dpts. or managers they always refer to the reviewers decision which they accept. Be warned: When you deliver a piece of work there is always some American waiting around the corner to nuke you with an atom bomb judgement. We all know how touchy Americans are and how fast they pull the trigger.

At the end of the day you need to decide for yourself whether all that battles with reviewers who are just looking for an outlet of their own wrath, anger is worth being made the whipping boy. I had it as external freelancer and as an inhouse employee. More important than delivering a good translation or a test piece is how you succeed to bill the hours that you invest researching the subject matter and not be killed by reviewers' brushing your texts off and you getting either paid 4 cents per word or nothing at all (usually they let you do the test translations and NOT PAY you). I had situations of angered family fathers who had trouble at home or superiors who had relationship problems. When you sit next to them and the shitstorm begins, make sure not to be near them. Always be very VERY cautios of the elderly - they will kill for fun, out of anger and hatred and revenge!

Nobody helps or pays me: not the state, not a NGO, not privates, well and certainly not agencies that try to suck me out. I am not a state emplyoee or some office clerk. Why I am sharing all this information when I could use it as an advantage as a first mover advantage? Because I want to know whether you, the next generation, could crack the code, whether you were able to get paid on hourly fees actually invested, whether you could escape or break down the word price trados fuzzy match cartel. Whether you could reach your goal, fullfil your dream or have achieved a victory over that evil system, protected, supported by the state, IRS and banks. But you will only qualify if your dad is NOT in a corporation, has NO ties to politcs, is NOT in a position that you get projects easily just because dad is helping you. Whether you are a German student, an immigrant, or an older person who got laid off - I started out with nothing and got most of it left. I started out with virtually no money. You start out at ground zero, regardless of whether you have a Ph.D. and have lived in an ivory tower or if you have entered the workforce earlier. It is a journey of finding work, getting paid. For how long you want to waste your time or if you succeed getting end clients (above), or succeed getting paid better. If you get your 480 Euros welfare money, social benefits from the state to carry you over then that's cheating! You must get rid of social benefits as fast as you can and then see how you can make money in the Wild Wild West, in the unprotected, unregulated free market economy in a capitalistic system. And it is still comfy. If you try that way in China (blocked VPNs, google mail not working, basically all Western internet services not accessible) I promise you to be dying and starving in the gutter. No point in going to China on a suicide mission.

Tell the world if you have cracked the code, if you have somehow found a way to make a living without having gone mad in the meantime. Let the world know your success story if it is genuine because I have none to tell.
Oh yes, in politics there is money, let's be paid by big politics Agency in former Eastern block laying in on a big too thick
the word 'huge' is an understatement My explaining resulted in a blacklisting. The Czech girl does not like me anymore. How can you teach kids to do it right when agency parenthood gives wrong orders and teaches their agency kids to NOT do it right? And this is difficult political texts, really difficult. They ought to know that if they ever read the projects. Am I supposed to give my lifetime to build up what Eastern block rule has driven them down for the last 40 years in socialism? Ain't got more play time if you don't wanna do it right. Ain't not right what they try to do. Ain't no good. You might want to acknowledge their huge courage, though. I would not have the balls trying to pull it off and mess with them in Brussels. Too dangerous. Just read your daily paper to see what happens if you get too close to the fire... I tried to explain how not to get burnt. At least I tried. This is going on for many years now. If they had ever won over a tender that only lasts for a short period of time (only two years or so) they can have a second run and would then be excluded (EU tender rulebook). The fact that they persistently alledge to have tender work makes me think that they actually never won a contract with the EU. But you can look that up yourself (the EU publishes who works for them, who got tender contracts. Look on their website for "eu translation directorate suppliers"). Anyway, I have better things to do then get worked up about this stuff. Gonna go for a walk outside.
Immediate effects Brexit has as can be seen here SDI Media, formerly with HQ in Los Angeles, US American owned, now funded by European banks, a European-owned consortium tested, checked, drafted and allowed in in February 2009, no work since then
London office, now claiming not in charge anymore, chasing me away Word of warning:
I get a lot of smoke and mirror emails of alleged sophisticated projects from SDI Media in London who bombard you with days of reading through guidelines, the pilot version of a tv series to play around with, install subtitling sofware and a dongle, with guidelines and documentation to read as a pleasure while not getting paid anything. If you want me to work on real projects, programs that are being aired with any TV station then do not bombard me with nonsencial procedures that are only wasting and stealing my time, which does not pay me anything but that only steers into making me a muppet at an assembly line tv production. If you want to make someone a dog who willingly jumps at your orders and catches the bone then probably ask a dog owner for that dog to play a role in your game. Since first initial contact in 2009 with a broken software (two bugs during installation) of a subtitling software and a movie file to watch I did not get any work, no projects, no nothing from SDI Media in London, and that was well before Brexit was even thought about. So, if you are an agency, a media agency, a subtilting contractor supplying the BBC or other channels, be it state-owned or private, do it right with me - right from the start and don't make me a dog by bombarding me with time-wasting activity "for you to practice" (end quote) that do only make my electricity bill bigger but don't pay me anything. I have in 10 years never heard from or got anything from SDI Media in London. They are actively only pursuing to hire people who act like dogs and be willing to work with no pay, installing software, playing around and getting aquainted with software, having to calibrate the video and subtitles loaded, downloading etc. They incarcerate you with stuff that costs time, wastes your time and even 10 years after initial contact I have not got any paid work. I made this experience practically with all employers in the UK or elsewhere I had worked inhouse before: You are being pressurized ("your job is on the line", "you are on the ejector seat") into learning software and doing things, allegedly training you in software use and media but you are never given real paid jobs. I would bet my bottom dollar that these agencies get state grants and subsidies for alleging they train young people to get conversant with software products and get money from the education ministry, from state offices or from banks. They get money, their life is being financed while mine is being wasted. Wasted years. They probably want to make you a "plug-and-play-employee" (obidient dog-like servant slave worker, willing to do anything for the boss or for the company, just do as you are told, shut up and follow orders), so you can tell them you already played around with their software when the job centre sends you on the London commuting madness trip to work in a "media job that needs translation and language skills- just the perfect fit to your background" said the clerk in the job centre, the state forces you to SDI Media in London, giving you the whole commuter stress trip until you burn out and get paid breadcrumbs on site, being put constantly under pressure. Only just to say hey, I am working in London later on? Usually, you long for your bed and sleep, going out in London is not an option after such stressful lowly-paid days in a pressurized environment where you are constantly driven to tight deadlines, highest quality and constant under-payment. There are cosy jobs for the upper circles of society, people who wrote a thesis but hey, I wrote manuals and books, translations all the time and they still burn me with their high output, tight deadine obidience tricks. Think psychologist Miglram. Shock obidience experiment. At one point the shock is unavoidable. The moment you allow them to walk over you is the moment you lost. They will lay a bait out, they will get you in their trap and will let you burn out, suck you out and throw you away. Now you are being warned about agencies that work for state tv as the BBC or other stations. They will always pressurize you to the breaking point, until they have a reason to sack you or until you leave. Some good guy told me once "Michael, that is their way to show that THEY are in power and you have no power." They do not want you to live, earn or work, it is power they want to have over you and your life!

Here is a screen capture of folders with all the stuff they bombard you with all these documents for one project ought to be read, understood, applied, and tutorials be carried out, styleguides adhered to - and as a reward: you are being paid nil, zero, nought. If you try to bill your time invested they reject it and tell you it is 'part of training'. You do not get your time invested and wasted paid. They let you do it for free. (By the way: Courts use the same line of arguments, they pay the lowest state reimbursement fee regardless how hard, difficult or research you had to invest - it is part of the job and won't be paid by the hour - private SDI and courts argue the same and kill man hours - they both bullshit you when you invest your time and get next to nothing paid! I tried it with both: agencies AND the state court system, listed and detailled what I did, why I had to do it, and why I wanted more money for my time and the quality they got in return: the same kill method both in private sector and in the court system, there is something rotten deep down in industry and judiciary systems...). The fact that both use this man hour kill does NOT MEAN that either part justifies the other's behavior, private sector cannot argue they are in the right because courts do the same and the state and court must not give in to arguing they are in the right as it is industry usual practice done everywhere.

THEY ARE BOTH WRONG, mutually benefitting while I loose out is what's going on. Why should I allow a court or an agency in the private sector to kill my invested hours when they get everything they want, they need and do not pay my efforts or time? I am not a state employee with a state pension like clerks, teachers, Beamte who get mortgages, a fixed and steady pension, will never be unemployed even if they steal, they are reprimanded but never fired and their pay is never diminished or fines are being deducted, whereas they emcumber me, my life, my time and my pay.

The state is the most unfair out there, only benefitting their own system while driving others in the free market crazy. They treat you like shit and let you not only know it directly with cursing at you, some will just not pay you and defer payments. Why? Because they are the state, they are in power, only just because... they can. Yes, we can!

With SDI Media, I loaded the video, clicked around a bit, waited for ten years and never got any paid work from them. Oh great, you think. All infos to follow, so I cannot do anything wrong and they all explain it. Wrong. Remember this is all part of the project and IS NOT being paid. Days or weeks you spent without earning but with installing and learning the software is time wasted as they do not pay you. If you have learned the software then there is no guarantee they ever send any paid work. I would have gone bankrupt had I trusted them to send me work. You can never trust them, no matter how much they pamper you and give you a feeling that 'they care' because they simply don't. It is a business, if they cannot suck and squeeze you out for their profit only then they will not give you work. You are either their slave (master and servant) or you are basically not considered at all. Mostly, you are regarded as a "maid of all works", the lowest paid down down down beleow ground-level postion in the aristocratic hierarchy. Even in today's world the first room you get when you move not to the UK but to NEW York will be a damp, cold room below sidewalk level, they will always make you start in an underdog position, well below ground-zero level. Below others there, regardless of where you came from or what skillset you bring with you to them. doesn't matter - you will not escape your underdog position and serve your way up. That old aristrocratic "service idea" is still ingrained in all industries, whether you are in finance, trade, real estate etc. You will always be their boy or maid and they surely will enforce power unto you to stay in your box and "know your place". If you thought that is all an Edwardian old thing from British aristocracy, they do it in the US as well and in all kingdoms. We or our grandchildren will probably see Chinese democracy earlier than the abolishment of that underdog man-made hierarchy of old aristocratic behaviours and systems. We will see first free votes in China erlier than change for the better in the old world. Ever read about the "lifes below stairs" that period of servants in abundance hired and lowly paid by rich English industrialists, steel magnets, ship builders, landowners, bankers, the landed gentry and traders who were heavily profiteering from colonial trade from the Commonwealth and the Empire? It is still that old Victorian Empire hierarchy system in the translation. You are the lowest housemaid, the maid of all work and you are given pennies only and they will never allow you to rise. They will force you to "know your place in life" and will enforce all power that you ought to stay there. Period. If you compare all those old aristocratic work systems with maids, servants to today's forcefully enforced pushing you into a box, close the lid and keep you in that box you can't escape realizing that old ancient Victorian, Edwardian Empire rules of master and servant attitudes still rule in our modern day times with traders exploiting translators as they did exploit maids back then. In case you complain they throw a tantrum, making you feel like you are a parasite, wanting to feast on them. "what's all that fuss about you are making? It is only translating, I could do that with no translation degree" once said my superior team leader. They really do not appreciate or value you or your work, you are a management problem if you complain. Because you do not play the obidient dog. It happened to me all the time, inhouse, permanent positions, from applying outside as an external supplier. It is like people inside are being brainwashed by Scientology or some other capitalistic sect or child prostitution sex ring. You never know with them Brits! You never know with that BBC jimmy saville paedophile who was covered decades from top management within the BBC. You can never trust state tv. Screen capture video will open in your pre-defined video player (mp4 file). I was tested, grilled, my background as a translator has been checked, I got test pieces to deliver first, THEN they sent me that whole package together with access password to the project area and a hardware dongle so I can use their subtitling software. They don't hand that stuff out easily, they do check you out and whether you can work on their demanding projects. However, even after having been thoroughly tested by them, the software and guidelines, style guides and even this one episode of the pilot tv series to play around with they let me hang for ten years now and have NEVER EVER sent any paid projects. Not small ones, not a single one. Nothing. This was all before Brexit was even talked about, I have A STRONG FEELING that they tried to let me train and learn their software in order to lure me to the UK or into another of their offices. According to the latest (September 2019) statements from them, all production is now being commissioned from Poland, not London anymore (which was their former European HQ). If you call in their California HQ they know nothing about subtitling projects and refer you to the UK office. You are like a frightened cat being chased around. Nobody claims to know, not a sould is in a position to hand out projects, everyone just claims not to be in charge. I really think they want to brainwash you to think if you behave well and learn their software and all style guides in your free time, unpaid project time, you might move to the UK as you are under the impression that you can work either in their office there or get jobs as a freelancer once you are in the Anglo system. Not so, I tried that before when I emigrated first and other agencies or employers, not even those I was employed with inhouse beforehand, shared any more projects with me. They all let you hang and let you starve. It does not matter whether you are trying to get work or projects while being in Germany or in their country, they won't share projects. What adds fuel to the hellfire is the fact that the originally Californian-owned SDI Media has now been bought by the former French state bank PNB Paribas, so there is a complete change of ownership, change of money sources, of investors of who can influence decisions. But that buyout was rather recent, maybe a few years back, and still since 2009 there should have been plenty of time, at least 5 or 6 years, during which they ought to have shared paid project work with me which they never did. SDI Media was formerly a fully US American financed and subsidized company headquarted in Los Angeles and just a few blocks away from Hollywood. Now, it is owned by a European bank. Why? Do Americans not pay their own businesses anymore and are giving the burden to somebody else? It looks like it. The danger of bankcuptcy is now with that French PNB Paribas bank. If that company goes down, so goes a lot of investors' money through that bank. The American banks have shed SDI Media and forced them to look for other investors, here in Europe. Now, it would all make sense if I can make a living from working for them but they don't share projects and they don't pay. What really happens: They enslave me, pay me 4 cents per word and let me basically do charity work, really time consuming difficult subtitling work that is paid like I was paid when I was a teenager working in factories! I am not kidding: As a schoolkid working in school holidays in factories, doing factory manual labor I was paid about the same as if I spend a whole week on such a subtitling project and do not get my time paid out. And now, I have studied, worked for twenty years in the industry, worked for lawyers, courts, the industry and industry clients, and still after twenty years they still enslave me and pay me basically like a schoolkid, a teenager! US American companies only come here to Europe to find access to the banking system and get dumb investors who invest in their crap, suck our children out while them getting richer and richer over there. They only come here to Europe to get access to our families, to our health care system to let us European pay their operations and their care. I have seen this happen many times in my past twenty years I am working in this profession. They rather suck somebody out, milk a market, make a lot of money and then play the friendly American to get access to another system they can suck out again. If they don't pay their dues and bills in the here and now and let me work more or less for free, you can bet your bottom dollar they will enslave me or my girlfriend when they force us to work in geriatric care, in an old-care home at the cheapest price. And the German state does not do anything about it.

I have seen many cases of Americans being treated in German hospitals and fleeing the country, going back to the US where bills from the operation and treatment cannot be retrieved. They come here, let our doctors do the work, go back to the US where German jurisdiction has no influence. This system of letting somebody else do the work for them or on them and then not pay those who do the work is systematic! I did refuse to work for a white American immigrant when he refused me to pay. Now, I shit my pants and I am scared as hell as I said no no a white American. But nobody helps me or pays my bills, that Mister America knows for sure. If he does not pay me, why should I help him get into that system here? If you don't pay, you can't stay. This is not something my father told me to do; neither my father nor my father-in-law is or was in a higher administrative position or in politics, not in the corporate world, this is not some order from an older man I have to follow, it is not something I am told to do from state or government; and in neither of our families was there anybody crouching on that cliffs in Normandy firing at Americans on D-Day; I did a lot of research, none of our families ever actively shot at American soldiers in that war, so it is not something related to history and is nothing personal. And it has nothing to do of who wants to assume control either. If you don't pay you can't stay . Americans in California, in New York know that rule!! You know that money matters. You know you have to pay your bills, so do I have to pay mine. And I am only playing by your very own rules, Mister and mistress America, so, please, don't call me an asshole next time I explain in great detail to you that I cannot give you pre-calculated prices for projects not yet in existance and that you get so much more time from me but only pay me words and fuzzy matches. Check yourself whether you really ought to call me an asshole (as you did).

For security reasons (reasons of protecting myself from Californian FBI, NSA or others hacking my life) I deleted the account manager's name and contact information at the bottom of the email you see in the screen capture video. We know how they frame you as a whistleblower and I don't like the idea of armed FBI squads with automatic rifles storming my private rooms (as they did with Kim Dotcom in New Zealand. We all know how hyper-sensitive and touchy Americans get when they see their business endangered and might sue you for alleged damaging their business and curbing their income - lately, October 2019, the US can punish the European Union with punitive tarfis on good and services exported to the US. You get the idea? I am trying to sell professional translation and language services but will not be fined because they do not let me export and earn money in the first place. They rather collect all information published here and would rather go the first route, alleging that I am curbing their profits from talking bad about them and their business. I will not, shall not, need not see the sunset in California. Not interest in going there. There is nothing there, just dangers ahead.

Therefore, to avoid retaliation from the US I rather not let you see the account manager's name in that email. You never know with those Americans!! But the actual message is genuine. So, logically and resulting from not getting any work I called several times and learnt that this person left SDI Media completely, not moved to another office, left completely. So, I get no change of talking to the former account manager who sent me the whole package but no jobs. The person who took over does not take calls and does not return phone calls or emails. This is all a dead end. Why did I spent all my time to let them grill and test me, to go through their software, to play around with subtitling in the hope to get projects when there is nothing I got from them just stern and staunch refusal? I got files to look at but have not been commissioned or paid. This UK tv series doctor who is now aired on German TV somewhere and I can gladly say that I have nothing to do with it, will not get royalties for any screenplay, will not get profit from them airing or licensing it to the German tv network. I can gladly say, I never worked on that and do not get money out of it. I personally don't watch that crap in my free time. If they'd paid me I would have worked on it, but I will not waste any time watching this even if it is now shown FOR FREE on the German network.

Next time, I will discuss budgets and talk about money FIRST before accepting and playing around with timewasting files that only steal my day. It really is like being the dog getting whipped and chased away. You call around, they defer responsibilities, claim not to be in charge, claiming they don't know.

Arising from impossible-to-meet demands by agencies and end clients alike who are just pushing the burden down here to me I came up with a setlist of procedures clients now have to follow and abide by, regardless of whether footage is for tv, films or online distribution. Just to protect my time from time-wasters who suck out your lifetime. All set-up, training, installing, importing, calibration etc. is being billed as hours spent on projects. No gratituous or charity wasting time for tv stations or movie productions anymore! Time-wasters, thieves and suckers must be held at bay. Had I ever trusted them I would have bled to death by now, died of hunger in the gutter. Probably the job center would have sent me to London as I have already got training in their software. You see how much they rape you of your time? Had I ever spent the last ten years on learning every click in their software - I would still not have received a single paid project in ten years' time. So, as the vendor manageress pointed out, it's only for me to practise. I wonder whether or not she had ever thought of wanting to let me work for her and paying me hard cash for my time I work for her.... She probably never ever thought about hiring me. What's the point then with these London-based media mogul agencies, helping to air tv series "doctor who" for the BBC when neither the state-owned public BBC station nor the agency pays me? This is so out of order! And we are paying tv licence fees to those public state tv stations! They let us pay and do not give back, even when there would be work. What will I get from them? Being mentioned at the very end in the credits? Not interested, pay me hard cash right here, right now when I work for you!

So, as a consequence from bad experiences and bossy clients who want to turn the heat on and put you in the mangler I am now sending out my own procedures for them to follow in order to protect my time from bombardment. I rather directly tell them with no filter how depressed I get when they want to make me their dog...

somebody hiding behind real name, writing under a real persons name but faking it identity theft, very sophisitcated scam, can be fabricated by the CIA to argue for more jobs be created and paid by government grants, somebody bullshitting congress maybe
hiding under a real persons ID

As by what the internet machine

search engines can provide this is to some probability sent from a 44 year old American in San Francisco, Carine A. Jelinek, using a mail address and writing under a real persons name using Mister Charles J. Francis' name and his title as an attorney at law to insult me. But that might be too easy, it could be my former insane female boss who was winding up their staff all the time, bullshitting both clients as well as her line managers and staff. I know that women lie so perfectly that it is difficult to see through their lies and sharades. I got to know one of them so I have some personal experience. The fact that on the internet this email address might be linked to a real person only makes it much too easy for an evil person to abuse that data. By the tone of the email and use of certain expressions it points more to the author of the email is from the British influenced parts of the world, maybe even from the UK but could also be from the Commonwealth. And of course, Brits always boast with having superpowers and can handle various tasks simultaneously, speaking four five and more languages perfectly, fluently and I am just a little pest trying to unnerve the rest of the world. I have my reasons why I turned my back to the UK and will never ever return myself and will not allow my kids to work for them Brits as nothing good comes out of it. The original perpetrator faking this email might probably based in the UK, an IP trace back might not yield any valuable results as emails are sent via various servers. The author of the email is most probably an obnoxious impudent untrustworhty oppressive women with compulsory tendencies to kick the shit towards me, a young adult male translator (my former boss, a lecturer who hated me back at uni? I have many female foes from the past y'know...). But I also had male managers from American agency chain offices tell me off for me asking whether they have projects I can work on as a translator; that "I am barking up the wrong tree". Why do Americans make me a dog when they know that I have to call them, offer my services trying to make money - as this is how the system works. And such reactions from obnoxious impudent outright impertinjent and brazen insulting Americans did I get well before their nation and heads of state were enttangled in any of current affairs with impeachment, tax wars, trade wars etc. That came much later but I get the feeling that somebody high up ordered all American businesses to open fire on people wanting to work for them, trying to get jobs and asking for projects to work on. Before, if you invaded their privacy or obstructed their God-given rights of superpower overrule they shot you. Now they shot at you with words when asking them in a system where you are forced to ask whether they give you work or help you out. Now, they don't help anymore but shot instantly. I will never set my foot on American soil as I FEAR FOR MY LIFE in a country 13 year olds can buy firearms in a barn for twenty dollars. Did I ever mention that I fear Americans? Whoever is hiding behind this stolen identity and besmirching my face with their own feces is not welcome here! Mister Charles J. Francis is a real life and alive person, a practising attorney as can be resarched either in Ohia or in Pennsylvania with the Harrisburg appelate court (or a lawyer in Ohio). Nevertheless, and regardless of whether we have two Charles J. Francis attorneys or it is just one person who has moved his identity is used and abused by somebody, with a high probability by a woman hiding her real identity and writing to me, impostering insulting me and my efforts. I now have to inform attorney Charles J. Francis that somebody is doing identity theft to allow him have this woman or person using his real civilian name and abusing it to target me. It would be easy for me to counter-insult this attorney, assuming it is Charles Francis. There are bad attorneys in the world and if you lost all and everything in a court case you probably would not shy away from telling me off. But instead of only assuming a disappointed or evil lawyer is shooting at me I took the time to investigate - and came up with the results: I leave it to Mister Francis, the attorney in Pennsylvania (or Ohio) or both to futher instigate criminal prosecution against Carine A. Jelinek if she is the perpetrator behind this identity theft insulting me, the translator, in the name of, with a stolen name and stolen identity of attorney Charles J. Francis. Whether Carine A. Jelinek is the source of crime has to be further investigated and corroborated by THEIR investigators. For now it is only insults, what about a scam for ripping me off of money, having me sign a cruse on the Titanic, selling me poison whilst advertising it as being the cure to my ailments? You can really bullshit people over with using identities or roles that gullible people trust and don't second-guess or question - like a lawyer (a very honest and trustworthy profession). But think further: Not even that woman Carine A. Jelinke may be source of all evil - it could be a man, using that mail address tthat is linked to Ms. Jelinek throught internet searches which is linked by this scam email to attorney Francis. Who is the real perpetrator and how many real identities has he or she used and abused to shoot insults here at me? ONe thing is for sure: Most likely that real person Charles J. Francis, an attorney at law in Pennsylvania or Ohio has most likely not send me such rubbish. I seldomly get translation jobs through law firms but not such childish rubbish. A lawyer, if he or she, would really try to pinch me and insult me would use very sophisticated ways of letting me feel small and helpless. By the style, choice of words and writing style I, however, would think a woman has written that email, not necessarily Carine Jelinek in San Francisco. I leave it to attorney Charles Francis to decide what he ought to do against his identity theft. And what is even more concerning? The fact that an anonymous yahoo mail address can be linked or routed to a name, a real name puts them, the attorney AND that women Jelinke who might be seen as the culprit in the limelight. Giving somebody reason to investigate or to waste time for them. Maybe it is some completely differnet person, an FBI or CIA agent who is out of work whose job is on the brink to be cut, who is on the dole as there is nothing to investigate for him or her, so they fabricate this scam that gullible peopel report this shit to police, FBI or other investigators only to give them a reason to take action and have further reasons to argue for more money and state jobs be financed. We all know from the 80s how the CIA in particular where involved in scamming over both Columbians and Americans with the drug trail alleging to fight narcotics while using that stuff all themselves and profiting from it. You can never trust them it can all be fabricated by the same people who are called upon to investigate that scam. It might be a scam originating from the CIA, retired police officers or the FBI who want to create a job for their sons, fabricating this scam to give congressmen a reason to pay more fundings and create more jobs in the FBI, police or CIA state job sector. You can trust nobody - not even the police, CIA or FBI. This scam is much deeper than it looks on the surface. This might be a well-orchestrated attempt for a further penetration of intrusion and to test waters of my personality to see how meek, lenient, believing in authority, believing somebody signing in an email with a stolen title of a real life-person attorney, being meek to somebody talking in alleged control. Listen: I get warned by police officers that I might pose a danger to women and might stab a woman in the addomen in a fit of rage, another police officer does not hold my statement true when I report incidents to them, I get lied to in writing after having filed a lawsuit, lied to by the courts, it is all on the files and on records - it takes more than this scam to confuse and wind me up, make be believe in authority, even real-life authority like courts, police and investigators do not take my words and stamp me an unworthy hostile witness. Would I believe in an email scam when I get rejected, insulted and lied to by real control authorities? When police offers alter information given to them in writing and make false statements about my personal data? And even when they stick to falsified statements after I have corrected their statements? What's left there when you cannot trust in the police and court system anymore? When female court clerks report me to the police and send them over to me, fully armed and I get told I could stab that court clerk? When it takes an evil person in the system, with the court, to suppress me when I only want to defend myself with a lawsuit and my personal identity is getting squashed by this female court clerk framing me as a menace to the system, a menace to women, a menace to the court? How much more insulted, incriminated and falsely accused by the court itself and the policde can you get? A warning issued to the court and complaint had no absolutely no effect. They now frame me as a psychotic person with a manic personality and I fear that some judge locks me away in a mental hospital BECAUSE I REJECT THE LIES FROM POLICE AND COURTS; OPENLY REJECT THE SYSTEM's LIES and ATTEMPTS TO STAY IN POWER EVEN IF THAT MEANS KILLING INNOCENT OWN PEOPLE locking them away for alleged threatening court staff, judges, police. This has become so perverted that I now seek and call upon superior courts as I cannot trust local courts anymore. Totally ridiculous and perverted. As if someone would insult your mother be a whore but worse. When they wind and twist the truth and incriminate and burden you on grounds of falsified or altered information of the lack of any proof and evidence? I certainly will not talk to police or judges or courts ever again without having a partner at my side. You approach them alone and make any statements - you stand a pretty good chance that ppolice or the system puts you in prisin, burden and incriminating you for them to stay in control whatever the cost might be. Even if it means imprisoning an innocent. I've had them do it with me - you cannot shock me with a faked email anymore!
latest scamming fad: use rented office space that is being paid for by bank credits, European subsidies or by rich parents and operate with various different "trading names" and company names in a dubious conglomerate of businesses with no named CEO
hiding behind an address that is not theirs Alex, Miss Alexandra or a Mister Alexander, don't know whether male or female throws stuff at me. They claim to be operating from an address in Dublin city centre. In August 2018 as an internet search shows this building was occupied by a Polish agency on the first floor, on ground floor is what appears to be the tourist info office. Now, at time of writing, February 2020 you get the exact same address, the whole building that green building with the letter "i" on it is up for sale for close to one and a half million. You get contacted by somebody who wants to rope you in with throwing a bait at you, some dubious ficticious project they won't substantiate or show to you, claiming to be based at an address somewhere in Dublin that is up for sale while they are still renting this space. They refuse to comment, give proof or show projects. A scam where they try to lure you using a real address to fake it to be a real business. At closer inspection, you pay them their rent in a blown-out-of-proportion speculative property bubble for some old house that is up for sale. Of course, I asked them politely first to show me the project, so I can confirm their price and their project, they don't let me see, they only want me to accept their death sentence or let me go wander in the dessert and die. They try to rope you in into something you cannot assess or evaluate what is basic business practice IN ALL TRADE. No trader would confirm a deal when not being in a position to check first what you are buying into. That's how old Arab caravan tradesmen did it and not much changed to this day. Every side of a deal in business wants to know what you say yes to and what you have to work on for what pay. Everybody who is not a complete stupid moron retard will at least check the partner to avoid any burden or bullshit you sign up to. Every school kid younger than 10 years old knows that. In their system, they try to delete that basic human nature caution and try to befriend you, you ought to trust them, their calculation, what they pay you, their projects. They try to rope you in to avoid you re-negotiate a price REALISTICALLY calculated by MAN HOURS or time invested for that difficult insurance texts. We all know after twenty years working in that business that insurance stuff is always immersed in legalities and difficult legal terminology and legal sentence structures that cannot be done at such a low price. If I had said yes to Alex, I would have shown him or her what kind of complete illiterate moron retard I am. They might have popped a bottle of champagne celebrating that they found another stupid German that can easily be used, exploitet. Why should I let them exploit myself to pay their blown rents in Dublin, to pay off or finance their kids' university, or help an Irish politican or the Dublin city council to get a seat or more power in the European parliament? Or to help the Irish and Dubliners' idea or Ireland and Dublin is a "job engine" like a decade ago where all callcentres from US American corporates were based in Cork and Dublin, paid for by European Union subsidies and with generous tax cuts under Irish tax laws? Well, why not move all business to Delaware in the States where all big American corporations have their business HQ tax office because of that very same favorable tax cuts only Delaware offers. Why do you in Ireland want to make me believe that you work better, faster, harder and have jobs on offer? I do not believe you and I still, to this date, have no explanation why beginning at uni going through my professional life as a translator when I was working inhouse Irish women in supervisory position and control roles hate me so much? Is it because I do not believe you Catholic Irish? Because I say you are trying to bullshit me over with your fake projects? I will never get an answer but will go out of your way and avoid you at all cost. Whatever you Irish are up to and whatever conflict you have been entangled with the Brits for whatever reasons that is not my war and I will not allow you Irish to rope me in on your side, on neither side. You refuse to show me the project and want to stuff me with a ficticious project calculated at your benefit and profit only subsidized by Irish and/or American and/or other banks, most likely also funded with money from the European Union only to bullshit me over with money that is not yours but you use at my disadvantage. Why do you not go for a hike on your green island? Why should I allow some twat to stuff me with rubbish they want to have power and control over and why should I play the moron? tell me Irishmen, if you are any, maybe you are Americans in Ireland, whoever you are, Alex, tell me why do you not come here and spit in my face if you want to insult me and tell me why I should play to moron for you and your boss? And your Ales Group, Gulfstream support services conglomerate of fake businesses paid for by your banks? Tell me why I should be your muppet and moron? You want a moron mascot like so many US American universities. Look for another moron and try to bullshit your bank adviser with faked profit margins you squeeze out of somebody else, But be warned: the bank supervision will watch closely how you make money. What you do is nothing short of fraudulent accosting. It is exactly that. And you know what? That is NOT the worst you get - their system is part of a bigger artificial intelligence software-makes us all to robots-strategy mostly by China, who will push hard forward to become the world superpower by 2050 with mass sureveillance to bring the opposition parties and people critizising the Communist government under control, punishing citizens and foreign businesses in China if they do not help the Chinese government to become the overlord superruling superpower with their "social credit point" weighing system paired with mass surveillance, huge software based payment systems and face recognition. George Orwell's 1984 nightmare has become a reality - it's on now -ask any Western company doing business in China - the Chinese government punishes "bad behavior" that is seen as acting against China's ambitions. This is not science fiction - this is going on right now. I get viruses from Chinese hackers all the time as you can see above. They force their people to do this to become brownnoser and be spared by retribution of their own Chinese government and control systems. The biggest most single threat to our world, the world we got from our parents and grandparents, is the Chinese influence on military, business and trade - if you don't think about real terrorism. Think further about all this influence of the Chinese in business - the Huawei cell phone and the G cellphone system. If you let Chinese Huawei in the European market, all data ALL DATA ALL PERSONAL DATA, all that you do is directly been sent to the Chinese government and analysed - every Chinese company in China and operating outside of China is practically owned by the Chinese government where there is no data protection, no protection of your privacy. They will use all of your private life - on their way to become world superruling superpower - they will first kill your privacy, then your lifes. It is a new form of terrorism - online. They gave us that Corona virus for being so filthy, ever heard of gutter oil? then they poisoned the food chain - now it is complete control over people in Orwellian 1984 style - but worse! If some terrorist doesn't bomb you to death we surely get killed by the Chinese digital killers. And you really thought you can make a living by accepting those pper word prices that will eventually be substituted by artificial intelligence trados a thousand times more poowerful than trados and all cat tools combined. The next generation, our kids and grandchildren will not have to deal with trados anymore - they will have to fight Terminator-style against the machines - the software, systems and governments controlling people. Do you think governments do all what they do for the greater good of mankind? Do you think anybody above in control will protect, safe, rescue you? Well I have lost faith, religion, trust in politicans, the state, in systems and in people. We must warn the next generation of hardship ahead. And never bring charges against old Germans for that Nazi stuff they did - what is ahead is much worse and will lead to dictatorships controlling people - there are concentration camps in China for opposition and critizising people. The Chinese system is much worse than what the Nazis did back then, not so radical but brutal in the long run, leading so social exclusion, making humans and foreign businesses to dance to their tune. They will make you a dog. I don't accept you framing and labelling me a right wing, a Nazi, I am just telling you facts that is happening now. Do your own research. That has nothing to do with right wing, extremism - there are certain controlling systems dominating the world that will use technology not for the benefit but to only their benefits. Maybe our grandchildren will read about in their history books in 60 years. Ask yourself: if you let a Chinese rule over you or let them into your life they will kill your life. I had Chinese supervisors and production line managers inhouse and in the past and saw what mess they left in kitchens in shared houses - I can tell you all kind of stories. I have learnt my lesson the hard way! I can only recommend you go and spend some years in a foreign country, in the US or in the UK in some melting pot, you will learn fast and you will be able to re-use experiences you made and further use certain insights, knowledge of that time. As time goes on, some impressions will substantiate, some will have to be re-considered, some hold true, some you find were false. If you trust people in power trying to calm you down, all will be fine, appeasing the situation of ever tensions, growing poverty in the Western world make sure you have your life vest ready when it hits you. And just when you thought you were on the correct track they will turn you around, turn your inside out. We are not steering into the icebergs, and we don't need to trust the captains anymore that they will steer us around of those icebergs and dangers ahead - in the next decades icebergs will be dropped from above onto us! With the icebergs flipped upside down, with the pointy top facing down towards us.
Mimecast Services ltd. in London, just north of the square mile city of london blacklists me on order of various companies I am so often reported as virus or scam sender to Mimecast, obviously many companies who have visited my website report me
mimecast blacklists me with various companies So many trading businesses, exhibitions and trade shows who I try to contact have blacklisted my IP and email addresfrom Europe, continental and mainland Europe and especially those bastard German Nazis those old archenemies will not be let in because everyone remembers that war, don't they? I really wonder whether UK businesses have followed UK government advice to block and bar, reject German business enquiries whereas the German state tells us more and more Brits have applied for dual citizenship. Well, Brits, stay away and go home to your own country instead of blocking trade and commerce, refusing business and coming here into my country to continue bullshitting me! You will not be served here regardless of how much you pay me or continue to blackmail me with!! I will not talk, look at or work on any of your stuff. You are not welcome here, Brits, go home to Brinannia, go home Brits!
ebay Europe, where I occasionally buy dictionaries Also been reported to Cisco IronPort maybe or because of being nailed to the Mimecast and other blacklisting crosses...
Cisco Systems, Ironport blacklists me when I try to use ebay Europe Occassionally, when I am looking for dictionaries, specialized books that are out of print I do -as others do, too- use ebay, amazon and other online platforms to find magazines, books, publications but also software and dictionaries that are not on sale anymore but which I need for projects. So, what do I do? Of course, I use my usual email address that I also use for my business here and had it connected to the ebay messaging service so that I can communicate through ebay with my address. As everybody else will do it, especially when you are using a mobile device and a personalized email account. But, what I have now found, when trying to communicate with another private ebay member on ebay Europe, communication is being relayed through a mail server physically located in Kansas, Mid Western USA and filtered, scanned and analyzed through Cisco Systems IronPort anti-virus blacklisting service. IronPort was acquired (i.e. bought) by Cisco Systems. So, you try to communicate on ebay Europe with others who are also in Europe and on ebay Europe (one German member and the other message ought to go to somebody based in Austria, Europe) but the actual pathway of the message is that it is routed not within Europe but actually being sent over the telephone line on the seabed in the Atlantic ocean over to the USA up to the Mid West in Kansas where obviously by all accounts and research and investigation what route my messages have taken a Cisco Ironport monitoring service is analyzing, surveilling, filtering, deciding and judging over the email exchange in Europe, on ebay Europe platform between German and European members of ebay who are registered on ebay Europe. You can't escape the feeling that you are being watched by somebody in Kansas. Why would communication being routed to the USA? Is this some part of the USA's war on terror? Why am I, as a translator looking for dictionaries on ebay and amazon, being blacklisted by some NSA, military guy from fort bragg or some ebay superruler who installs Cisco Ironport as part of their ebay monitoring system? I get goosebumps as this reminds of all those conspiracy therories voices by Julian Assange and Mister Snowden both not having a good live anymore. Who is behind all this monitoring and why is it somebody in Kansas who monitors email traffic in Europe on ebay and amazon, platforms where you want to buy something that you can't find in shops? It does not make any sense.

We remember that is was within the military, in the US Army Camps Funston in Kansas where the first outbreak of the Spanish flu could be traced back. From that Army camp soldiers where deployed to the war in WWI to Europe where they infected and spread the influenza to mainland Europe, both to the battlefields and to nurses, doctors and civilians. As if all cruelty of battles in WWI was not enough it is today a proven fact by research that US army soldiers have brought the Spanish flue to Europe, never mind the weapons, shells and tanks - the virus killed far more people than in wars. Medical research did prove that it was the same mechanism as Covid19 today where a virus from the animal world crossed the blood barrier and was able to spread among humans because of poor sanitary conditions, poor or neglected hygiene and ultimately the cross-contamination from animal to humans. So, who is behind Cisco Ironport ebay mail monitoring? The US Army, some high ranking general instructing his military surveillance team in Fort Bragg? the NSA wanting to find other Snowdens and Assanges who are going through archives and think they have found people who write about what the US is deeming "a question of national security"? Regardless of how you look at it: Why is communication on ebay Eurpe and amazon Europe being routed to the USA, to Kansas, where outside of European jurisdiction, courts, and rulings, outside of a nation that is historically more affliated to the victors from WW2, why are liberators from back then monitoring and surveilling ebay communication that is not in any way political? One thing is for sure, though: You now know that whatever you write and exchange on ebay Europe and Amazon Europe is not being kept secret but is actually sent over to the US. Mister Snowden once revealed that big corporates like yahoo, google, ebay, amazona, twitter whatever digital platform, name it, are actively permitting the NSA to go through their messaging services and share content with the NSA for analysis. The war on terror is just one argument why they do it. Don't you think that business decisions, the USA's attitude towards Europe in the last years, exiting the WHO, Brexit, all this alienating of the former victors and liberators of Europe from Europe, all the American businesses leaving Europe, that all this has only one purpuse, to analyse, monitor and collect information of people, to see what people think, how lives change, what people think of the USA and to filter out what in their view is "anti American attitudes"?

We are talking ebay here. Where I try to get used stuff, not anything to start a revolution. Not a weapons sale in some village in Texas where 13 year olds can buy a AK 47 for fun for just under a grand. We are talking ebay Europe and Amazon Europe where I am not allowed to communicate of buy stuff. With this Cisco Ironport messaging rejection, blocking being the first time the name Cisco appears, I think that bigger blacklistig companies are exchanging their databases, so that mimecast also sells information of listed users to Cisco. I think it is not really a way of security, I think those companies just sell information and databases amongst themselves to generate revenue. If you think about selling information, the first thing that shoots in my head is NSA, secret service, military and clandestine governmental organisations. It is a nusinance to go through all the whitelisting process trying to un-list and white-list your email again but it is a much bigger uncomforting thought that companies sell you and the database you are in because seven years ago some translation agency reported me to a blacklisting company like Mimecast in London. Just because someone somewhere in the world was not happy with my saying no to his business model and saying no to allow him exploit and enslave me he reported me and framed me as being a scammer to the authorities and blacklisting companies where I am now listed as a bad guy with bad internet reputation, inability to send emails and communicate with others, basically shutting me out of being able to market my services and attract end clients but also a way to enable those blacklisting companies to sell information and my name, my email address amongst themselves. Amazon wants to build a distribution center here in the town where I live, all traders, local politicans are so happy about this idea to curb unemployment, to generate taxes. At the same time, I show to you, how ebay, Amazon is controlling people, controlling their communication, controlling what ideas, behaviours and shopping experiences are being monitored and rejected, blocked and possibly steered into a certain direction. Marketing power and influencing shopppers' buying behaviour is a major part in companies, you can even study consumer influencing if you go to university and study psychology. In much later semesters they teach you all that. What started out as looking for a dictionary I needed for a project that I could not find anywhere (because old prestigous Langenscheidts has been sold to a lottery chain, the publisher Langenscheidt and their dicationary divsion is not anymore...) has now been a quest in search for an answer as to why communication in Europe is being relayed to Kansas and blocked by whoever. No good things can ever come about when you think about Kansas controlling ebay traffic on ebay Europe and Amazon.... Obamagate? Operation Crossfire? Am I being spied on by ...and why? I'd better put a huge red flag down there, right in the middle of Kansas where US Air force has a presence and is analyzing communications. Air force ordered by the NSA to monitor email traffic in Euorpe as ebay and amazon has given NSA all data and all what we write on ebay Europe is being relayed via their military servers in Kansas? Just to set the record straight: I am not a member of any armed forces, not a left-wing Cuban Castro communist rebel or activist. I have never worked in the armed forces or supplied them or affiliated monitoring/surveillance services with any information. There seems to be sentiments in the US Air force in Kansas who run those servers that I somehow might be detrimental to US national security. Or they might think I am anti-American with my attitudes voiced here. so you liberated Germany and made us slaves, consumer slaves and YOU DO NOT GIVE WORK BACK TO ALLOW ME MAKE A LIVING. I will not be lured to emmigrate to the US as your officials have suggested as "in the country of limitless possibilities you can trade with languages and earn money and have a good living". Don't come closer, trigger-happy cowboys! We will see to your blacklisting a sworn translators, a whole profession's access to marketing my services to US companies. You think you can pay natives in Afganistan one hundred dollars to make them work for you and when you go home you leave them unprotected, as many of those interpreters who worked for the US military in the Iraque wars and their families have been killed by their own tribesmen for reason of treason. And most recent record-high spendings on armed forces as an answer to China's world-record budgets on military is only proof to the fact that you American GIs and military generals want everybody with English language skills work for peanuts for your wars. Listen American cowoboy shooters: We do not want your wars and we do not want to be drawn into your shit you cause globally. We want a live without paying a soldier buy building up translations that are not used for military purposes, intelligence, surveillance and fucking drone bombings relayed over German Rammstein. You American soldiers get me angry as I have learnt to understand that you use us, the Germans, after you had liberated our country. That you make us slaves and suck us out without giving back, without giving and sharing work and without paying us to do work. Experience, training, education that amassed knowledge and hands-on experience in more than twenty years and now as your judgement you block, blacklist, shut down my internet line being able to market my translatory skills and sell my services to you? You do not allow me to have a life. That is indirect killing, letting the rich and the banks to put me on the streets and buy me out. The same rich American people that in the first twenty years sucked me out and not paying me all my MAN HOURS I worked for you. So, first you, bankers, speculators, brokers suck me out, then let me drown in dept, let the banks take over so the same rich people who first sucked me out then destroy my life and make me sell all I got? And that is what you call protection? Why do you not go to chicago or NYC skyscreapers, think on your sins and just jump off the cliff? I will never trust you Americans again. Go, buy some island off the Chinese coast or Epstein's island in Belize or whateverfuckedstuff you want to buy, invade, own or take but stay away from me, soldiers. Just do not come close to me or my family.
Amazon Luxembourg, Europe just Amazon in general as a corporation chain The Amazon system
Amazon's practices of exploiting translators, email being relayed to US American servers and their de facto Mafia-style 'untouchable status' with Brussels lawmakers and countries and governments in Europe and with they build their corporation in

Amazon's practices and business processes

are actually more drastic and take it even further as they do not provide feedback after you have done the assessment online. And their outsourcer, Anne Caumont, like so many others in the outsourcing, talent recruitment dpt of Amazon who have studied at a UK-based university, cannot be reached. A simple check shows that these recruiters, and there are many of them, actually do exist and form a whole department, although it is unclear whether they have any decision-making power in the selection process. As from their background what you can read on linkedin and other online sources nobody has a background, education, degree in human staffing, is not liable to some other official body and it not clear who they are reporting to. It is unclear whether those recruiters and talent acquisition "specialists" are actually the ones who also make a decision on who gets a project and who doesn't or whether they are simply sitting in front of an Amazon computer publishing their ads on the net. If you call today in their Luxembourg HQ the telephone line is not connected anymore. Their Brussels office is not transferring calls, if you call Amazon service desks, they do not give out any information "according to Amazon policies". Even if you name the individuals of whom you know that they make decisions, that they are recruiters the Amazon service desk, reception in refuse to connect you to them. At least you know that those really do exist but it costs time and money to find out on platforms (usually not free of charge). You end up doing research, trying to find the people and spend endless hours on the internet without all that leading to anything, leading to not being commissioned or being able to earn hard cash. They make a internet junkie and online muppet of you. Ever wondered why their online test is called "surveymonkey"? They make you apply, take the tests, choose who they commission with work and will not let you know the reasons for refusing to give an answer in case the application was negative. They state that the translations will not be used "as per Amazon policy" for business purposes, oh yes, of course, they will be used as everything you work for Amazon is purely business-related, related to profits made of trade, sale and business. The translations are product descriptions, user comments, legal texts, EVERYTHING that appears on the website. Their statement alleging that nothing will be used on the website is absolutely false as everything you translate is used for online content. I still don't quite understand as to why they blatantly lie to me and try to treat you like a retard. On a grander scheme, in the bigger picture, you are getting paid next to nothing which is not enough to cover your own basic electricity bills whereas at the same time, Amazon internal staff write open letters to their boss about climate policies. If you read about who has signed this letter you find also some "language specialists" that are not necessarily translators and the German langauge translation specialist is surely not a German native speaker. So, Amazon has internally people working on translation projects and makes decisions about new hirings like in my case where evaluation is done either by recruiters, who have not a background in the profession, are not translators themselves, or by other inhouse staff, like this "Dee Savage" down in the list in the US who is certainly not a German native. Amazon puts people in power-decision positions and let them rule and judge over you, the applicant, who lack the background, experience, degree and who are solely roped in the Amazon system of trading. This is not a fair trial. It is so very similar to the unfair judgement and ruling as has been shown by exclusion from the Proz database in the US by means of commissioning a Turkish-Arab translator in Berlin and a Ukrainian woman whose mother tongue is certainly not German. Proz has the same system of putting people in decision-making position and let them rule over you and kill you whereas those who make a ruling or judgement have no degree, experience and are not native Germans who can logically not rule over the German langauge translator. You can read more in-depth here on the page "Scam Alert!" under the entry about the orders given from the US Proz platform and Turkish-Arab translator and a Ukrainian women ordered to killing my profile on proz (about in the first third of the page). Has the Amazon circus already come to your town? The build huge logistics centers, helping rich traders, rich local politicans, the state and exploit me the translator, make me use the tools trados, omegaT, wordfast, the whole lot, with only letting my electricity bill spike, making me the polluter and climate enemy. That is the Amazon system. Outsourcing services to cheap suppliers and not pay them actual hours spent in order to do right and produce quality, also emburden suppliers with costs. I can bet a dictionary that they will hire lorry drivers and put them also on zero hours contracts, and do not pay any customs fees, any fees that the state taxes them but encumber truck drivers to bear such costs for operating a delivery company to drive Amazon goods from their warehouses and logistics centers themselves. No local politican, no council of a town will ever dare to call amazon out for such practices as they are all profiteering. Ask the local politicans to disclose what monies they actually get from tax income, Amazon-related sales and the build up logistics. Surely, Amazon tells them that they create jobs and help diminish unemployment. Unemployment that has in fact only been converted into lowly paid zero hour contracts that is not enough to live by and too much to die. They do not bring work and employment to a region, they suck the region out and make unemployed people to a class of being in constant alarm status of either be exploited by Amazon or be on the dole and getting social benefits. You are faced with the choice of allowing a US-American global corporation exploit you and be in an insecure alarm state with no pension scheme, no workers' union, no rights or stand in the queue to receive your weekly payment of social benefits from the job centers. The projects outsourced dates back to end of 2017 and up to today in summer 2020, I have not received any answer, not received any paid work. I tried to call their Munich based office in Germany, tried Brussels, Luxembourg to enquire about as to why they refuse to follow up on my application and get stonewall answers. Reception staff in Brussels refuses to hand out contacts, telephone numbers and just hangs up the phone, kills my enquiries. If you do what their recruiters order you to do they make you mentally ill as they train you to adopt a compulsory behavior. I know people who worked for Amazon and had to leave and need prescription drugs to help them come down again from such exploitative enforced behavioral policies as put in place. While you are in you are surely keeping quiet. After a breakdown you know you will never go back there but then it is too late. Don't be fooled: All their communication departments only want to appease the local politicans, local newspapers that all is good and in order. Think about who benefits, who gets tax money, who helps such corporations and for what purpose. If you have a brawl with your supervisor I can assure you that you will not find a lawyer specializing in employment law to help you. It is a system of tort and supression, enslavement where only the local kingpins and politicans, the state benefits throught tax spikes. Now I've shown you so much, you are now warned when you go down the Amazon route. I lost Amazon as a client to translate for and will surely do all I can to not let me drag into their system of being gagged and ghosted in an inhouse permanent employment. In the open letter to the boss a lot of bright people from different internal Amazon departments have a lot of criticism. Amazon goes to places where they find soft, weak politicans who cash in on the Amazon system and on the fact that local politicans get money and have ther state pension secured if they help the state to get more tax. Only the rich benefit. If you work for Amazon, as I tried, you are exploited, get no pension and let your health, mental health, life destroy by their boot camp zero hour encumbering all suppliers policies. You can only understand what I report if you have gone through the same storm. But beware: When you openly criticise the state, government, politicans you can be sure to have state surveillance, police and secret investigators after you and against you as they frame you to be an anti-Western, anti-capitalistic rebel who wants to rebel against improvement, politicans' efforts to curb unemployment, against trade. Be very VERY careful and prove to the courts involvement and nepotism, benfits of local politicans with such corporations. They will either lock you up in a room or lock you up in a truck cabin and send you across Europe to deliver goods with no chance of exiting the system of exploitation. It is so similar like being a drug junky who cannot escape it. These processes are not control in a good way, securing employment, they are a system of coercion by people in charge who are clearly not fit to do the job as they lack the background, experience, work experience but follow orders to only make profits by exploiting staff and not securing people with background, experience but to suck them out. Ever been entangled in a court case with one European office who are all ultimately been paid and controlled by US money and laws despite their alleged separate European offices? Remember how long it took until Microsoft was sued for their business practices. It will be the same with Amazon. There are too many local governments, councils with tax influx and alleged employment that helps governments to whitewash unemployment, there are too many traders and high-ranking officials, clerks, tax offices, tax advisers who directly benefit financially and have the mob, the unemployed, out from the unemployment system, too many people in high political, trading, decision-making position directly cash in and benefit financially that it is forgotten, how the Amazon system really works and that you are effectively been exploited, people like those recruiters walking over you, not giving answers and reasons as to why you are not let in or chosen to do a project, by people like those recruiters who have no knowledge, background, experience or work experience in actually doing the job and translation, who haven't got a flogging horse's clue about the work they rope you in and exploit you. But hey, their job is about exploiting you, not to listen to your explaining why it takes time, what tasks have to be done and that it cannot be done on a per word price and tool use like trados, wordfast etc. only raises my bills, electricity but helps Amazon to emburdgen and outsource NOT WORK AND PROJECTS BUT OVERHEADS to their suppliers. My pledge is to make all those recruiters in Luxembourg redundant and to not let Amazon build a big facility in your area. I want to know exactly, down to the last cents, who benefits financially, what kind of contracts are being drawn up, who of those signing into AMazon have stock options, and why no flogging horse's lawyer will defend you or fight for your rights in court when you can prove you have been exploited. I have so many questions that Amazon is not responding to. As you can see from the Amazon original project ad online published through a translation jobs platform the recruiter from the outsourcing team is allegedly in Luxembourg, Europe but her PC and the messages she published are being routed through a computer in the USA. You can bet your last flogging horse's dictionary that America surveillance monitors all that goes through their wires and when, if you ever have played with the idea of emmigrating to the US, you actually make a move as they promise you a 401K plan with bonuses, fat checks and whatever you can be sure they have already thoroughly analysed you, your behaviour, put you on a blacklist as state rebel, corporate rebel, criticizer, protester, whatever but an obidient slave. You see, they only want slaves, remember the slave trade back then? If you think you will get a control job then let me tell you they, in the US, will alienate you from your European ancestry, familiy and roots as they order you to not share projects with Germany but you have to follow US American rules and orders as you are in their system. I am doing marketing and contacting US AMericam businesses for the better part of over a whole decade and if ever I have succeeded to talk to somebody who is really in a position to hand out trnaslation projects, I am always, constantly been refused as I am being told that no project will be handed out to translators who are in Europe. this is their strategy to lure you into the US and emmigrate to the US where you hope can build up a prosperous life and get jobs but you WILL END UP AS A SLAVE. Never ever has the distrust in the Americans been so huge. They don't pay fairly, they rip you off and exploit you, they don't pay at all but defer payments and fuck around with you - they will not be served here again. Ask somebody in the US how instant drone kill they shut you off from electricity or water if you don't pay your bills - they will not give you a single drop of water if you don't pay them. But on the other side they want to exploit me and make me pay them all the time. I will never ever talk to an American ever again. You can have all your American girls yourselves. There is absolutely nothing I want anymore from the Americans or the European countries who think they can educate the American. Remember they drop the atom bomb. Better stay away from them Americans as they shoot you faster than you can think about what wrongs you did.
email hijacking and sending fake aliases to my own mail server somebody is trying hard to make me believe I use that email and am so dumb to randomly click on their doctored fake ghost site; phising

phising attempt to hack my mail server
Another clown again. Now, they really made some effort, doctored and faked the mail server website with logo, almost same colors etc. Note that the fonts on the fake site are different from the original version. Also, in the initial contact email and on the fake site grammar mistakes clearly show this has not been written by an English native speaker. Might be auto- and computer-generated, though. However, the only thing you can do on the fake site is to click on "forgot password" that gets you re-directed to another site. A phising hack, they try to make me enter my original password for the mail server so they can hack themselves in. the mail server used is in Armenia but there is also a traceback IP route to Newark near New York. So, what can I think? Somebody in Armenia is directly trying to hack me. Somebody in Newark, USA is using that mail server in Armenia to send their phising hacks through to me so I am tempted to think it was the Armenians. Somebody is sitting in Newark in a clandestine location with a private IP address and has hijacked the mail server in Armenia. Maybe there are CIA or NSA guys playing games so they see where penetration is possible, who is so dumb to click on the phising link? or is it some left-wing radical sitting somewhere basically trying to hack me (most probable cause of trouble)? One thought: our beloved friend from Proz, Mister Dotterer, claims in his own profile to have knowledge of Kasachtan langauge. That is not far from Armenia. Maybe it is just a weirdo celebrating the new president's inauguration as they know deem themselves to be exempt from prosecution because they try to hack somebody in another country? regardless of who is behind this they surely have no good intentions once they got your passwords. Just imagine they hack your online banking account. No super-tight security software can protect you if you let phish you and you don't realize that you are entering YOUR ORIGINAL banking access codes into a fake doctored ghost site. They can take all your money or pay evil people from your account that will put YOUR FACE on the investigators most wanted list. Most probably here are some left wing communist anarchists, world conspiracists or whatever scum on social benefits with too many bad ideas and too much time to waste at work just trying to make my life miserable.
nonsensical offerings of randomly collected worthless email addresses, marketed as overpriced B2B leads I am offered highly dubious data allgedly from Maryland, USA but with servers in Russia
I get a lot of those offers. Databases of alleged businesses, special deals and offers with up to 98 % OFF. A lot of those businesses use free hotmail and gmail (google) email addresses and you believe that are legit businesses? In superrich Arabia? Why would somebody risk free email accounts that are highly insecure for businesses? Those gmail and hotmail accounts are monitored by various security agencies, NSA, CIA and also Russian FSB and whatnot. Not secure, neither with spam, viruses, trojans and not secure for communication. Would you entrust projects or collaborations with somebody who uses a letterbox that everybody has a key to and can read all your communication? I see those agencies in the list (hang on, only priced at about one thousand dollars...) more as intermediaries being used by surveillance authorities. I pay for my email and hosting services because I get security, support, people who can advice when I am attacked with trojans. The data in the offered database is just a collection of businesses, kids at home, students, a random collection of emails. Who can say who is behind a certain business with a hotmail account? No data about crucial business information like registrations with chambers of commerce, where they are based, HQ, who is their CEO etc. Why would you pay a thousand dollars for a list, for information that are not verified? You can do it yourself, browse and surfe the internet and collect data about businesses, contact them, do marketing actively yourself. Why would I buy into a system or buy a database with unverified dubious randomly collected hotmail emails that might be outdated today as a lot of newly formed businesses are themselves just collecting B2B data without trading. I can truly say from my experience that you won't get projects or paid work from almost all of them. The majority is just faking it, collecting data, and have NOT paid projects to outsource. They just wait until translators apply with them so they can collect you and lure you to Arabia where you are then stuck in an Islamic country. Better check out first before you move whereto you move. I cannot stress enough that you cannot trust anybody today anymore. And certainly should you not trust such a thousand dollar database from Maryland, USA with alleged business address with a server in Russia. Who is behind this webshop in Maryland, USA? A Russian expat? An American-Russian couple? Why at all would you base a business in the US and relay all business communication and data, all orders over a server in Russia? It does not make any sense. For me that offer is more like a red herring rather than a serious business proposal. And you can bet you pay them top dollars only to them say to you that in no sentence was a guaranteed that the data is genuine, original, that the list is really a list of real businesses with real offices and real people employed. If you want to burn money and give money away because you have too much of it, then why would you give hard cash to unverified data from dubious sources? You can calculate for how long you can pay your own internet and power bills, rent and food for a thousand dollars, work in 12 hour shifts and do all this data collection yourself. Then you have done it yourself and you can rely on your own findings because you are your own judge. Then, from your own findings, you can judge genuine B2B partners who really want to commission you instead of time wasting contacting unknown email hotmail accounts in Arabia. Why would you contact complete strangers in a strange land? I always ask them whether they have projects, paid projects, whether I can expect to work for somebody in a year's time or half-year term as you can deduct if somebody has no projects on a quarterly or semi-yearly basis then the whole thing is just a show and fake. Nobody can run a business with no projects handed out in three months or a half year. It is just impossible to pay taxes, pay business licence fees, rent, employees. If somebody does not give you paid projects in half a year, forget about them, it is fake and a sole data collection service acting as a clandestine intermediary for some bigger staffing agency like manpower or the like. They do not offer paid translation projects but collect applications to forward or sell to bigger staffing agencies. As I said, you cannot trust strangers and in today's crazy world you cannot trust anbody anymore. And not even for a 98 % discount would I pay twenty dollars just to be disappointed.
data crawling agency that seems to be part of a university project faking it to "attract" suppliers whereas in fact you are being lured into a malware space Very notably from notable Spain
Another one who thinks the world belongs to them and they get all for free, having people work for them for free.Having been contacted by them. Never worked for them before. I ought to enter all data in their cloud space, some website a link leads to, somewhere far far away. When having screened the email and having checked the link they sent in the email for any suspicious behavior I get a malware warning. I am, for some reason, on their gmail mass mail listing, not been contacted by them directly. Seems as some random email address collection off the web. In the email body, no business address, no introduction, no nothing at all. Just a link I ought to click on to be listed as their supplier. Have they got any projects for real? I asked them and up to today I get no answer. What do they collect data for? Am I being sold to a laboratory as a rat to experiment on? Or to some bad guys in the credit, housing, whatever shady business sectors? The sole fact that some complete stranger lures me with sweets, promising me to list me on their database with the prospect of getting work, and also a link that leads to a malware site, let me forget this scammer instantly. The agency is a subcontracting business, also on the website, no real postal address given, they are in a faculty of the university of Salamanca, "media projects" division, how strange, and the parent company Melusa is doing nothing at all in the language realm. A wholeseller of cleaning agents and detergents. Would you trust a complete stranger with shady "we won't give you our business address" type of behavior in Spain? Well, I certainly don't. Cleaning agents, detergents? Time for Spaniards to get clean with themselves and tell me que, en realidad, que quieres?

What's becoming the new scam now is fake résumés are being sent out either by individuals trying to skim off projects and get into the supply chain of bigger projects. You read prestigious university names on it, which, naturally by having to abide by their own confidentiality regulations on their data are not allowed to comment, confirm or disclaim that a certain individual was with them. Even if you take the time to do the tedious task of checking their background you will end in a cul-de sac as official bodies, universities etc. do not give out information. But this is just the beginning: I was recently doing some background checks on a alleged Swiss company registered at a prestigous address in a big Swiss city only to learn that they are in fact not Swiss but Eastern European, highly probably Russian owners, who only rented a letterbox with no real staff there. Even when officially contacting the Swiss police I am being told that this letterbox address is not known to them and even they do not know where the mail is actually being forwarded to. the Swiss police chief told me that it is highly common in Switzerland and perfectly legal that a lawyer, doctor, someone with a Ph.D. or any other "public figure" rents a letterbox in their law firms or personal name to act as a proxy or intermediary even if the person who rents the letterbox has nothing at all to do with the business.

They say this is all legal.

I am giving up. The state allows lawyers and other public figures to whitewash or protect/conceal dodgy businesses where I, the translator, do not get a chance to get my money if they don't want to pay me. This shows that the state puts all machines and mechanisms to work to protect so-called and alleged employers, entrepreneurs and people who come to Switzerland with a rucksack full of money. They are not protecting me, the German translator trying to find projects. They help washing money.
The same happens in London where rich Russians and other oligarchs can wash their money on the London stock exchange and in the housing and property markets.

I am loosing out, we all are loosing out. The state and all involved as profiteers take the money, run and let us translators die. Why is the state and all where money is involved always protecting the money and not people?

what and why has this all become so wrong in all systems?

Do not open any documents, pictures or other attachments sent from these fake email addresses a and c or IP addresses listed above as they contain viruses, trojan horses, keyloggers, spyware and other malware. Do not open emails sent from above addresses and/or originating from these countries as they will certainly damage your PC, steal your data or break into your privacy. And no translation services under my name are being managed, commissioned, delivered, relayed or sent via servers as listed above. I do not have any agents located in those areas and nobody is trading under my name there or for my business.

Some of these emails originate from from well-known and documented hotspots of cybercrime like Romania or the Ivory Coast in Africa using compromised servers as buffers. They originate from similar sources as Nigerian 419 scams, 'Nigerian connection' scams and other similar criminals trying to scim money off you via the telephone or the internet. Nigeria has, together with Sierra Leone, the highest proportion of former child soldiers, kids who were given machine guns and machets at age 13 or 14 to slaughter other people. Be very very cautious what business you do with African black people now in their 30s or 40s as you are unable to check their background. You don't want to trade with former child soldiers who slaughtered people, do you? Most of these barbarians were actually drafted in the first Irak war as mercenaries for private army firms who made millions. You can read all about it nowadays in open official sources. It is a fact that you will not be able to know an unknown person regardless of how hard you try and that you must not trust strangers as you don't know what they did in the past. Not even the state or super powerful state units like the NSA know everything about them and their past. I cannot work for any of those scammers as I get a feeling their are protecting evil criminals or war criminals. Old business mentalities with strong ties that the old folks have built up are now ever more important. You cannot deny that we need the insights of the old folks in order to protect insane brutality come into our country. Call me whatever you want, it is a fact that you cannot check a refugee's background and you don't know what war crimes they have committed beforehand. You must protect yourself somehow.

Don't expect any protection, help, advise from officials in control functions (like police) nor from intermediaries (like embassies or politicians) or from the judiciary (like lawyers). They will all send you away and refer you to another authority allegedly being in charge who then again send you on and make you run around in circles. Neither German nor British or American officials will be on your side or look into your matter. At one point they will actually emcumber you and point the finger towards you. I can tell out of experience as I tried to raise issues with what was clearly in their realm of responsibility and all of them told me off and rejected me. In case you didn't know yet: You are on your own!

If you get an email from me, double check its validity and originality by giving me a call. You get my work directly from me personally and not through any middleman in Africa or India! If you don't pay me, you surely pay a con man; it's that easy.

Check the email header first, where the emails are originating from. Delete emails with dubious origin instantly without reading them as they will damage you.

Usually, you always receive a phone call and we talk a project over before it starts, so you know when it is me and when I am contacting you.

I retain the liberty to remove emails and contacts that are derogatory, personally abusive, libelous, pretentious, fraudulent, or otherwise act inappropriately, lure me into being sent around, bullshitting me with pretenting to have projects whereas in fact they are solely a data mining business and other nonsense which I have no time for anymore. Red flags denote compromised servers where faked emails were sent from and where others, agencies and individuals alike, are battling aginst me.
(Click for enlarged and more detailled view; or right-click and choose "save as..." to download and view in your own picture viewer. This site is virus-free.)

red flags

red flags

New information about who might be at the source of all these emails and blacklist scams has now leaked through to me.

So, let's analyze it:

Possible source 1: Ultra left wing who believe to have gathered enough information to label me a right extremist, a Nazi translator

The most prominent and obvious is that of my trademark ought to mean "White power", "White Pride" or "White Aryan Resistance", all right wing American Nazi extremist groups. Obviously, many think my brand (white script on blue background) symbolizes that white power idea. Why? Because they see a white letter w with a circle around it. So, he is protecting the white pride movement.

Others think a bit deeper and see the parts of the symbol of the National Alliance used in my trademark. The upper part of their symbol that small letter w is used in my symbol.

In my efforts to market myself as a translator I am counting the years. So, in all communications I state of how many years I am dedicating most of my time to this profession, starting with 1998, the year when I first earned small money for a translation I handed off to an end client. I was not registered back then but got a sniff of how it would be. In the year 2012, I counted up to the year #14. "14 years of dedicating my time to translation, handwritten translations since 1998" something like this.

The figure "14" is also another prominent sign how neo Nazis recognize another. So, I assume in 2012, when I started another marketing campaign and incorporated this "14 years a translator" slogan quite a few in the industry thought of me being a neo Nazi as I used figure 14. Two symbols of neo Nazi ideologies AND this white letter in the circle, you cannot escape but to think and conclude this guy is with the ultra right wing Nazis!

This might have led to above chain reaction. They all think I am a Nazi. The fact that I am German would not speak in my defense but is more like a perfect match to above symbolism. A German Nazi or right winger disguised as a translator. So, one possible source of all blacklisting might be the ultra left. They found a right wing white power nazi translator. So, in this case it is the ultra left Antifa trying to destroy me.

Well, I put this out to all of you conspiracy theorists and we make it a contest: This is now my open-end question of the decade to all of you:

What does my symbol stand for?
Describe in your own creative words what you see, what it could mean. Look closely what shapes or forms you see and interpret for yourself what I had originally in mind. Two or even more solutions and answers are actually stated in the texts here on the website. If you have read all the texts more than one solutions to the riddle are stated. You just need to copy and paste it word by word.

Again, to help you a bit: My background is technical translations and software localization, it is white script or lettering on a blue background in the original.

Send me an email with your ideas and your interpretations.
Shall we now make this a contest? What can you win? One of my dictionaries which is up for sale.

Whoever comes up with the most correct interpretations wins. What does the symbol and the trademark stand for? What are the various meanings (there are several)? So get cracking. These special dictionaries usually cost about or over one hundred Euros. Winners together with their interpretations will be published here.

Possible source 2: Traders and translation agencies, smaller and bigger players who want to kill me and my business for speaking out against exploitative trade-like system with making money on words (this is not fair trade, of course! See also page here : The geeks who killed translation)

As all the scams and blacklisting originate mainly from agencies directly or from platforms like or who want to encourage online per word price-trading you cannot deny that all evidence points to those traders and translation agencies whose calculation basis is, as I have shown and proven, based on illicit calculations with fixed pre-calculated prices, very much as a cartel, might be at the core of the blacklisting. As seen above in the analysis and localizing where they are and who they are, it is the traders and members of the translation industry per word-price cartel who want to kill me.

I say it out loud over and over again: the way they calculate translations with killing time and making huge profits by itemized per word- prices is nothing else than establishing a cartel. Look it up and read up about it what cartels do and how they operate. It doesn't matter whether it is a cartel of steel producers (like the German railroad cartel who bought steel for their rails) or the automotive cartel with manipulating exhaust fume values by employing manipulative software to sell more cars or the translation industry who act as servants to these bigger industry cartels where the translation industry is a cartel in itself. It cannot get crazier!

A cartel is a cartel is a cartel. Drug cartels measure by weight. In translation they talk about "weighted words". They kill time. It all boils down to them actively building up a cartel. Now, there are state regulators who would investigate or crack down on drug cartels, industry cartels are seldomly touched because the state and the government just makes too much money to be willing to change anything. The traders and agencies in translation know that and make this to their advantage. Because I openly point the finger towards them and tell that they are a cartel, nothing more or less than Columbian drug baron Escobar's cartel they get irate.

So, it is a concerted effort by the traders, the translation cartel, to shut me down. And they surely have gotten too high in the past from all these super high profit margins they made. They see me as a threat to their profits and earnings. That's why they want to make me stumm.

Possible source 3: Super-national watchdogs, the ultra conservatives and bodies like the FCC, Clear Channel Comms., the British Internet Watch Foundation etc., i.e. the ultra conservative right who act globally and who are controlling media, communication on all levels and who got me on their radar, ultra-right fascists who hate me for co-operating with the left

The fact that I am so outspoken might have called such state regulators on the plan to blacklist me globally on that anti-virus blacklisting company based in Japan, California and Munich, Germany. Only a state regulator would have enought power, influence and money to spend to have a small guy like me blacklisted globally. No other individual, be it another sole trader or an agency would ever spend money on a blacklisting company to have be blocked. Why would a company do that and spend money on one individual person? Companies have other stuff to worry about, I am the least of their problems. They can plunge into a pool of new recruits and suppliers and don't have to do business with one like me because, not matter how strongly I bring my points across, they can still have their business up and running by exchanging me with ten others who enter the market and who are forced to earn money to pay back their student loans. It is not any different with me. I also had to work like a madman until the point of insomnia (no kidding!) to pay off my debts.

No company would make such big efforts to block me on a global basis or exchange information with others, even with competitors just because of one small fish in the tank. I am way too small for them to even spend time on. Therefore, it logically leads to the conclusion if not the companies who (admittedly are enranged about my criticism) blocked and blacklisted me then who did it?

Only state bodies, government departments, somewhere somewhere in the state or government who has access to money, who is in a decision-making position or who is authorized from a higher state superior to kill me could have done that, i.e. pay the blacklisting company to perminently have my IP address and email address blacklisted which they know is nothing I can do about but only them who gave the order can unlist me again.

So, it all points into the direction of some state-run regulator. Let's think: who in the state or government would take offence? Who is concerned with communications over any media? Here, I don't talk loudly on TV or radio, I write on the internet. Who is this internet censorship control body which everyone fears in the free world of freedom-of-speech internet?

If you do some research you come up to the FCC, Clear Channel Comms. and their counterparts in all countries around the globe. They did succeed with other radio hosts who were rather outspoken and who wouldn't allow to be gagged. They succeeded to kick hosts out from terrestrial radio. So, why not go after smaller fishes, like me, who are also getting too big a mouthful of words? And I only analyze what is going wrong, I don't even go into forays like some of these talk show hosts. But for some, even my thoughts are too dangerous for some groups. But who are they trying to protect by blacklisting me? The agencies, traders? It could also well be ultra-right fascists who KNOW that as a sworn translator I sometimes, not very often, translate official documents used at higher administrative levels so that immigrants and foreigners get money from the state. I help immigrants to get state tax money and the ultra right want to destroy me so that I am not able to do that anymore. It could as well be the ultra right fascists.

No, really, you cannot deny that given the global scale of it there might be some state involvement like the FCC or Clear Comms. You might think this is all only true for the US and here in Europe and Germany we are far far away from their influence, ruling and judiciary but this is not true. The American influence is globally and it would not even need a German middleman to act for them. If there is someone in the FCC who takes offence at my words here I'm sure it is easy as blinking with your eyes to just have me blacklisted. So, in this case I would assume the ultra right to be the source which is no wonder to me as I'm being disenfranchised.

Another strong indication that ultra watchdog groups that are analyzing internet traffic and who might even use data acquired and collected by the NSA are coming into play is that they think of my symbol and trademark to be a sign to show allegiance and affiliations with

- sects such as the Scientology sect (it is clearly the letter "c" surrounding a letter "w" in the middle, it MUST mean Clearwater,C and W, C-lear W-ater. Or maybe even an acronym for the sect's leader's name which also starts with a letter "M". This guy is in their system and hierarchy and is protecting this sect. Or he is one of them. (In my defense: I actually had contact with a translation agency in Clearwater, FL and it might highly likely be the case that they are a part of the sect system - I cannot tell for sure....). Tough to assess whether geographical location is already proof. But as we all know virtually all business in and around Clearwater, FL are controlled by them... Never got a project from them, though so in that regard they are not different than others.

- ultra-right wing groups such as the Ku Klux Klan (it is clearly two white hoods with a circle surrounding it. He is a secret but somewhat outspoken member of the Ku Klux Klans and their hooded gangs. Can't you see the white hood in the symbol?)

- UFO sects such as Heaven's Gate. The symbol is a landing site for UFOs. He is one of those who believe to be picked up by aliens and he wants to show a landing site. Or maybe that he outspoken supports this sect's founder. It is the letter "m" in the middle and a "w"; it must stand for the first letters of this guy's name. Can't you see that he is a cult's member?

- the wealthy, the mighty, warmongers, misogynist, witches, madmen, manslaughter, maneaters, wrathful, mean people, (bad-)mouthing, weirdos, malevolence, whistleblowers, malfeasance, the wicked one, militia, witchcraft, mole, manipulator, wanker, misfit, womanizer (or rather having a problem with women?), midemeanor (person with a habit of behaving indecently and charged with misdemeanor and inappropriate conduct towards others), molestation of women, maniac, mental, malmeus maleficarum, wannabe, the wicked, or .... come on, what other connotations can you come up with and words starting with the letters "m" or "w" that would fit the bill? Let's get your Scrabble game and other word game puzzle games out and find other words...maybe you have a slang dictionary at your disposal? Just give me more of your words which you think adquately describe me. C'mon, be the psychiatrist writing evaluation reports about me starting with letters "m" and "w" only.

- other rather older sects like the People's Temple who held their "white nights" in Jonestown where the sect's leader promoted equality between people and races, colors and genders. His symbol stands for "white nights", can't you see the letter "w" in white in the middle? This translator is a former sect's member and wants to either kill all of us or wants to talk us into mass suizide, wants to prepare us for the end to come (because he is so negative about this industry as can be read in the section "the death of human translators...") He is already literally talking about death, he is so pessimistic and negating life. He must be a member of a fatalistic death-promoting sect.

- drugs. Can't you see it is a letter "c" surrounding the letter "m"? It must mean crystal meth. He is supporting, promoting, advocating or dealing with drugs? No, actually, it stands for "China white", the letter "c" surrounding a "w" in the middle. Can't you see? It clearly is c and w. China white. The street name for fentanyl. He's on that stuff. Meth was that techno stuff from the Nineties. He needs harder stuff and is just keeping with the times as there are so many on fentanyl. It's not cool to be on meth anymore, China white is the newest fad.

Now, tell me: What is your favourite theory? Some ultra group, regardless which direction? Or a sect of some sort? Am I a drug dealer, user or addict getting high on crack (oh, yes I nearly forgot, the letter C stands for crack.) And letter W for weed, this guy is totally doped up on weed and crack. Or do w and m stand for "medical marihuana"? He is dealing dope.

How far will you go trying to push me over the edge to yell at you and be reported with the local police as being framed an aggressor showing disobdience towards people? How far will you go in playing your role as an agent provocateur and provoke me? What cheap, dirty words and provocations have you got in store for me?

So, it would be no wonder that in my theory #3 the ultra right wing internet control bodies are trying to shut me down. Or ultra right fascists who despise me for working with immigrants.

Regardless of whoever wants to shut me down, ultras, extremists, the left or the right, individuals, traders, regulators or the state with its control bodies as a whole you cannot escape the fact that someone somewhere is pissed off about my defending my life and trying to make it in the world, providing for my own life.

Who is behind all this? Who is sabotaging my life? I think like I am in the middle and being crused from the ultras left and right.

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